Julius Thomas gets fined for hit on Campbell

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians wants Broncos tight end Julius Thomas to be suspended for as many games as Arizona defensive lineman Calais Campbell misses with an MCL injury suffered from a cut block (deemed to be a chop block) during Sunday’s game at Denver.  Arians will have to settle for the the knowledge that Thomas will lose some money.

$8,268 to be exact.

That’s the amount of the fine imposed by the league, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  That’s the minimum fine under the 2014 schedule for a chop block.

Thomas will have the right to appeal.  If he does, his argument will be that he fired out directly into Campbell’s legs on the snap, hitting him not while he was engaged by left tackle Ryan Clady.  It may not hold water, but it’s better than handing over $8,268 without a fight.

34 responses to “Julius Thomas gets fined for hit on Campbell

  1. So, it is less costly to aim at the knees with an illegal block than it is to have your socks not pulled up all the way or to have the incorrect shoes on? Makes perfect sense.

  2. Great. Because as we all know, the best way to prevent potentially career-ending injuries is to give offending players the least punishment they can have.

  3. You see cut blocks all the time. I guess when someone gets hurt they become “Chop Blocks”….

    But I don’t think there was intent to hurt there from Julius Thomas….there was an intent to get the guy he was blocking to the ground.

    If people want to talk about how Dirty this was, etc. then start talking about making all cut blocks illegal, because there shouldn’t be this grey area.

  4. Why would it hold water to anyone who has actually read the rule book, or played football for that matter?

    It wasn’t “deemed” a chop block it WAS a chop block. Arguably, it was a clip on a chop.

  5. Good,

    Let’s be done with this. It was a dirty hit, and deserved to be fined. I don’t think Thomas is a dirty player, I don’t think he intended to hurt Campbell. I think the guy is just an inept blocker who, sadly, was doing anything he could to make the block.

    No Cardinal fan, player or coach, has ever said anything about the Broncos not deserving to win. They did, they were better.

    But the hit on Campbell was mutually exclusive.

  6. So Thomas has just shown the league a textbook example of how to get away with taking out a guy’s kneecap.

  7. Clearly not enough…that was a DIRTY hit clearly not with the intent to block, but to injure a star defensive player. Thomas now has a reputation as a dirty player and it would surprise me if he faces retaliation, aka real justice from his peers.

  8. Former lineman here. People who want to label this a “dirty play” have obviously not played a down in an organized football game. Thomas went for a cut block immediately after the snap. This is legal, as long as the defender is not engaged above the waist with a player from the offense. Since Campbell was not yet engaged with Clady, the cut block is not illegal. The NFL is trying to say the “engagement” happened when it appeared that Clady was going to pick up Campbell. The reason this even happened is because there was miscommunication between Clady and Thomas over their responsibilities. Thomas was most likely supposed to chip or double team Campbell on the play, or if he was supposed to cut Campbell, Clady was supposed to fan out or pick up a different rusher. It’s unfortunate what happened, but this was definitely not a dirty play or “planned” as everyone seems to think.

  9. From cheating the cap to chopblocks and there you have it…until forehead gets the chopblock rule changed…then Thomas won’t have to pay the fine.

  10. By my calculations, a little over $50,000 in fines would take out the entire starting offensive line of the Denver Broncos.

    Seems like a pretty good deal.

  11. It’s amusing reading all of the whining and ignorance over what happened as well as Denver history.

    Clady running the play wrong is what made it a chop block. Had Clady ran the play correctly it would have been a LEGAL cut block, something that happens every Sunday in the NFL.

    As for Denver’s history many of you haters obviously like to rewrite it to support your argument.

    Denver ran a ZONE blocking scheme that employed LEGAL cut blocks, something zone running schemes still do today.

    But haters gotta hate.

  12. This was not aimed at the knees. Thomas hit a 6’7″ player in the mid thigh, and Clady was not engaged with him, which is why they had to resort to the idiotic “lure” rule to defend their incompetent refs. Should not have been a foul, should not have been a fine and certainly should not have wiped out a touchdown. This plus the calls wiping out 3 TDs in the Seahawks game should be enough to get some refs fired instead of fining players for playing football.

  13. rooneyruleblues says: Oct 8, 2014 2:53 PM

    LOL. Broncos culture of chop blocks, NFL has never done anything about it. What a joke.

    Ummm… they made it illegal and they’re fining people as much as the player’s association will allow them. The CBA rules all…

    And, cut blocks were a Shanahan thing, not a Denver thing. When he went to Washington, the cut blocks left with him. Pick a team that uses the zone blocking scheme and you’ll see cut blocks all day.

  14. Told ya… fans of inferior teams sure seem to be experts on the rules. Maybe if your team were relevant you wouldn’t have to troll the Broncos pages looking to express your obsolete views.

  15. broncfanor says:

    As for Denver’s history many of you haters obviously like to rewrite it to support your argument.

    I have some very recent history for you, genius.

    43 – 8

  16. Peyton needs JT so no suspension! Pats CBs bumping Colt WRs too hard? Change the rule. Sea hawk CBs grabbing Bronco WRs in SB? Change the rule. Peyton didn’t get to touch ball in OT loss to Sea hawks? Thinking about changing rule. Enough!!

  17. First things first I am a die hard Cards fan I admit the Broncos were the better team Sunday. Down and distance third and seven, the running game isn’t working they were held under 15 yards on the ground at the half. Its unlikely they run the ball in this situation, in which they did not, actually it was a deep pass. Cut blocks are usually on shorter passing situations to draw the hands of defensive linemen’s hands down, because that is how they protect their legs, otherwise every an ACL/MCL tear would happen in every game. The tackle kicked back pass setting, while Julius Thomas was what looks to be in a two-point stance, so a proper block in the situation would be a chip/double-team. Instead he chose to cut him out, before he could engaged with the tackle(Clady)then Clady engaged in contact as the cut was happening. There was absolutely no reason for a cut block in that situation; Which correlates with the down and distance, and a stout run defense, and it was a deep ball so protection given what I saw from the right side looks like 80-90 % no cuts, except that one side. Maybe it was a communication issue, then I wonder why did he then proceed to run his route… Doesn’t that draw any questions? Also Geno Smith charged $12,000 for say a cuss word at a fan, while illegal hits that can end a career just gets $8,268 to me that seems incorrect.

  18. He should feel lucky to only get fined $8k. If he’d worn the wrong uniform or said the F-bomb publicly instead of JUST injuring a player, it could have been a much heavier fine…

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