Knowshon Moreno progressing quicker than he predicted


Last week, Dolphins running back Knowshon Moreno said he thought he was about four more weeks away from being “good” in his return from the dislocated elbow he suffered in the second week of the regular season.

On Monday, though, Moreno went through practice with the team while wearing a large brace to protect the elbow. It was an informal practice for a team coming off their bye week, so Wednesday and the remainder of the week will give us a better idea of just how close Moreno is to beating his prediction by several weeks.

Coach Joe Philbin said those days would also provide the team with a better idea of how Moreno can play with that bulky brace because the team won’t put him out there if they don’t think he can do everything required of him.

“I think it’s just a matter of him getting used to playing with it in practice. He’s got to get a feel of it and carrying the ball with it, pass protection,” Philbin said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “Obviously we just can’t have him in there when we are running the ball or free release him all the time. Those are things we take the practice week to figure out.”

If Moreno is ready to return, the Dolphins will have to sort out how to reintegrate him into the offense without knocking Lamar Miller off the stride he’s found in the last couple of weeks. For a team that entered the year facing doubts about how well they’d run the ball, there are worse problems to have.

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  1. If this team can find consistency they will be in every game. Pouncey/Moreno/Jordan/Jones/Misi all coming back. Thats alot of talent infusion.

  2. With Satele doing a great job at Center and Pouncey going to RG ( the only weak spot) on the entire O Line, I am sure any RB is going to do well. This dominating run game (Miller 5.7 ypc, 2nd in the NFL) can only help Tannehill throw. I say we let Tannehill run designed plays like Russell Wilson does. That will really keep Defenses on their heels. We need to cover Nelson and Cobb and get pressure Rogers to win this werks game. My guess is a shoot-out, neither will stop the pass.

  3. Though Moreno’s comments were widely reported, this is no surprise to Dolphins fans who follow Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. On the day Moreno made these comments, Jackson was the only one who reported that it was said with tongue firmly in cheek. Whatever story I hear about the Dolphins (or Heat, or Marlins, or Canes), I always check Barry’s sports buzz column for clarity.

  4. I’m ready for the appearance of LaMichael James.

    He can contribute more than a guy like Orleans Darkwa, whom I like and we can still safely stash on the practice squad.

    LaMichael will help the return game, and add depth and speed to a backfield…

  5. Lamar Miller’s “stride” may be more attributed to playing the Chiefs and Raiders in the past two games. I think Moreno can pound the rock against any opponent. I’m not concerned though, Miami’s next 4 weeks (GB, CHI, JAC, SD) will provide plenty to eat for both of them.

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