Pegulas expected to become Bills owners this morning


The NFL’s owners have gathered in Manhattan, and on Wednesday morning there will be a new member of the club. Actually, two of them.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News explains that the vote approving the purchase of the Bills by Terry and Kim Pegula is expected to occur early Wednesday. The vote also is expected to be unanimous.

Already, other owners are speaking as if it’s a done deal.

“We’re excited,” Steelers owner Art Rooney II said, via Graham. “I think it will be no problem.”

“They’ve conducted themselves as a class act throughout the process,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said. “We’re delighted to approve them, and I think they’ll be great for Buffalo.”

“I think they’ll be great owners,” Texans owner Bob McNair said.  McNair chairs the finance committee, which already has approved the transaction that will result in $1.4 billion changing hands from the Pegulas to the estate of Ralph Wilson, who founded the franchise back in 1960. Wilson died in March at the age of 95.

The vote is expected to happen early on Wednesday, so that the Pegulas can thereafter represent the franchise at the balance of the quarterly meetings. As Graham explained last week on PFT Live, Kim Pegula is expected to be heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of the team.

As one league source recently explained it to PFT, the Pegulas are expected to build a new stadium in Buffalo within the next 5-10 years, securing the team’s presence in Western New York for years to come.

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  1. ” Kim Pegula is expected to be heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of the team.”

    Not good. Kim has been heavily involved in the Buffalo Sabres hockey team day to day operations, which included running Pat Lafontaine out of town only a few months after making him team president. During Kims tenure the Sabres have fallen to the basement of the NHL. The Sabres are the worst team in the NHL…..

  2. As I am sure I can speak for every Bills fan Thank you Thank you Thank you Terry and Kim!!!! The future like bright in Buffalo and in WNY

  3. To all of those who said ‘The Bills are gone once Mr. Wilson dies’, or ‘the trust is only designed to maximize revenue for the Wilson family’, or ‘there is no plan in place for the team once Mr. Wilson passes’, or ‘Mr. Wilson just took from WNY and never gave anything back’, or (my favorite) “the LA/Toronto/London Bills”… please repeat after me:
    “I was wrong. I know absolutely nothing, and in the future I will keep my mouth shut until I know the facts of the situation.” Thank you very much… and God bless the Wilson family!!! GO BILLS!!

  4. It’s not up to the other owners if or when the Bills build a new stadium. What are they gonna do force the Pegula’s to sell the team if they don’t build a new stadium?? I don’t think so.

  5. Sour grapes joetoronto?

    I think a self made billionaire like Mr. Pegula can decide where he will spend his money. While you are certainly entitled to the anonymous opinion this forum allows you, we all know the motivation for your continued juvenile attacks. Face it joe, you are jealous of Buffalo.

  6. The NFL, because of the heavy national revenues, is the only league where a team can compete fairly. Witness there is a team in Green Bay.

    I am glad for Bills fans and for the NFL. Even though they lost each time, the record of the Bills going to 4 straight SBs may never be matched.

    I feel the same way about the Raiders. They have a great legacy and I hope they stay in Oakland.

    Let people in L.A. watch from afar. They don’t care anyway.

  7. Congratulations to all Buffalo Bills fans. No fan deserves to lose their team as we nearly experienced here in New England in 1993. The Pegulas remind me of the Krafts as a local ownership group who stepped in committed to keep the team in Buffalo.

    Should be a great game on Sunday.

  8. This will be great for the people of the Buffalo area and all Bills fans. The hockey arena at Penn State bears their name, thanks to an $88 million donation. I think they’ll do all they can to make the Bills winners, but I am not familiar with Kim’s abilities.

  9. Congratulations to the Pegulas and the fans of the Bills franchise. Exciting news not only for today but years to come. To those that suggested that the Bills were a “lock” to move to Toronto, is it time to worry yet?

  10. Sad individuals who have to post false info and hate on every article about Buffalo. No history? Actually Buffalo was the largest intercostal shipping hub in the United states for quite some time. It also has a rich political, and architectural history.
    No future Buffalo has the fastest expanding medical corridor in the country along with The Premier Cancer treatment institute at Roswell.
    The whole city and suburbs are on an upswing( economically). Buffalo has been named recently as one of the top cities in the United States for quality of life.
    The Pegulas purchased the Sabres and have brought in Tim Murray and Ted Nolan. The Sabres have one of the best young talent pools in the NHL .I hope other NHL teams take them as lightly as you do because in a few years they will be consistent contenders with players like Girgenson and Reinhart leading the way.
    Mr. Toronto I feel bad for you, you root for the Leafs, Argos and Raptors. A CFL team and a pro basketball team most people even forget exists. The Leafs well we will wait to see them rise and fall as they always do. Not to mention the Pegulas have built one of the best and biggest hockey training centers in the world in Downtown Buffalo. You know the one where the NHL combine will be, you know the event that used to be held in Toronto. Which as we speak is being filled with Hockey talent from around the world. On top of hosting major junior tournaments.
    Keep hating on Buffalo we love it.
    Thank you to the Pegula family! You have helped to reenergize and help the growth of this wonderful city and its citizens!

  11. As a Dolphins fan, I am happy for Buffalo and even I am tired of reading the “Toronto Bills” comments, it gets old. I will find other ways to take my Jabs at them as a rival, but for now this ownership provides stability in a recently horrible Division to a franchise with great loyal fans. I look forward to the dominance of the Dolphins-Bills rivalry, as the Jets implode and the Patriots continue to dwindle down.

  12. ampats says:Oct 8, 2014 8:15 AM

    Congratulations to all Buffalo Bills fans. No fan deserves to lose their team as we nearly experienced here in New England in 1993. The Pegulas remind me of the Krafts as a local ownership group who stepped in committed to keep the team in Buffalo.

    Should be a great game on Sunday.
    Thanks for the support ampats!! I love to see posts like this. Good luck on Sunday, and yes, I do believe it will be one heck of a game!!

  13. What happened to Donald Trump?

    What The Donald wants, The Donald gets!?

    I was so looking forward to that guy and his $1 billion-check-in-his-pocket becoming part of the NFL!

  14. Great news, very happy to see the Bills get local and stable ownership. I hope to make it up for a game in the coming years at a beautiful new stadium on the waterfront.

    Sunday should be a great game.

  15. Now lets see if Pegula turns the franchise around. Whatever he does it can’t be worse than Ralph Wilson’s management the last 10 years.

  16. Ralph Wilson was a good man in numerous ways. He kept his word and helped keep the team in Buffalo, even after his death.

    He was a war hero… A true American.

  17. It still would have been funny for the NFL to call Donald Trump’s grandstanding bluff and “accept” his $1 billion bid only to watch him bluster and backtrack to force him to admit he doesn’t have anywhere close to that kind of money.

  18. You may not like him, his personality, or even his hair, but Donald Trump does have the financial horsepower to buy the Bills. Just think what might have happened if there was only one bid?

  19. Congratulations to the city and fans of Buffalo and to the Pegulas and the NFL owners (who are hearing cash register bells gonging in their heads now that the Bills were sold for more than 1 BILLION dollars).

    There’s a lot of history to the Buffalo Bills franchise going back to the American Football League…

    1963 was the first of a string of four consecutive years in which the Buffalo Bills participated in post-season play. They were the only American Football League team to accomplish that feat. They lost the 1963 AFL Eastern Division playoff to their arch-rivals, the Boston Patriots. But that taste of post-season action served them well, and they came back to make 1964 their first championship year.

    Buffalo had a great defense and a number of great players. One of whom was Tom Sestak, who I’d like to see in the NFL Hall of Fame. Here’s why…

    Tom Sestak (passed away April 3, 1987) was an American collegiate Professional Football defensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills of the American Football League.

    In 1962, following an innovative AFL trend of drafting players from small colleges, the Bills drafted Sestak as a tight end in the 17th round from McNeese State University. Sestak would never play that position for the Bills, but instead became one of the league’s greatest defensive tackles. At 6-4, he had the size, speed and strength to handle any offensive lineman.

    Sestak was a starter in his rookie year and, until a series of knee injuries ended his career after the 1967 season,used his strength to dominate the line of scrimmage. Sestak was a three-time selection to All-American Football League teams and a unanimous All-AFL defensive tackle in three consecutive years; 1963, 1964 and 1965.

    Sestak served as the cornerstone of a defense that took the Bills to the playoffs four straight years (1963–1966) and consecutive AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. Over the 1964 and 1965 seasons, Sestak and his defense mates held opposing rushers without a touchdown for seventeen consecutive games, a Professional Football record that still stands. Twice during his outstanding career he realized the defensive lineman’s “dream”, returning interceptions for touchdowns, and once returned a recovered fumble for a score.

    During the sixties, only six professional defensive linemen were unanimous All-League selections for three or more years, Sestak (3), Bob Lily (5), Merlin Olsen (4), Willy Davis (3), Gino Marchetti (3), and Deacon Jones (3). The latter five, all former NFL players, have already been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, while Sestak, a star from the AFL, like many other AFL players has been ignored by the Hall of Fame selectors.

  20. Good for the Bills fans. I would have loved to see the team move to Canada, but you can’t not like this story and this owner.

  21. Awww, lots of Bills haters on here upset. I’m not sure what we could have possibly done to deserve your hate, having provided wins to so many NFL teams over the last 15 years, but it is certainly enjoyable to see you still talking about Toronto, or what a dump Buffalo is, etc etc.

    We won – the team is still ours, as it always has been. Find someone else to troll.

    Go Bills!

  22. Much thanks has to go to Ralph C. Wilson…..Ralph Wilson was a giant in the truest sense of the word. He loved life and treated every day as one in which the glass was half full, not half empty. He had a twinkle in his eye and a cackle and his easy laugh for every one of his 95 years. He was loyal to everyone and everything pro football, and of course, he was loyal to Buffalo. Others might have considered moving the Bills, but Ralph Wilson understood they are an integral part of the fabric of western New York, and never gave it a thought. He was loyal to the NFL – if it was good for the league, it was good for him. If he hadn’t lent money to teams in the early days of the AFL, that league wouldn’t have survived, and the NFL wouldn’t be what it is today. Above all, he served the United States in World War II in the Navy in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. Long ago, they stopped making men like Ralph Wilson.

  23. My question is this….does this satisfy Bills fans for awhile and hide the fact that the team hasn’t even been competitive for 10 + years? I’m happy that the team wasn’t taken away from them, but I wonder how long before they realize nothing changing means more losing.

  24. Congrats to Buffalo and its Bills! We just went through that with our Vikings, its stressful but the payoff is amazing.

    Don’t mind the haters, they were wrong all along, and they attack people because they are insecure, its a coping mechanism for little little people.

    Cheers Buffalo!!

  25. Joe- any chance you want to share season tickets for the Toronto Bills? Looks like the old Gmen has some business sense afterall.

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