Report: Lions catch and ban laser pointer culprit from games

Getty Images

A fan attending last week’s game between the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills drew the ire of Bills players as he shined a laser pointer on various players in an attempt to distract the visiting team in Buffalo’s 17-14 victory.

According to Brent Axe of, a Twitter account (@MarkoBeslach) bragged about shining the light on Buffalo players during the game.

“You see a green light on any of the bills players just laugh cause it’s me,” the account wrote.

The account has since been deleted.

However, it appears the account could have helped lead the Lions and the NFL to the person responsible. Per Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Lions caught the offender responsible for the incident and have banned him from games.

The Lions issued a statement Sunday night that they were investigating the situation. The laser had been pointed at quarterback Kyle Orton, kicker Dan Carpenter and kick holder Colton Schmidt at various times during the game, including prior to a missed 50-yard field goal by Carpenter in the third quarter.