Rex Ryan fires back at former Jets coach Herm Edwards

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Rex Ryan will take certain criticism, but he wasn’t backing down from suggestions from one of his predecessors.

After ESPN analyst and former Jets coach Herm Edwards said he should have benched quarterback Geno Smith for missing a meeting, Ryan wasn’t exactly grateful for the advice.

If Herm Edwards gets to coach another team again, then he can do exactly what he wants,” Ryan said on “The Michael Kay Show,” via the New York Daily News.

Then Ryan added, just for emphasis: “No offense, but I don’t care to be compared to him anyway.”


Later on, Edwards agreed with Ryan, saying: “He’s exactly right. He shouldn’t worry about my opinion. There’s no doubt about it.”

To be honest, neither of them are exactly playing to win the game, or at least it’s not working.

Edwards was 39-41 as Jets coach, while Ryan is 43-42. Edwards had three playoff appearances to Ryan’s two.

Unless things turn around soon, Ryan could be joining Edwards on a television stage some day, and then they’ll have one more thing in common.

34 responses to “Rex Ryan fires back at former Jets coach Herm Edwards

  1. Maybe it’s time to look more closely at the GM situation in NY?

    If Idzik is dictating that Geno remain in the starting Offense what’s Rex to do?

    Nice to have all that Cap money sitting around too.
    Saving it for a rainy day or what?

    Until your QB starts throwing to the guys in the NYJ uniforms, Eric Decker and anyone else you care to mention aren’t doing them an ounce of good.

  2. If/When Rex gets fired, I would LOVE to have him as my team’s defensive coordinator

    I’d have no interest in anyone from the Ryan family as a head coach

  3. Rex did well last year to get a team so talent deprived to 8-8 for the season. However, the Jets look really terrible this year.
    Rex’s bravado is entertaining but getting whooped 31 – 0 by San Diego was frankly embarrassing and there is little to be excited by the emerging talent on the roster.
    After many iterations, the Jets simply don’t have a QB and Rex has been unable to find an Offensive Coordinator who can develop one.

  4. Good for Ryan, I am tired of hearing from all these mediocre coaches and players giving opinion as if it is fact even though they couldn’t do the job when they had the opportunity…..

  5. The headline needs to read “Rex Ryan Fired”
    Not, “Rex Ryan Fire’s……”
    (Personally, I wish Green Bay would hire the bum so I can hate on him even more)

  6. One of the worst things about ESPN or even pre-game shows in general, is when old, unsuccessful players, GM’s and coaches try to act like they know it all. If they knew it all, they wouldn’t be working in a booth or on a TV set, they’d be part of a winning organization. Billick, Gruden (although I like him), Edwards, Moose, Dungy, etc, have proven to be unworthy of current coaching positions. Two of them were lucky enough to win a SB but that doesn’t make them experts on today’s game.

  7. Herm is Herm. In one sense he seems pretty darn goofy but sometimes he’s just simply genuine and I appreciate that.

  8. Rex could sell his services to the highest bidder from the networks. And the bids would be high. And what ta hell is Bart Scott doing in a studio?

  9. But Herm Edwards is a God awful announcer. He says nothing insightful, nothing new. He’s very slow to make the most obvious of points. There’s a reason ESPN limits his air time compared to other announcers. Maybe he could go to a interesting on air personality school. Someone could coach him up!

  10. Rex would be a blast on television. Imagine the idiotic rants when he tries to go off script. Comedy gold. Still, he’d be a better studio commentator than he is a head coach, though that’s not saying much.

  11. Got to give props to Rex for that one. No one is in a rush to hire Herm Edwards as coach after his Kansas City fiasco.

    That said, Rex isn’t doing himself any favors in New York either.

  12. Herm Edwards’ time in New York is generally considered a failure, where Rex is considered a success (especially by Jets fans), so I laugh at the fact that their records are nearly the same

  13. Herm Edwards is opinionated as he should be given that he is a commentator, but he does it with so much arrogance that it makes him unlikeable.

  14. Ryan is still going to be able to get work as a Deffensive Coordinator if/when the Jets fire him. He is a Norv Turner/Wade Phillips type. If he sticks to his area of expertise, he can be successful, but if he tries to take on the whole show, it comes crashing down around him.

  15. Idzik is a train wreck, and Woody Johnson is doing all this behind the scenes to save money, since the Jets can’t even sell PSLs or sell out games. That’s why Idzik didn’t use the rest of the cap space when he could have easily given Rex a winning team this offseason. I like Rex, but he is getting a raw deal here. Even if he is all defense, he has a good offensive mind at the helm, give him the players.

  16. Back in 2001 from afar granted, I thought Herm did about as good of a job as you can do post 9/11 in that city. I found his voice to be a reassuring calming presence which I will remember him for more so then W/L

  17. If Rex is such a great Defensive Coordinator then why are the Jets getting lit up?

    The jets have given up 127 pts this year…that’s 25+ pts a game and the defense is supposed to be the Jets Strength.

    This guy is living on his daddys name because he isn’t doing anything this year and neither is his brother…..I can see it now…. the Ryan brothers get together for dinner and boast ” my defense is worse than yours”

    People ….they just aren’t that good

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