Tom Coughlin is the new Mr. October, sort of


Since his offense is no longer a joke, Giants coach Tom Coughlin apparently felt comfortable dusting off some of his Catskills-level material.

Asked Wednesday about the fact he’s 30-7 in October since Eli Manning became his quarterback, Coughlin showed he has comedic timing.

“I planned that all out for years and years,” Coughlin said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “I wanted to be known as Mr. October. Reggie Jackson is a good friend of mine.”

Try the veal, and don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

Seriously, the Giants offense has undergone a remarkable transformation, scoring 30 points or more the last three weeks. After the hysteria about their slow start in the preseason under new coordinator Ben McAdoo, Coughlin still said the offense was “a work in progress.”

“October comes along a few games into the season and hopefully, we’re starting to play pretty good,” he said. “We’re getting there. We did some things very well in a difficult circumstance. There’s always something to learn in each game.”

Of course, Coughlin has been pretty good in January and February too, when he gets that far. But the fact they missed the playoffs each of the last two years since their last Super Bowl championship has plenty to do with the reason they’re changing systems.

22 responses to “Tom Coughlin is the new Mr. October, sort of

  1. This team is peaking in october. not good. although i hope larry donnell continues to make plays as he is on my fantasy team and vernon davis is doing nothing right now. they’re both on byes at the same time so i might have to pick up jared cook for a week. ugh.

  2. Top 5 Greatest NY Giants:

    1. Lawrence Taylor
    2. Frank Gifford
    3. Tuffy Leemans
    4. Phil Simms
    5. Jason Sehorn

  3. But Coughlin doesn’t loaf it in right field on a routine fly ball with a runner on third base who tags up for a run…

  4. The Giants have a better chance of making the playoffs than the Jets and if they get hot they will beat the cowboys….twice and the the eagle once.

    The jets will beat……………….let me think on that one

  5. I wouldn’t want to play the Giants come postseason time. They just seem to have that third gear for whatever reason and scare the heck out of me. Hope the Cowboys or Eagles get in over them as a Hawks fan.

  6. Giants peaking in October? They were down 10 points last game before making a comeback. Both units still have plenty to improve on.

    They get better each and every week, what more can you ask for?

  7. NFC East final standings:

    1. Cowboys (home field advantage)
    2. Giants (wildcard)
    3. Eagles

    4. Redskins

  8. Next 7 games;

    @ Eagles
    @ Cowboys
    vs Colts
    @ Seahawks
    vs 49ers
    vs Cowboys

    Lets see if he’s still telling jokes at Thanksgiving.

  9. I think the Giants might be on to something if as it appears that this offense suits Eli. He’s getting rid of the ball and that’s what matters.

  10. If any of you ever played the game Stratego, the Giants are like the “Spy”. Any team can take them out at any given moment, even a team like Jacksonville, and it would surprise no one. However, if they get into the playoffs, the Spy can take out the No.1 like Seattle and it is the only team likely able to do so because, as the vancouver poster recognizes, the Giants have this strange, unexplainable 3rd gear.

    We need to get through this 7 game gauntlet with at least a .500 record. If so, our December schedule is extremely light (Rams, Titans, Jax, Wash) and should allow us to build momentum into the final game showdown with Philly for all the marbles. Then, if we make the playoffs some how, a date with the Hawks will be on the horizon and that is when the Spy can strike!

  11. NFL4, You are 100% correct. If the Giants split these next 6 which is pretty damn good, they’ll be 6-5 and will need to go 4-1 down the stretch to reach 10 wins.. If they somehow win 4 of these games, I think they are lock for the Division title.

  12. Coughlin has more rings than a combined 130 plus years of Eagles, Seahawks, and Jets football.

    Think about that before you insult the man.

  13. The Giants were very lucky to beat the Patriots twice. No doubt in my mind the Patriots were the better team both times and played a better game. If not for a fluke, lucky catch and a Gronk put out of commission by a dirty hit, the Pats would have won both games. I’ll give them a half a Superbowl win for their efforts.

  14. metitmetin – You’re a blind hater and that’s ok. The Giants were one Vince Wolfolk admitted flop holding call from blowing the Pats out in the second SB.

    Giants have beaten the Pats three straight games incl. both bowls. In between, they ended the Pats million in a row home winning streak against NFC opps. The last game the Pats won against NYG is the final reg season game of their undefeated season when they escaped with a 3 pt win.

    If you think “in your mind the Pats were the better team”, you need to get your mind checked.

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