Watkins expects to be guarded by Revis


As Bills receiver Sammy Watkins prepares for his first game against Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis, the rookie expects to see plenty of the veteran.

“We actually found he’s gonna be following me around the field, so I’m gonna have to be prepared for his jams,” Watkins said Wednesday, via Mike Rodak of ESPN.com.  “He’s very smart.  I have to be very competitive and smart off the ball.”

It’s unclear how Watkins and the Bills know that Revis will be guarding him; if Watkins played for the Patriots and Revis for the Bills, there likely would be a Spygate reference or two in the comments.  (There may be anyway.)  Regardless, it doesn’t take a covert listening device to know that Revis, who shut down Cincinnati’s A.J. Green on Sunday night, will likely be deployed to defend one of the best young wideouts in the game, whose trail-hand-tip-drill against the Lions may have prevented an interception that could have fueled a Detroit win.

“Really get the best matchup of the year and I got to come out and prepare,” said Watkins, who finally has exited the injury report after battling a rib injury since the preseason.  “I think the scout team is doing a great job.  I got those guys being a pest, so I can be ready to perform Sunday.”

Revis will be more than a pest on Sunday.  For Watkins, it’ll be a chance to put the league on notice that the Bills made the right move by trading up from No. 9 to No. 4 in round one to get him.

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  1. Or, since Stevie Johnson is the only receiver who owns Revis, let him decoy and take advantage o fthe rest of the New England secondary, whose members aren’t so good at what they do.

  2. I don’t think Sammy will have much success against Revis. If a scrub DB like Darius Slay is gonna be allowed to absolutely mug Sammy right in front of the ref I can only imagine what Revis will get away with. No disrespect to Revis cause I think he’s a great corner who doesn’t need help from the zebras, but something tells me he’ll get it.

  3. The league has already been put on notice that the Bills were crazy to give up a future number 1 pick to move up 5 spots in the draft.

  4. I’m glad I am not the only one who instantly wondered how “they found” that Revis will be covering him…what’s even more appalling is the Author of this article acted like the Bills could never spy…is he really that ignorant?

  5. Excuse me, but Revis did not shut down AJ Green on Sunday night…I watched the whole game….Andy Dalton shut down AJ Green on Sunday night and AJ Green had a bad toe and is limited. AJ Green was actually open on many plays, Dalton over threw him. Revis never shut down Stevie Johnson. Revis is past his prime and is not the player he use to be. Way overrated. Even if he does shut down Sammy……..the Bills have Woods, Williams and Goodwin….you can’t shut down everyone. The Bengals don’t have another WR after Green. The Bills are loaded at the WR position. Should be a great game!! Go Bills.

  6. On one hand, Watkins has been phenominal at getting space and beating jams so far this year…on the other hand, has and always will be just slightly overrated. Still good, but overrated.

    Do you think shutting down AJ Green had anything to do with Green playing with an injured foot? If Stevie Johnson can burn Revis, anyone can.

  7. The Bills lost 4 honestly, the pats wont 3 dishonestly. Bills d is better than the pats. I’ll take them at home… Revis is gonna be a non issue.

    When will Revis start his next holdout, anyway? He is really good at that.

  8. @billswillnevermove

    Did Dalton hold him back or was he injured or did p Revis lay a good game against him? Sounds like a lot excuses.

    Imo, Revis was used to his strength for the first time all year. He forces QBs to make bad throws with his angles/coverage. Face it, Green is nasty, wish the Pats had a WR half as good. Revis went in with a gameplan and it worked, doesn’t diminish Green one bit. It was one game, give credit

  9. Bill’s have some good receiving talent, the Pat’s have veteran and young guy’s in the secondary and all have skills, some pure speed guy’s and some tough guy’s. The Bills have Spikes at LB and he’s gonna try to embarress BB & TB because he was treated like a “SLAVE”??? He’s smoking something they don’t test for yet like bath salts or spice? He may well cost the Bill’s the game with his grand standing stupidity, and his sack dance, what can I say, he does it whether he sacks someone or he tackles someone 20 yds down field which is more common that a sack from him so I don’t get why he does some of the things he does but he’s Bill’s problem now so good luck in the snow!!!

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