League fines Kaepernick for wearing non-Bose headphones

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The NFL’s new deal with Bose, which blare the letters B-O-S-E whenever a head coach puts his head down on camera, gives the company that puts quality over sizzle the privilege of exclusivity.

Which means that players can’t be promoting competing products on the field or in official press conferences.

For 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, it means a $10,000 fine for wearing a competing product during Sunday’s post-game press conference.  Via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, Kaepernick told reporters on Thursday that he’s been informed of the five-figure fine.

Asked whether Kaepernick or the company that makes the competing product will pay the money, the ever-talkative Kaepernick said, “”We’ll let that be unanswered.”

That may not be good enough for the league office.  Fines can’t be paid by anyone but the person fined.  But it would be easy enough for the company that makes the competing product to give Kaepernick a bonus of, say, $10,000.  Or maybe $24,000, since that’s roughly what it would take to get him $10,000 after taxes, given his bracket and his residence in California.

And before folks start complaining about the league’s enforcement of the contract with a company that has paid the NFL a ton of money for the relationship, it’s hardly the first time the league has fined players for promoting products that aren’t associated with the NFL.  Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was fined a whopping $100,000 for wearing a Vitamin Water hat to the Super Bowl XLI media day.

40 responses to “League fines Kaepernick for wearing non-Bose headphones

  1. stupidity to tell players what they can and can’t buy/wear when not ingame. NFL is simply greedy bastards.

  2. Chop block injuring a player for 3-4 weeks: $8,600

    Wrong logo on your headphones: $10,000

    And this makes sense?

  3. rhettridley says:
    Oct 9, 2014 4:02 PM
    stupidity to tell players what they can and can’t buy/wear when not ingame. NFL is simply greedy bastards.


    99% of employers do the exact same thing, if you didn’t know. You try showing up to work in your PJs and flip-flops and see what happens.

    Besides, there is a CONTRACT between both Bose and the NFL.

  4. Clay Mathews and Russell Wilson are schlepping Bose. A little ahead of the game: they’re getting PAID for the headphones they wear.

    Personally I think both Bose and Beats are way over-priced. I’m still rocking’ my old Sony MDR-V6.

  5. Roger Goodell will ruin the NFL. Make no mistake about it. In 20 years when there is no NFL, you will know who to blame. From not taking player safety serious to fining people for not wearing what he tells them to, the NFL is not what anyone remembers and not going in a direction for sustainability. Thanks Goodell

  6. they don’t actually care what he listens through. they care what WE see him listen through. because that’s how stupid they think we our when it comes to our money.

  7. It’s called BUSINESS, people! Look it up.

    Bose paid a lot of money to have their headphones highlighted throughout the NFL.

    Requirements like this are not new. Seems only that people who like horrible, overpriced Beats are mad. (also, I’m not a fan of either Beats or Bose).

  8. I’m so glad the NFL is showing it’s priorities. It’s really important that we show players that they’ll get a smaller fine for throwing a punch than wearing the wrong headphones.

  9. All that Bose is famous for is not quoting their prices on their advertisements, not their “quality.” Part of their marketing strategy is to imply that they’re so good that if you have to ask for their price, then you can’t afford them. All the more reason to avoid them!

  10. The NFL is great at enforcing this kind of stuff, But when it comes to women and child beaters, they don’t have the slightest clue what to do.

  11. Or maybe $24,000, since that’s roughly what it would take to get him $10,000 after taxes, given his bracket

    That’s disgusting.

  12. It should be noted Kap wore Pink Beats by Dre headphones to honor his Grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor.

  13. The nlf gets a lot more stupid every day. I think the league needs restructuring from the top down and becomes responsible to a governing board of 5. That board should consist of team owners from new and old guard. Total restructuring before they start to lose more and more fans.

  14. glad the nfl has their priorities straight. women beating & fan violence take a backseat to sponsors & a guy wearing a different pair of headphones….gotcha.

    the nfl is a joke

  15. So what! Hol up! Kaep gets fined $10K for wearing Beats headphones and not Bose, but Julius Thomas was fined $8K for an illegal chop block that injured a player. Thats crazy! #JokeLeague

  16. Yawn…I see the whiners who were comparing drug-to-domestic-violence suspensions last month have now moved on to endorsement-to-domestic-violence fines.

    The endorsement issue goes back much farther than Urlacher. If you’re old enough, you remember the issue with Jim McMahon wearing an Adidas head-band on the Bears sidelines. When they fined him for it, the turned it inside out and put “Rozelle” on it instead.

    RW makes endorsement deal decisions based on his principles, which affect his image. Two examples:

    He turned down an endorsement deal with a fast-food chain (unnamed) because he had never actually eaten there.

    He chose BOSE over Beats by Dré because of their ad last year involving Colin Kaepernick which cast (implied) aspersions on Seahawks fans.

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