Mara on L.A.: “I think somebody’s going to be there”

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To little surprise, owners were circumspect when talking on the record about the possibility of one or more teams moving to Los Angeles within the next 12-24 months.  Even though the league privately believes that the Chargers, Rams, or Raiders will move there within that time frame, it makes no sense to pull the pin publicly and prematurely on the grenade.

Giants co-owner John Mara initially tried to downplay talk of a move before essentially confirming our report from Sunday.

“I think it’s a lot more complicated than that,” Mara said.  “There are other teams that are interested, and that’s going to be a complicated situation to sort through. . . .  Do I think we’re going to be in L.A. within the next few years?  Yeah, I think somebody’s going to be there.”

The primary options for a permanent stadium location appear to be Downtown at L.A. Live (the AEG project), Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s 60 acres at Hollywood Park, and one or two other spots that have not been publicly disclosed.  Giants co-owner Steve Tisch took a break from cracking Ebola jokes to mention that owners were briefed on “a couple of locations in Carson.”

For his part, Commissioner Roger Goodell uttered words but ultimately said nothing about the situation.

“I’ve always been reluctant until we have a solution to project where we are,” Goodell said.  “There are reasons for optimism, but that can change quickly also.  Until we have a solution that we’re all comfortable with, and the ownership’s voted on it, I’m not going to make any comment whether that’s realistic or a high probability or not.

“What we want to do is make sure we’re doing the work to evaluate those alternatives, understand those alternatives, and if there’s an alternative that makes sense, bring that to the membership.  Until we do that I couldn’t make any projections about whether we’re close or not.  To me, at the end of the day it’s not about whether we’re closer, it’s about whether we get there.”

He’s right, because being close potentially hurts the short-term interests of the teams who haven’t moved yet.  In the end, the team(s) that go to L.A. must pull an Irsay-to-Indianapolis abrupt departure.

With only three viable candidates to move, it can’t look like a move of any of them is inevitable, or every one of them will be confronted with a media and P.R. mess.  So the NFL will keep the cards close to the vest until the time comes to load up the truck and move to Beverly.  Or Downtown.  Or Hollywood Park.  Or Carson.  Or Chavez Ravine.

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  1. I’d still like to know where all these fans are in LA that are clamoring for a team…….or two.

    All I hear are crickets……

  2. Just send the Raiders back to LA and 20 years from now, Oakland can have their sorry franchise back.

  3. It really should be the Raiders or the Chargers. Would love to see the LA Raiders again. I think they have a better chance of sticking there than the others as well.

  4. Finally! Some new breaking news about L.A. and what team’s going there. When asked, Mara also broke news about this year’s Super Bowl in Arizona “I think, 2 teams are going to be there” he responded.

  5. Every owner that’s so gung ho to go to London and LA…the solution is simple, move your team there and we’re all set. If not, shut up.

  6. Be it in Oakland, St. Louis, San Diego or L.A. someone is forking over at one billion dollars to build a stadium and it is not going to be an owner.

  7. I think you’re missing the boat on potentially another team from a small market that has a small and fading fan base and owners who have no real loyalty to their current market and are willing to pull the trigger….
    Welcome Your Los Angeles Buccaneers…….

  8. San Diego is my guess. They have looking for a stadium deal for how many years. The Murph is one pile of crap

  9. Whatever team they move, NFL/owners better be ready to build the stadium from their own pockets.

    The state of cali/los city are broke. No taxpayers subsidies. Nope.

  10. And then after the press conference, Mara lobbied to the Comish to have draft picks taken from the Cowboys and Redskins…

  11. This will finally work out for LA fans now that the blackout rule has been squashed.

  12. It’s gotta be a California team…. I don’t see Cali supporting 4 teams… So my bet is on chargers.. I don’t think Davis can get it done..

  13. No one in Los Angeles is clamoring for a team(s) except the potential stadium owners and the politicians who see $$$.

    The best team to put in LA is the Chargers. Their fans have suffered with that poor excuse for a stadium for far too long.

    The Raiders need to stay in Oakland where they fit in with the neighborhood.

    And the Rams? They left LA for greener pastures. They need to stay where they are.

  14. I enjoy the fact that LA has a Super Bowl win and no team but, Minnesota has a team and no Super Bowl. Hahaha
    Yes, I could have picked Phily, Cleveland, San Diego…. But I didn’t.

  15. LA is not a football town. They’ve proven it with paltry attendance at Rams and Raiders home games. What football fans there are will be miffed at having to watch a home team on TV instead of getting a choice of games as they do now.
    Another LA team = another disappointment.

  16. The City of Los Angeles will not build stadiums for the Raiders or the Chargers. Neither the Raiders nor the Chargers will sell any piece of their teams to private interests who would build a stadium. The Rams are the only viable franchise that has a realistic chance of returning to LA.

  17. LA has no problems with attendance. Just ask the Dodgers, the Kings, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Angels, USC, and UCLA. The Dodgers have been atop the attendance bracket for the past 30+ years.

    Gotta love the outdated West Coast hate on this board though, which secretly tries to shove the Midwest’s and East Coast’s horrible attendance figures into the closet.

    Here’s a few examples: Buccaneers, Bills, Rams, Steelers (when the team is mediocre you sure do see a lot of empty seats, lol), Atlanta Hawks, Pistons, any team from Milwaukee, the 76ers, and the list goes on and on and on.

    Any LA franchise is worth at least $2 billion. Any Midwest or East Coast franchise is lucky to sniff that. We make it rain in California, even when there’s a drought.

  18. I live in LA and would love it see it happen, but it’s not going to. The threat of moving a team to LA is too great of a bargaining chip for the NFL to lose. Portland, San Antonio, and London are all great cities but the threat of moving a team there just doesn’t have quite the same bite to it. On top of that, LA is a city full of transplants who all root for their teams back home.

  19. If it’s the Rams I bet the 60 acres in Inglewood becomes Rams Park with a stadium being built somewhere else in the greater Los Angeles area

  20. No one in L.A. cares whether there is a local team except those looking to make money from the team…What financial sense does it make to build a stadium that would have 25-30 dates a year?
    As usual, the NFL is using the threat of a move to get taxpayer funded stadiums in San Diego, Oakland and St. Louis…..the only one’s who don’t get it are the media…

  21. Send the Rams home, Tom Brady goes along with them, and the $NFL$ will be $happy$$$$$.

  22. whatever town makes the most money is where a team loosing money will go.
    There are only a handful of teams that will never move.
    Green Bay

  23. There is something seriously wrong with the NFL if the Chargers make it to the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl and re-locate the next year

  24. Im from LA and I want football. Just dont bring back those sorry Raiders.

    They are an awful franchise and the city has been better off since they left.

  25. anyone else find it odd that Colony Capital are suppose to be building both the chargers and raiders new venues for the past couple of years…..yet not a speck of dirt has been moved in either San Diego, or Oakland……..i am beginning to think you better get your boots on, because it getting pretty deep, and stinks.

    With that said I personally want the raiders to stay up in the bay, but would have to think Mark is losing patience with city of Oakland, especially Jean Quan (what ever happened to Camp Parks site in Dublin, that is a perfect location for both the A’s and Raiders)

  26. LA doesn’t care about football or they would have it already. The Rams should not be allowed to relocate – Georgia pocketed her $40 million payoff from St. Louis 20 years ago and they built her a new stadium. Now that stadium isn’t good enough? That’s just absurd.

    The taxpayers of California are hopefully smart enough to avoid any publicly funded stadium deal. And why shouldn’t they? Look what it got St. Louis.

  27. California is broke and LA has proven TWICE they are not a professional football market. Plus, they now have the LA Kiss, ENTERTAINMENT at an affordable prices in an entertainment town who would rather rock’n roll all night than fork over ridiculous money to see a bunch of fledgling players lose for ten years before the team is acknowledged to once again be a bust!

  28. I’ll reiterate what others have said. If it were so critically important to have a team in Los Angeles one would have been placed there long ago. The fact is San Antonio is now in a much better position to land the Raiders than is Los Angeles. Since the Alamodome has already been vetted as a suitable temporary location for the team the only thing left to do is complete the economic survey of SA that is currently ongoing. Look for a major announcement by the Raiders sometime in December or even after the season is over.

    San Antonio Raiders in 2015.

  29. City of Oakland… are officially on notice. Put up or say goodbye.

  30. That Bills lease sure did its job. Nobody from LA even tried to bid on the Bills because it seems they want a team there soon and they couldn’t have even thought about moving Buffalo until 2020 or 2022.
    By the way, it is SOO nice not to read the Buffalo Bills name among potential teams to move to LA! We as Bills fans never have to worry about that again. Terry and Kim will own the team until the day that they die and then one of their children will take it over.

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