NFL owners get first look at new domestic violence presentation


NFL owners had more on their plates than rubber-stamping new owners for the Bills and counting their new money when they met this week.

They also watched a video presentation on domestic violence.

According to the Associated Press, the video featured former NFL defensive tackle Joe Ehrmann, who asked viewers to imagine seeing a loved one abused, and then asking for action.

Think about the role you have to raise up a generation of men that are going to have the clarity, have the moral courage to call out other men,” Ehrmann says in the video.

The video is part of a 40-minute presentation put together by the NFL and its new outside advisers, to educate players about domestic violence and child abuse.

“It was very thorough, it was good,” Steelers president Art Rooney said.

“They were very engaged,” Deana Garner, the league’s director of player engagement and education said. “They recognized the importance of this initial education program and that it will set a standard.”

Considering these were the first meetings since the Ray Rice/Greg Hardy/Adrian Peterson/Jonathan Dwyer/Ray McDonald issues arose, increased attention to the topic was expected.

Hopefully, the message spreads, as the presentation will be seen by some teams by the end of the month and all of them before the end of the season.

9 responses to “NFL owners get first look at new domestic violence presentation

  1. Goodell looked extremely uncomfortable at the podium and he should.

    He needs to go ASAP, if not sooner.

  2. This video is nothing more than a PR stunt. The part that was shown didnt make me for one second think about domestic violence. Typical NFL. They have a bunch of idiots running this league.

  3. Just keep the Sugar Ray Rice elevator video on a loop and just say “This is how you are NOT supposed to act!” Lessons learned.

  4. So the team that “talked the talk” (49ers) is the only team that has yet to “walk the walk” with their own player (McDonald).

  5. “Moral Courage”? When I hear someone like Goodell utter such a phrase, it is hard to keep my lunch down. The more they attempt to appease, the more pathetic this whole thing gets–and waters down a truly important and widespread issue. Goodell, the NFL and owners have had many chances to be men and do the right thing here, no one is buying any of this crap. They have zero credibility on the matter.

  6. If Goodell had spent 1/10 as much time on trying to do the right thing initially has he has on PR ever since he wouldn’t be in hot water right now. This has become a total PR circus. Presentations for the owners? This dog and pony show has got to stop.

  7. @richndc says:

    They shouldn’t have anything to say about it at all. It is not their job or their responsibility to correcting the private actions of their employees. Additionally, it’s not our job as fans to circumvent the justice and law enforcement systems, employing extortion and blackmail of the NFL to satisfy our own mob mentality.
    Let the NFL be a sport league, not a conduit for social correction. Conversely, if you really want to change things for the better, get yourself involved in those vehicles already in place and which are better designed for success.
    The NFL cannot and should not be the vehicle for correction and you shouldn’t be disappointed when they fail.

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