Rams to celebrate 1999 Super Bowl winning team

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On Monday night, when the Rams welcome the 49ers to the Edward Jones Dome, the home team will commemorate the 15th anniversary of the sudden ascension of a Super Bowl winner.

Way back in 1999, a torn ACL suffered by Trent Green in the preseason opened the door for one of the greatest rags-to-riches stories in NFL history, with previously unknown Arena League quarterback and part-time grocery-bagger Kurt Warner taking over the offense — and the league.

Various members of the team will be present, including Warner, coach Dick Vermeil, Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk, receivers Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce, and tackle Orlando Pace.

The Rams also will wear the yellow-and-blue uniforms that were abandoned after the Super Bowl win over a Titans team coached by current Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

It could be the last chance St. Louis gets to harken back to the days of the Greatest Show on Turf during a Rams game.  With the Rams able to exit their lease at no financial penalty after this season and every one after it, the Rams could be departing for Los Angeles as soon as next year.

20 responses to “Rams to celebrate 1999 Super Bowl winning team

  1. Anybody who thinks that Kurt Warner doesn’t deserve to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame is positively delusional.

    The best definition I’ve ever heard of what a Hall of Famer type of player is came from someone who is widely ridiculed by the masses: Mike Lombardi. But his words are sage and simple: When you go into prepare your game plan, do your coaches say: ‘Hey, if we don’t get this singular individual under control, he’s that good to totally affect everything else, and thus the outcome of the game.

    Warner–in his prime with the Rams and subsequently with the Cardinals–was the quintessential definition of a Hall of Famer who could single-handily inject lethal doses of venom disguised as passes into opposing secondaries. He was simply deadly when he dealing. A joy to watch and a Hall of Famer without question.

  2. Vermeil is going to cry. Bank on it.

    This was a magical season for the Rams. It deserves this commemoration.

  3. Warner should have been a Ram his entire career. Bulger was a really good QB but not as good as Warner in his prime.

    Nice to see the gang back together for one last time this Monday night.

  4. One of the best uniforms in NFL history! Bring it back! Get rid of the Notre Dame colored uniforms!

  5. Look at Stubhub… you can get tickets to the GSOT reunion/Monday Night Football/Huge 49ers/Rams rivalry game in St. Louis starting at $6.00.


  6. Eagles couldn’t blitz Warner at all. Gave him different looks and he read them all perfectly. Absolutely shredded our defense who were playing solid football that year. McNabb put the the team him his back for a monster game just for Warner to shred them again in the fourth. I would love to say that the defense choked but then again he was a second away from winning the Superbowl if it wasn’t for that sack fumble.

  7. I’d rather see the Rams stay in St.Louis. LA never supported their football teams anyway. That town is all about the Lakers. The best times in Rams history happened in St.Louis. Unfortunately, it’s all about the bigger market and more $$$. Not a Rams fan, either.

  8. There will never be another Greatest Show On Turf. They revolutionized the NFL. They should have won more Super Bowls.

  9. So will Jeff Fisher stay in the locker room for this? Or does he get a few seconds to scream about how Kevin Dyson came that close to scoring?

  10. I regret I didn’t see this. It may have been a little difficult for Fisher but not so much for the lost of the game. No doubt brought back great memories and sadness of Steve McNair.

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