Reports: Katy Perry to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX


With Rihanna telling the NFL and CBS to eff off after her song was dumped from the first Thursday Night Football broadcast of the year, the contest for securing the privilege of performing at halftime of the Super Bowl apparently was down to two — Katy Perry and Coldplay.

According to multiple reports, the gig goes to Katy Perry.

It’s unknown whether Perry will be paying for the privilege of performing.  In August, the Wall Street Journal reported that the NFL had asked the finalists to “contribute a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income” to the NFL or to “make some other type of financial contribution.”

Maybe she decided after recent her experience at Ole Miss that she wants to entertain an international football audience.  Or maybe the NFL gave her an ultimatum while she was under the influence of whatever she was drinking after the Rebels beat Alabama.

101 responses to “Reports: Katy Perry to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX

  1. Excellent choice!

    Now I just hope she comes up with a really unique and original show idea of the likes that nobody has seen before. Do something interesting and amazing please and make it a one-of-a-kind show somehow!

  2. my God! what is happening with the nfl……

    I would rather have pharrell than this talentless woman….

    disaster in the making

  3. I would MUCH MUCH rather Coldplay.

    Seriously, Katy Perry? Can’t wait to see the NFL’s take on her demonic ritual masked as entertainment.

  4. @ irongershwen

    Yeah I’d much rather see Nickelback. They actually have good football songs like “This Means War” and “Burn It to the Ground.”

  5. All you guys calling for AC/DC or Metallica should realize that those guys would cause even less people to watch. I absolutely hate that kind of music. Not a fan of Katy Perry but but at least I can get through it without a headache.

  6. bonnovi says:
    Oct 9, 2014 11:45 PM

    The PFT community demands a washed-up rock band from the 70s, 80s or 90s.


    I agree bonnovi… How about (B,T,O.) Bachman–Turner Overdrive.

    You get up every morning
    From your ‘larm clock’s warning
    Take the 8:15 into the city

    Taking care of business (every day)
    Taking care of business (every way)
    I’ve been taking care of business (it’s all mine)
    Taking care of business and working overtime
    Work out.

  7. Damn, the NFL is hellbent on squeezing as much money as they can out if everything they touch. They ask a performer to play for free but in turn the performer gets a ton of exposure to the millions of people that watch the SB. But then they also ask for a portion of the performers earnings? Apparently anything they can do to fatten the hog.

    It seems like we here more and more about the business practices of the NFL rather than the game and players. Much of that blame goes to the media but as a fan I’m getting sick of it. I watch football to be entertained and momentarily escape my life issues.

  8. Did the NFL actually see her incoherent stupidity on display on college gameday? Granted hopefully she won’t be attempting to pick games she knows nothing about, randomly saying the mascot of South Carolina, or throwing corn dogs on the halftime show. But I was really hoping to never see this overrated train wreck on a sports show ever again.

  9. The mute button will be on, but I will definitely be rooting for a wardrobe malfunction!

  10. “Good reason not to watch…”
    I disagree. It’s an excellent reason to watch….on mute.

    You know…the Katy Perry Rule – Katy Perry should be seen and not heard.

  11. It’s obvious Goodell does not care the slightest bit about the core fans. He knows they’ll tune in week after week and of course during the Super Bowl. It’s all about expanding the league’s audience and that means reaching out to women with this and the last few lame halftime show choices, reaching out internationally with games played on foreign turf, putting a team in LA, and appealing to casual fans and those only interested in the game for fantasy football purposes, hence the rules tinkering to boost offensive production.

    Don’t expect to see another halftime show by a good rock band at least as long as Goodell is running things. Pop music that appeals to 12-25 year old girls is all you’ll be getting for the foreseeable future.

  12. Seriously, just play the ’85 Bear Super Bowl Shuffle video on repeat in between the greatest Super Bowl ads of all time for the 30min SB halftime show every year…c’mon NFL pay me now!

    Though, if it does have to be Katy Perry, I guess the possibility of a “Wardrobe Malfunction Part Deux” with her twin talents ala Timberlake and Janet Jackson would cap off a great off the field NFL season – have them DVR’s ready ‘Murica!

  13. I hope her people make sure she doesn’t sign anything that says she has to pay the NFL any of her concert revenue.

  14. And so the pandering to people who do not watch the NFL (or probably any sports for that matter) continues for another year. Does ANYONE who watches NFL give a rat’s a$$ about this talentless dingbat or listen to her music?
    I’m not saying drag AC/DC up there (although they probably are my all-time favorite band), but for pete’s sake at least get an act that most NFL fans can relate to. Pathetic.

  15. Could have been worse. I too, would love to see AC/DC, Metallica or the Foo Fighters but the NFL isn’t trying to get that kind of demographic. Those bands appeal to the NFL’s main base. They want someone that will bring in viewers who wouldn’t normally watch the game.

  16. The reality is halftime during the superbowl is for getting more food and drink and excreting such already taken in. It’s also a good time to burn one if you are so inclined.

    Katy Perry, Perry Como, who gives a bit. Only chicks and kids watch the halftime show anyway.

  17. I love football,

    Couldn’t agree more. Some of us have been noticing what’s REALLY going on since that Madonna and Beyonce halftime shows.

  18. Unless we’re hoping for another wardrobe malfunction, (and lets face it, that’s the only reason to watch Katy Perry) Teenage girls must be the new NFL target audience.
    Really, from teens to geezers, does any football fan give a crap?

  19. First of all 1964…the foo fighters are not from the 70s. Or 80s. They’re
    still relevant today. Secondly…some of those 79s and 80s bands sell out still. Katy Perry will be washed up in 6 months. That being said; probably the best choice. We can be all ‘like now’ and stuff. It’s about football anyway.

  20. Katy Perry? Excellent choice, NFL. Now I can have an extended bathroom and snack break without feeling like I’m missing something.

  21. Hey fellas, instead of looking at this from the negative, how about trying to see the positive in this news? This woman is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe we’ll get lucky and we’ll get a wardrobe malfunction and break the internet? Come on guys, let’s face it, the only people that watch the halftime shows are our wives anyway.

  22. If it’s just her and the corndogs – no music.

    Then yeah… I’d rather it was Tom Petty or Metallica, I’m tough! (tugs on TAP OUT! t-shirt wildly)

  23. Katy Perry said on Game Day Saturday that she had never been to a football game…so this makes perfect sense…

  24. Took my granddaughter to a Katy Perry concert in Columbus, Ohio. She put on an amazing show.
    I think she is a great choice. She or anyone else should not have to pay the NFL anything for performing!

  25. whalesarenotmammals says:
    Oct 10, 2014 6:16 AM

    An obvious choice. Nine #1 songs and 81 million singles sold. One of the best selling artists of all time. You may not like her but the choice was easy.
    And the demographic that buys her records/downloads are girls age 11-15.which is obviously the demographic watching the game…right?

  26. Just one more reminder of why I turn off the TV during the Super Bowl halftime show. Chances are she’ll be scantily clad, and will (purposefully) end up showing more skin than was “intended”. In other words, it’s all about “how much attention can I draw to myself and how long can I use this to keep my name in the headlines”. At least the “Up with People” didn’t have to delve into the sewer to put on their show.

    If I were a single man in my early 20s at a Super Bowl party, I’d watch. But married with a preteen daughter means the TV goes off when this garbage comes on. Too bad the dolts at the league office can’t figure out that families like watching football too.

  27. She said on College gameday that she wasn’t going to give the NFL any money so it was up to them if they picked her. I for one am happy that ridiculous plan backfired on the league.

  28. Really? Katy Perry? Yuk! No talent at all. Super Bowl half time shows are so lame. And they have the audacity to think the performers should pay? Well, I guess that makes sense. Katy Perry would have to pay me big bucks to sit through one of her performances.

  29. That sucks. I was really hoping that Weird Al petition would work. Oh well, now my 7 year old daughter will watch the superbowl at halftime. I won’t be.

  30. Katy Perry is an obvious draw for the female fans, to make amends so to speak, which is fine with me. Plus, I like her and her music.

  31. The NFL has figured out that real football fans use halftime for snack and bathroom breaks and for talking about they game they’ve been watching. Halftime entertainment is for the people who watch the Super Bowl for anything but the game. They’re the ones who gab during the game but who shush you when you try to talk during a commercial.

  32. You are all looking at this wrong. Goodell is actually looking out for all of our interests. The wives that allow us to get our weekly fix of football for 20 weeks each season are getting 10 minutes of one halftime of one game all year long to keep them happy.

    I don’t smoke, but I’ll be happy to go out and burn one during halftime of the Super Bowl so that the ladies can feel like they belong in the football world, even if it’s for only 10 minutes a year.

  33. mnvikingsfan says: Oct 10, 2014 1:46 AM

    I was hoping this would be Van Halen’s year with a special appearance by Sammy Hagar!

    Packers & Vikings fans unite! Van Halen, any & all members welcome.

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