Vikes “anxious” to get Cordarrelle Patterson more involved

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Last week, Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson answered questions about his limited use in the offense by saying that he wasn’t going to lobby for more work because he trusted offensive coordinator Norv Turner was doing the best things for the offense.

Patterson had two catches for eight yards against Green Bay last week and didn’t have any carries for the third time in the last four weeks. That meant more questions for Patterson this week, although the answers remained largely the same.

“I’m not a drama queen or anything,” Patterson said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I don’t want to go to the offensive coordinator and try to demand the ball. One day, maybe if I get a couple more Pro Bowls, maybe I can do things like that; but the time is not right now. It’s only my second year, and he’s a new offensive coordinator for this team.”

Patterson joked that he may have to up the drama if things continue this way, but Turner repeated a familiar refrain of his own by saying that the team wanted to put the ball in Patterson’s hands more often.

“We’ve gone in every week anxious to get him involved. We’re trying to,” Turner said.

Actions speak louder than words, although there is reason to think Patterson’s usage will go up. The Vikings have had three starting quarterbacks in the last three games and keeping Teddy Bridgewater in the lineup for an extended period should be a good thing for the offense in general and Patterson specifically as the season moves forward.

34 responses to “Vikes “anxious” to get Cordarrelle Patterson more involved

  1. I think Patterson needs a deep, fast, tall threat on the other side of him. GJ isn’t a number 1 guy. If Teddy can remain healthy and learn more by playing, Patterson will get his catches and then some. The questions on offense are these. 1 Deep threat wide receiver, 2 Rudolph has to remain healthy, 3 Offensive line needs to stop making penalties, 5 who will be your money back, 6 Get rid of Ponder. The team seemed like they were in the dumps with him.

  2. Here’s how to get him more involved: Tell him to run 15 yards downfield and turn around. Then throw him the ball.

  3. This is the dumbest thing ever. If you’re anxious to get him more involved, and you never give him opportunities, then where does that leave you?

  4. Look for touchdown teddy to get patterson the ball with a few deep strikes down the field against the kitties sunday. Patterson will light up the kitties weak secondary for three TD’s while jennings will get two. Book it!!!

  5. For now , Minnesota might want to concentrate on getting some better looking numbers for their uniforms ; if it weren’t for Tampa Bay , the Vikings would have some of the worst jersey numbers.

  6. He got open because of a strong run game. People can game plan for him and so the Vikes will need to be creative to get him open.

  7. Viking quarterbacks have a hard time getting the ball to anybody … much less their fastest player.

    Frankly executing the center/QB exchange is a victory in Minnesota.

  8. As a Ravens fan, I saw with my own eyes what this guy can do. He killed the Ravens last year, in what I thought was the best game I’ve seen in person. Snow was falling, the field was covered, and he torched the Ravens secondary pretty bad. If the Vikes could get some stability at QB, this guy will be a star.

  9. There is absolutely no reason why they can’t motion him into the backfield and hand the ball to him. Every time he has taken a pitch from the I-formation he has gotten a long gain that usually ends in a touchdown. Every single time. Are you telling me teams are scheming to stop that on every play?

  10. Flashy learning how to run decent routes would go a long way toward solving the problem. Green Bay didn’t need to give him any special attention because he doesn’t know how to fool anyone on what he’s going to do.
    Maybe Mini could play him some at DB. After all, he almost caught Peppers on that interception return.

  11. As referenced on KFAN today, there is more to being an NFL receiver than just running a post route. There is a tremendous amount of timing and coverage recognition that goes into every single route and decision. He struggles to get off the jam and can’t think on the fly or recognize zone/man concepts very well. In other words, he can’t get open.

    Patterson is very unpolished and his practice habits aren’t good, by his own admission. Gee, wasn’t that on the scouting report, Spielman?

    He’s very electric with the ball, but all in all, he is a living metaphor of the Vikings and Minnesota. Talks a big game, loves to “Flash”, but in the end, he is a low level wideout and his production in college and the pros reflect that. All hat…no cattle.

  12. Look for touchdown teddy to get patterson the ball with a few deep strikes down the field against the kitties sunday. Patterson will light up the kitties weak secondary for three TD’s while jennings will get two. Book it!!!
    _ _ _ _ _

    So you’re saying the QB that has essentially started 2 games, with zero pass TDs, will throw 5 this Sunday? Just checking…


  13. This kid could be anything. Or nothing. Nobody knows. He has insane physical skills, but last year his routes left a lot to be desired. This year, they seem to have forgotten that he even exists.

    Deep balls aren’t going to happen on Sunday, Viking fans. I don’t care how mobile Purple Jesus 2.0 is, that front 4 of Detroit’s is going to force him to either get rid of the ball quickly or run for his very life. Those men have bad intentions.

  14. “The Vikings are also anxious to have a starting quarterback whos taller then an ewok”

    Doug Flutie disagrees with that comment.

  15. footballnut2011 says:
    Oct 9, 2014 3:26 PM

    Look for touchdown teddy to get patterson the ball with a few deep strikes down the field against the kitties sunday. Patterson will light up the kitties weak secondary for three TD’s while jennings will get two. Book it!!!
    You’re aware that Touchdown Teddy has never thrown an NFL touchdown yet, right?

  16. The main problem is that Ponder and Cassell are so bad, they couldn’t hit water if they were standin in a boat. I do think Norv needs to start throwing more screens to CP and also line him up in the backfield however. Now that Teddy is back, Cordarelle’s production is bound to improve, its just a matter of how much. If Teddy can stay healthy and work on his deep ball accuracy, it will only be a matter of time before they get on the same page and start lighting it up.

  17. Cordarelle Patterson is a good kick returner. He is not a capable wide receiver. In the land of the Vikings, their skewed perceptions make Patterson to be an All-Pro Receiver…..and “Touchdown Teddy” a Hall of Famer. Enlightenment awaits Sunday.

  18. Classic call to stardom a tad too early. I remember picking up Roddy White in his second year when everyone said that he was going to blow up the league, needless to say I didn’t win fantasy that year.

    We all knew coming in that Patterson would need at least 2,3 maybe even four years to develop and without other playmakers to take away the attention Pattersons numbers will also continue to develop.

  19. The Mecca Lambeau Field, Pattersons actually really smart if you go through all of his comments he gives to the media actually quite brilliant.

    He is a team first guy that knows his place in the league right now.

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