DeMarco Murray is willing to share the load


DeMarco Murray is leading the league in rushing by a pile, but the Cowboys want to be smart with his workload.

But Murray said Friday he’s fine with that, and will happily accept whatever role the team wants him to play, even if that means Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar carrying the ball more often.

I think they know what’s best for the team,” Murray said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s hard during a game to come out, but those are two good guys that we trust, and we know what they can do. Whatever they feel is necessary to help us win.”

Murray’s playing so well, it’s easy to be tempted to leave him out there. He already has 130 carries, on pace to tie the league’s all-time record of 416 set by Larry Johnson. But he’s also doing other things, as he’s played 280 of the Cowboys’ 348 offensive snaps (80.5 percent).

“Whatever they ask me to do — running catching, blocking — I look forward to it,” Murray said.

If the Cowboys want to beat the Seahawks this week, they’d be wise to lean on him. But if they are to cling to their current form over the course of the season, they might  be better served to find him a break occasionally.

10 responses to “DeMarco Murray is willing to share the load

  1. I don’t get the Cowboys logic. We’re 4-1 now, largely because we’re running it more, DeMarco is the NFLs leading rusher right now (or something very close to it), but we’re going to use him less.

  2. Probably just a smokescreen.
    If it gets the Cowboys to the playoffs for the first time in years they will use DeMarco often.

  3. No RB can continue on the pace he is on right now. For those who need it translated–this means more carries for the other two. That is developing into a very, very good O-line, holes are holes and both Randle and Dunbar are good backs. Randle may be very good, we have not seen enough to know. Murray I can promise you does not care about records or stats, this guy is a total throwback player. As long as we win, he is fine. He has only been pissed when we get near the goal line and pass 3 times and dont score. If the fade to Dez works every time, he will not care, I can promise you that.

  4. As a Seahawks fan, I am looking forward to an outstanding game. It’s the League’s leading rusher against the League’s best rushing defense. It should be quite a good game to see which side can win this battle.

  5. You can’t put the entire running load on DeMarco’s back. I do think he could handle it, but why take chances. I don’t give a damn about a rushing title. I think DeMarco would rather have a deep run into the playoffs than a rushing title. And why not use both of those guys. A new look and fresh legs couldn’t hurt. And besides the closer he get to that title, the more defences key on him. And that’s when he gets hurt. And if Dallas doesn’t have him going into the playoffs they become one demintional. ” Not Good”

  6. upset of the year dallas 31 seattle 30 romo will have to play his best game of the year, he does not have to win the game just keep it close and not lose it.

  7. robjr50 says:
    Oct 11, 2014 2:09 PM
    upset of the year dallas 31 seattle 30 romo will have to play his best game of the year, he does not have to win the game just keep it close and not lose it.

    Yeah, against the 2000 Seahawks. Not 2014. You’re dreaming.

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