Bose making mass shipments of headphones to NFL players

Bose bought the NFL’s attention with a sponsorship deal for headphones, so then the NFL had to get Colin Kaepernick’s attention by fining him for wearing a competing product.

But since many players already owned that competing product, it might have created an enforcement issue at some stage.

Bose is apparently trying to head that off with a shipment of goodies to players.

Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson just tweeted out of picture of a new set of their headphones with the caption “Didn’t have to wait long,” and kicker Graham Gano thanked them for “these awesome headphones.”

The team also sent out a photo saying every player on the roster had a set in their locker this morning.

Assuming Bose made 31 similar deliveries, that’s some expensive product placement.

71 responses to “Bose making mass shipments of headphones to NFL players

  1. Beats by Dre will tell the players they sponsor to continue to wear their headphones, and they will pay for any fine the receive. The league will then take the next step of threatening to suspend the players that continue to wear Beats. Then players will then stop or wear ear bud headphones with no visible Beat logo.

  2. With all of the bad press the league has had the last few months you’d think they’d maintain a front of having their priorities in the right place. Instead they are fining players for owning something they don’t get money from.

    Think about that. What if your boss walked in and told you that he was docking your pay 100 bucks because you wore Nikes and he likes Reebok. Asinine.

  3. Let me get this straight. So Colin Kaepernick pays ten grand to get a FREE headphones. Is that what I’m reading? I think I’m having a Zen moment. And it’s not going well.

  4. That’s no more expensive product placement than doing an item in a swag bag for a red carpet. Good marketing by Bose.

    And yes the coaches have to wear Bose too, as for the announcers, don’t think so.

  5. It’s painfiully clear that people posting here have no idea how business sponsorships actually work.

    If Pepsi were the sponsor, players could not go around drinking Coke when they represent the NFL. And on and on…

  6. There is no way Bose will ever recoup their money from this deal. Dumb decision. Anyone that advertises with the NFL is stupid.

    Im sure 95 percent of fans change the channels to something else when a commercial comes on.

  7. Meanwhile the same kids that this marketing attack is aimed for get to see all their favorite NBA players always wearing some pretty cool custom Beats headphones.

  8. I’m betting that when they hear the difference they may just dump their Beats and stick with Bose. Not that I’m a Bose guy–way over-priced– but they do sound better than the trendy Beats. Personally, I’m a Sennheiser guy…

  9. Bose announced today an across the board price increase on all headphone products. Specifics for the reason on the price increase were unavailable……News at 11.

  10. I mean afterall the players are so cash strapped taking care of their “families” they need these feebies, let the overpaid public overpay for them………

  11. Lets worry about head phones instead of our players killing, beating, raping, driving drunk, using drugs and cheating.

    NFL you confuse me more everyday.

  12. The NFL being sponsored by Bose makes me even more unlikely to ever buy any Bose product.

    Products advertised during NFL games are mostly garbage that doesn’t influence my decision to purchase:

    Car commercials = USELESS
    Soup commercials = USELESS
    Telecom commercials = USELESS
    Erectile dysfunction commercials = USELESS

  13. As cheaply made as Bose products are it didn’t cost Bose all that much. Huge markup on all their stuff. May be marginally better than Beats.

    As a headphone hobbyist, I don’t care for either brand. Give me Sennheiser or Denon.

  14. That’s a $300 freebie. Bose head sets are like the $200 sneakers, made in China and overpriced. Just because Bose has the reputation of quality doesn’t mean we should assume quality. Shop around.

  15. The ironic thing is that Bose is a BMW compared to Beats Pinto. I just hate the tyrannical nature of these deals. Maybe the players with beats deals can put a tape or cap covering Bose’s logo a la Michael Jordan at the Olympics way back then. Also, a former player suggested that all stadiums should be forced to use Bose products. Imagine the costs to replace those gigantic amplifiers by Bose.

  16. Attention Bose Marketing & NFL

    The rich get richer. These NFL players do not need free headphones & perhaps Bose should consider how this might appear to the masses — where their sales actually come from. Get free headphones out to some of the fans instead —Actual consumers who could use these and actually appreciate it. A giveaway or contest for those who are actually paying the bills & make the NFL possible.

  17. The fine is all the more ridiculous because the players have already bought/ received their headphones.

  18. Smart move by Bose. Every weekend the pregame shows show multiple players either entering the stadium or on the field warming up with their headphones.

    The revenue they will bring in from this advertising will surely out weigh the expense of giving away all these headphones.

  19. Great marketing move by Bose. They can afford it, I’m sure.

    Now, are there really people out there who will NEED Bose headphones because that’s what NFL players use (now that they’ve been given them)? Regardless, the audio industry continues to do a good job of suckering people into believing they need $200-300 headphones to listen to their low quality mp3s.

    And, yes, players should be allowed to use whatever they want. The NFL is free to sign whatever endorsement deals it wants, but their employees should be allowed to use whatever stupid headphones they want. I mean, really.

  20. The contract that Bose signed with the NFL to be their exclusive provider of headsets is expensive. The retail price of Bose headsets is expensive.

    But Bose headsets are not expensive to manufacture.

    Guessing the shipping cost Bose more than the actual headphones.

  21. As ridiculous as this whole thing is, at least NFL players will now get to experience some top quality headphones instead of those highly overrated, Dre pieces.

    Ahem….Bose do I get a free pair now?

  22. It’s taking a bit longer for me to get my free headphones than C. Johnson did. If mine don’t get here by Monday I’m going to throw a fit, bad mouth bose, and get taken out of context with my quote.

  23. what rock do some people live under……if you boss is being paid by Reebok as the official shoe of your company, and some idiot employee prefers to wear Nike….guess what employee….it’s against the rules…..sorry we do have rules, and if you don’t like them, then leave. (period)

  24. I hope the money they league got for the Bose deal is included in the pot they share with the players….if not I wouldn’t wear them to the game and go with ear buds…

  25. The nfl is starting to remind me of an ineffective classroom teacher. You cannot have 1000 rules on the wall. You will spend all of your time enforcing those rules rather than teaching and the very thing you were trying to control (behavior) is out of control.

  26. It actually has the opposite effect on me. I stay away from those Beats headphones because I can’t stand seeing them on every player and now they’re going to turn me off to Bose. Thanks for saving me money NFL/Bose.

  27. Some just don’t get it. Why do you think you see Gatorade or Dasani next to a speaker at a press conference? Not because they drink it, but because its sponsored by those companies. Same thing. Get over, move on. Any fines with be paid by ‘Dre, no kidding. Free advertisement worth much more than the fine.

  28. If I wear my Beats to the next home game and get on camera, will Bose buy all NFL fans a free pair of headphones?

  29. I am sure glad that the average football fan is not running any of the companies that I have my money in. They are as clueless about marketing as they are about football. It’s pretty simple, really it is. You choose to work here, you follow the rules, if not seek employment elsewhere. Once they leave the stadium, they are free to wear whatever they want.

  30. Even at retail prices, giving every NFL player including the practice squad guys a free pair of headphones will cost less than a commercial in the SuperBowl. It’s smart marketing for Bose.

  31. amishninjas says:
    Oct 10, 2014 10:48 AM
    Think about that. What if your boss walked in and told you that he was docking your pay 100 bucks because you wore Nikes and he likes Reebok. Asinine.
    My boss doesn’t buy me all the free stuff I need to wear each day I work. Clothes, shoes, equipment, head phones. Nor do I get paid millions of dollars to wear said free stuff.


    Now, why don’t all you whiners complain that there are millions of kids that can’t afford good shoes, but every NFL player gets a brand new pair to wear every game day?

    Just watch the damn games and shut up!

  32. Seriously, the NFL has a deal with Bose, did the NFLPA sign on as well…if not, then the players can use any headphones they like. This isn’t a uniform issue, where Nike has the shoe deal and all players are required to wear Nike shoes, this are personal electronic device headphones, Goodell needs to go…this is just one more example of his fiat leadership, what’s next executive orders….

  33. Soon the comments after the game will go something like this:

    Sideline Reporter: “When you scored that touchdown on the last play of the game, what were your thoughts?”

    Player: “I’d like to thank God for giving me the ability, BOSE for the killer pregame sounds, and a shout out to NIKE for getting me to the endzone!”

    Sideline Reporter: “It appeared after the two minute warning that the team had spent all it’s energy on the previous series, what pulled you through?”

    Player: “Well after I replenished my thirst on some G2, we reviewed the play on the awesome MICROSOFT tablets, and found a little somethin’ we thought we could expose. Did you see that playback on the MITSUBISHI jumbotron?”

    Reporter: “I did, clearly through these RAY BANS!” Al, back to you.

  34. Beats are to audio what Apple is to smartphones. Over priced, under performing baubles bought by fools to look “hip”. What do they call the newest Iphone? Last years Android.

  35. Is the NFL giving bonuses to players out of the hefty contract they made with Bose? If Bose wants NFL players to promote their products they need to cut them in on the action.

    While I don’t agree with Kap’s in-your-face defiance of the league’s Bose mandate, players should be able to use whatever headphones they want on game day–they are not under contract with Bose.

  36. This is all business. The NFL is a marketing machine. beats by Dre has marketed itself brilliantly on the backs of a few Athletes and the cache of dr. dre.
    Bose now has upped the ante. Simple. Bose is a far far far superior product. I have tried them both. Owned a $350 pair of wireless Bose for 14 days … The music was otherworldly…I bought it for the blue tooth call capability though…that was underwhelming.
    Tried Beats at Best buy once for like 5 seconds. Garbage. All base. And I love base.
    Beats was founded on name and hype. No other reason for the logo. The young guys like it for the street cred. They have been beaten at their own game.

    I also think the NFL is very careful to allow only the best products as sponsors….very few exceptions….that is why Under Armour etc can’t break through.

  37. pete2112 says: Oct 10, 2014 11:26 AM

    In 3, 2,….. Arian Foster will be complaining about this for some stupid reason.

    …but in a deeply philosophical way that you just wouldn’t understand.

  38. That’s right…..give free stuff to the people that can afford it…..that makes sense. Hey BOSE, I have a pear of Sony headphones, those are BOSE…..I think I should get free ones!!

  39. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 10, 2014 11:16 AM

    Products advertised during NFL games are mostly garbage that doesn’t influence my decision to purchase:

    Car commercials = USELESS
    Soup commercials = USELESS
    Telecom commercials = USELESS
    Erectile dysfunction commercials = USELESS
    Why do I get the feeling that you recently bought a new Ford pickup, celebrated with a can of Campbell’s Chunky, then called your girlfriend with your new AT&T phone and, um…um…

  40. 54 man roster X 32 teams = 1728 Players/headphones X $300/pair= $518,400.
    Divide that by 32 NFL cities = $16,200 that could have been donated to NFL sponsored charities that serve inner city youth sports programs.
    Thanks Bose for making my choice to buy products that don’t have your name on it. ..

  41. NFL players should protest by buying bose headphones and placing an X on them. Then they should refer to the headphones they’re waring as crappy and not comfortable to wear during the pre and post game. Then we’ll see how fast Bose and the NFL changes their stance.

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