Browns have a tough decision looming at quarterback


As the Browns prepare for perhaps their biggest game against the Steelers since the only postseason appearance for the reconstituted Cleveland franchise (which consisted of a shootout loss at Heinz Field), an unpleasant chapter in franchise history could soon be repeating itself.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer is playing well enough to force the Browns to give him serious consideration for the starting job in 2015.  Which would mean keeping Johnny Manziel on the bench.

It won’t be easy, or cheap, to keep Hoyer.  Hoyer is due to become a free agent after the season.  And with each passing week in which he demonstrates a considerable degree of passing proficiency, Hoyer gains more and more leverage.

So far, Hoyer’s health and performance have vindicated his decision to rebuff the team’s effort to sign him to a new contract prior to the season.  Per a league source, the Browns offered Hoyer backup money.  Hoyer, via agent Joe Linta, countered with something considerably higher than that.

Linta said in late June that Hoyer’s value won’t be known until November 1 at the earliest.  Come November 1, however, the Browns may not be ready to make a financial commitment that necessarily would make Hoyer the starter in 2015.

That’s the ultimate challenge for the Browns.  As Hoyer’s value increases, a decision to re-sign him to money reflecting his potential market value means he’ll be the starter in 2015.  Which sets the stage for another Derek Anderson-Brady Quinn controversy in Cleveland.

Hoyer-Manziel could be very different than Anderson-Quinn.  Anderson was presumably holding the spot in 2007 after Charlie Frye was dumped following a Week One blowout loss (to the Steelers, of course).  It was widely believed that Anderson would be benched as soon as Quinn, who had held out for much of training camp, was ready.  So Anderson knew he’d eventually be getting the hook, which tends to make a quarterback not worry about getting the hook.  Which, as former NFL quarterbacks will explain, allows a guy to play better.

Anderson played well enough to take the team to a 10-6 record and the brink of the playoffs.

Come 2008, Anderson (who re-signed as a restricted free agent) had something to lose.  And lose it he eventually did.

Hoyer, in contrast, already has displayed on a consistent basis the ability to perform while knowing that his job is on the line.  Hoyer won an open competition with Manziel.  Likewise, Hoyer has performed well enough to continue to keep Manziel on the bench.

Indeed, Hoyer has been playing incredibly well.  Hoyer nearly brought the Browns back from a 27-3 deficit in Pittsburgh, he led the Browns to a late win over the Saints, he nearly knocked off the Ravens, and then he authored the greatest road comeback in NFL history, erasing a 28-3 deficit in Tennessee.  If Manziel had done those things, it’s all anyone in the national media would be talking about.

Come January if not sooner, the Browns need to be talking about what they plan to do with Hoyer.  If he leads them to the second playoff appearance since the Browns returned to the league in 1999, it becomes impossible to let him walk away.

And walk away he would.  Hoyer told PFT Live last month that, despite his intense desire to play for his hometown team, he’d definitely want to start somewhere else instead of being a backup with the Browns.  Before the Browns let him go, they need to be sure that they believe Manziel can do the things Hoyer already has done — especially if there’s a chance Hoyer could end up doing those things to the Browns.

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  1. He’s worth $7 mil a year, no more or less. I wouldn’t guarantee more than $10m. Johnny Trademark isn’t worth a fraction of that.


  3. I see a pattern in Cleveland. Hoyer will move on and become a journeyman. Manziel will tank. The Factory of sadness is persistant.

  4. Unfortunately for Hoyer, his future is probably at the Raiders. If he’s fortunate, he can make the move to the Arizona where the aging Palmer will be leaving soon. I hope he has the sense to stay away from the Jets.

  5. If Brian Hoyer continues to lead the Browns the way he has, then he should be the starter next year.

    Trading Manziel for a couple draft picks wouldn’t break my heart.

    Tennessee Titans?

  6. It’s only “tough” because the Browns made the stupid decision of drafting Manziel. They already have a starting QB but will probably let him go because of Manziel. That’s the sad story of bad franchises. They don’t deal only with the struggles of finding an adequate QB; they can’t even see when they have one.

  7. Before the Browns let him go, they need to be sure that they believe Manziel can do the things Hoyer already has done — especially if there’s a chance Hoyer could end up doing those things to the Browns.


    The Browns at least will know that Hoyer isn’t going to a divisional rival. No way you sign Hoyer to replace Roethlisberger, Flacco or Dalton.

  8. Ask any team in the NFL if they have a hard time paying a QB that can lead them to the playoffs. How many years have the Browns, Bucs, Raiders, Jaguars, Bills, Jets, etc waste searching for a QB that can give them a chance to succeed.

  9. As a big Browns fan and an advocate for them drafting Manziel this past spring, I cannot understand why the Browns didn’t try to lock Hoyer into a short term deal in the off-season. They could have given him a Kyle Orton type deal, which would be much more than he is making currently, 2 year extention, and if he played bad and you insert Johnny, at least you know you had a competant backup behind Manziel.

    The main thing I want to get across to all Browns fans is, don’t let your preference for a QB get you sidetracked on the need and want for success in Cleveland. I hear way too many fans on the radio on the daily who wanted Hoyer from the beginning of the preseason rubbing it into the Johnny supporting fans, saying “I told you so, Johnny isn’t more than a wannabe young punk” and then there are Johnny fans who at the very second Hoyer misses a receiver or botches a play are clammoring for Johnny to be inserted into the game. This whole New Cleveland fans vs Old Cleveland fans is bad for the organization and bad for the city of Cleveland.

    I know its hard to have faith in the leaders of the organization due to the history of this team, but this staff and managment just have a completely different feel than anything we have had since 1999. Lets all get behind the TEAM and support the TEAM. Put your personal preferences of QB to the side and come together and support the team that we all have followed and suffered through for the past 30+ years.


  10. The national pundits creating something out of nothing. Browns fans know Hoyer is playing better than any qb in the afc north. Johnny will be riding the pine for quite some time!

  11. Johnny One Trick Play is NOT ready to be an NFL starting QB.

    Browns will start him in week 17 to “see the future”. Unfortunately Baltimore’s D will beat the snot out of Johnny Me Me Me.

  12. If he continues to play well, the Browns should probably go ahead and give him a contract worthy of a starting QB. There’s no guarantee that Manziel will be a good QB in the NFL, and the team would be foolish to jettison a good QB (Hoyer) for a guy who may or may not be a good QB (Manziel). Besides, Manziel is still under contract for 2-3 more years, so it’s not like the team is forced to trade him the minute Hoyer signs a new contract. Let the situation play out. If Hoyer gets hurt or starts showing limitations, Manziel is waiting in the wings. If Hoyer keeps playing so well that he appears to have solved the QB problem, then you trade Manziel for whatever you can get.

  13. For God’s sake, can’t y’all just give us a freakin’ 5 minute break from all the drama? Hoyer is doing just fine, thank you, and Cleveland is looking damn good now. This is NOT the old Cleveland Browns and there’s a new attitude all around. If Hoyer keeps doing what he’s doing, then maybe Manziel will be the one traded- am I right?! I seem to remember a few back ups who finally got the opportunity and the pieces were all in place and they became premier quarterbacks so I, for one, am willing to give it a chance to see what works out. Right now, I’m just happy that they are playing better and not giving up. BTW, LOVE Pettine!

  14. Well then I guess it’s a good thing the Browns will be around $33 million under the cap next year, with Johnny Manziel only counting $1.8 million against it.

  15. First round pick at QB immediate need to start. They can keep trademark as the backup ala Aaron Rodgers and let him move into the role naturally.

    I am so happy teams no longer need to pay huge money for unproven talent.

  16. A big difference between the Quinn/Anderson situation is that back then, lots of people wanted to see Quinn play.

    Nobody in Cleveland is calling for Johnny. (except maybe teenage girls and radio personalities.)

  17. Trade Manziel to the Plowboys. If Jerry was willing to use a first rounder on him this year, he’ll trade a first rounder for him next year…especially after Romo (again) chokes the season finale, win-it-and-your-in game.

  18. From the Browns perspective, they should move Hoyer as soon as possible and get value for him while he has value.

    The Manziel era is when, not if, so why not get a draft pick or something to try to boost the guy’s supporting cast for the future.

    I don’t expect this to happen, of course.

  19. It is really not that tough of a decision. You sign him to the money he deserves and let him play. Manziel isn’t going anywhere unless someone (I’m looking at you Jerry) makes an offer that the Browns can’t resist. If the offers don’t come then the Browns are in a better position then they have been in years. They were smart enough to drown out all the noise from the National media and go with the guy that gives them the best chance to win despite being scorned. They have handled the situation masterfully which is odd to say in itself. Maybe it is not the same old Browns.

  20. Everyone quickly forgets the single season wonder of Derek Anderson for the Browns. Extended him after his wonder year and look where that got them. Don’t complicate things, go with Manziel you drafted him for a reason.

  21. From all indications last year and so far this year, it would appear that Brian Hoyer will be the Browns starting QB for a long time. Of course, it’s a bit premature to assume that…but it’s looking that way, barring injury or some other unforeseen circumstance.
    If Hoyer has the kind of season that he’s having so far, I would think that the Browns smartest move would be to shop Manziel in the offseason, and see what they could get for him.
    In any event, though I hate to say it, I’m guessing Hoyer adds to his aura by leading a Browns win over the Steelers this Sunday…

  22. Well its no secret that Jerry Jones really really wanted, and still wants Manziel. So if Hoyer continues the play like a starting level QB, then maybe we field offers for the kid. He should still generate atleast a first round pick, and maybe a little more.

  23. I hope the Browns don’t go for the hype…they need to pay Hoyer! Manziel starting for this team would set them back two to three years and that would be a best case scenario…If they dont pay Hoyer another team def would…

  24. Hindsight being 20-20, I suspect Browns may have a little buyers remorse for spending an RD1 pick on Manziel, but they didn’t know how Hoyer, who only had a handful of starts, would come back fro the ACL. That said, the situation will play itself out on the field this season.

  25. Do the smart thing and give Hoyer the Franchise tag next year so that Manziel has time to develop. It’s a steep price, but Quarterback is the one position where it’s worth it to overpay.

  26. Being Hoyer is from Cleveland, he probably has the upper hand in this. Now that being said Coach Chud was from cleveland and they fired him after one year.

  27. There was a young man name of Johnny
    When drafted said “Show me the money”
    Fingers high in the air
    showing hardly a care
    while Brian became Cleveland’s honey.

    When Johnny came north to the harbor
    He left behind his joke of a barber
    He should have then done
    what he claims is such fun
    And played football instead of running with Beiber

    Ole Brian he knew he could throw it
    Just needed the chance to show it
    He smiled as he won
    You can see what I’ve done
    Now its my turn so “Show me the Money”

    So Johnny went off to the city of Oakland
    For a first and a fourth from the bay
    And he faded from memory
    and he spent his big money
    While Brian played well Superbowl Day!

  28. With Hoyers quick release and now playing like he did last year before getting hurt, I would wait and see how things go this year…then lock him up.

    The last time I saw Manziel play his “best” he looked like an unaimed missle with injury in waiting written all over it…

  29. If the Browns let go of Hoyer in favor of Manziel, I’m seriously done with this team. Resign Hoyer and trade Manziel to the Jets. They’ll be stupid enough to give us a 1st round pick for him. Hoyer can flash the money hands at him on his way out.

  30. I don’t know if I’d rather have Manzero fail miserably while trying to be a starter, or just never actually be good enough to get on the field. They both have their appeal.

  31. Or… Manziel can sit on the bench for 4 years until they’re ready to play Like pretty much every other good QB does.

    It’s very clear it takes about this long to learn the position in the NFL anyway. There are way too many examples out there to confirm. The Rothlesburgers are the exception, not the rule.

  32. Only in Cleveland does a step forward become a step backward.

    The smart thing to do would be to keep Hoyer (since he is, you know, winning) and trade Johnny Oakland.

    But I fully expect a homeless man will talk Haslam into doing something different.

  33. I can’t recall the coach who said this, but I remember the legendary coach saying he doesn’t think about draft status, contract or anything other than play on the field when evaluating talent.

    If Brian Hoyer is a guy that can be trusted with leading the franchise than sign him. The allure of Johnny Manziel is strong but at the end of the day you have to go with what’s proven.

  34. If brian hoyer keeps it up, here are his season stats…
    4000 yards, 24 td’s, 4 int, ~90.0 qbr….

    Pay the man. Johnny is only 21 and can sit the bench a la Aaron Rogers… Cleveland fans know this.

  35. If the Browns were really, really smart..they would use the emergence of Hoyer to their advantage and move Manziel to Dallas or Houston while he still has some value. Then use the picks they get to surround Hoyer with even more talent and build up that defense even more.

    That’s IF the Browns were smart. But their not.

  36. There is no great decision to be made. Hoyer is the QB and Fanziel is a glorified media creation, who the media has invested in.

    Hoyer represents every long-shot, underdog in any phase of life, while Johnny personifies inherited wealth of the privileged 1%.

    To expect Fanziel to be an NFL QB, will only keep the Browns forever wondering, what if? Stick with the blue-collar guy if you have any since.

  37. Chances are very good that Little Danny Snyder will be looking for a new savior by season end, and you can’t find a more gullible buyer than that. And it’s not like Danny wouldn’t be salivating over the PR potential. Plus, you don’t think Kyle would love to, um, “sell” Danny something?

    So maybe that trade that the Browns could never get done with the Skins a few years ago will come to pass anyway, except for a different Heisman winner. Same eventual effect, too.

  38. The Cleveland Browns have went through 19 quarterbacks in 10 Years. The entire city would RIOT if we got rid of either one of them. Super Bowl Teams are built on depth. The easy and obvious decision is nobody is going anywhere.

  39. Cleveland fans are latching onto anything that gives them hope. Johnny Manziel should be looked at he’s your first round pick. Ask yourself, Cleveland, would you be scared if you looked at the schedule and saw you were playing Hoyer week 6? Everyone had hard ons for Manziel 3 months ago, but now everyone needs to take viagra to get excited. The fans are acting like those of a desperate team.

  40. tom brady. kurt warner. qb’s that you never expected to be great but were given a chance. hoyer is playing great, he doesn’t put the team in bad positions and he spreads the ball around. he gets it. give him the chance to show he deserves to be paid…but at a time where there’s a good chunk of the season as a sample. we drafted manziel and he’s on board for 4 yrs. no rush…

  41. Make the playoffs and then win a playoff game and do it again in 2015. Then we have a tough decision. Again not hard to figure this out. Hoyer has to play 16 games “Healthy” continue progress and win more than he loses. If he does that you Franchise Tag him for a year. If he shows the next year he that Guy then you lock him up. Don’t do a Phil Savage and over think it. Aaron Rodgers pushed out Farve. Nobody knew if Rodgers would be better. Nobody. So same scenario playing here. Hoyer will be 29 next year. Johnny 23. Not hard to figure out Long Term who possibley the answer. Health going to a major factor along with consistency. That will be the deciding factors for Hoyer as the long term starter. Im not ready to call him anything but a guy who won 2 games in 2014. Hopefully more. Will see. I dont play what ifs either. What if we was 4-0? We not. 2-2. One game at a time. I still say Manziel the Future and Hoyer a Nice Story. If that creates a stirred argument among you guys who think Hoyer the Man. Have fun. I said my peace. PEACE GO BROWNS

  42. Let’s see. Will the Browns let the first QB since Kosar that can hit receivers in stride to leave the team, or will they elevate the kid that missed college to the job?

    That’s almost like asking if you’d rather have a gold bar or a kick to the crotch for Christmas.

  43. I would say book him as Jets starting QB for 2015, but reading through the comments and see a lot of teams he could make sense for…Texans at top of the list.

    Jets have the wallet (they will have a ridiculous amount of cap space next year with the rollover money from the being cheap this year) to make it happen…

    Would love to see next season with Hoyer as starter and Geno taking on his true role as backup.

  44. Reality check:
    Hoyer is playing behind the highest graded O-line in the league (according to Pro Football Focus).

    IMO Hoyer is still better than Manziel.

    However if some team starts salivating over Hoyer they better have their O-line clicking if they want Brown’s like results.

    The idea of roping Jerrah, is hilarious.
    Squeeze two 1st round picks out of him for Manziel and gladly wash your hands of the Johnny Football taint.

    -Not a Browns or even AFC fan

  45. i would trade johnny in a heart beat for a top wide receiver. with two number one picks we can pick up a good qb in this years draft. if hoyer plays this good with a bunch of undrafted recievers . how good would he be with highly drafted wide recievers ?

  46. Keep Hoyer! We finally have a competent qb here who is a lot of fun to watch. He has IT and never gives up. Why would you even think of trading him.

  47. If we don’t find a way to get our 31st ranked defense back to the 10th ranked defense from last year, then it’s not going to matter who’s behind center.

    Love the direction the Browns are headed, and love the passion and fight, but the defense has been bad thus far. No chance of playoffs until it tightens up.

  48. Thumbs up if you think Manziel is an overrated and spoiled little hack. Ditching Hoyer would be the most Cleveland move ever, so by all means Cleveland we’ll leave you alone at let you self destruct per usual.

  49. If the Browns want to continue to be the Clowns, they wouldn’t let Manziel near the field. Manziel doesn’t do anything but get drunk and make headlines, Are the Clowns commited to winning?

  50. hahaha….I just read a couple of you saying get rid of Manziel for a couple first round picks!! You would be lucky to get one second rounder!

  51. They’ll know what they have for sure by the end of the season. If he can lead them to the playoffs continuing his current play, he’ll get paid deservedly.

    Quick reference… Tom Brady threw for 2,838 yds with 18 td’s and 12 int’s his first full year starting while leading the Pats to an 11-5 record (we all know the story).

    Hoyer is on pace to do a hell of a lot better than that. If wins come along with it why does everyone insist he’s a career backup quality qb?

    You play and pay the guy that wins… especially in Cleveland.

    Johnny can play when it’s apparent that he should.

  52. Dallas don’t need Johnny. Jerry isn’t calling the shots in Dallas because if he was he would have drafted Johnny ( football ). Garrett and Stephen Jones are calling the shots. Johnny can stay there where he is because Cleveland was crazy enough to draft him. Dallas is doing just fine with Romo they are tied with 2 other teams with the best record in football. Dallas drafted Martin for a reason because the Jones’s are finally seeing where Garrett is wanting to go. He has the best offensive line in football and that’s not by accident either. SO KEEP JOHNNY (FOOTBALL)

  53. This is a high stakes game of chicken. Hoyer needs to realize that no matter how successful he is that no one will over pay to make him their QB.

  54. At the moment Hoyer’s future looks a whole lot brighter than Manziel’s. The shelf life of first round QBs is incredibly short. Guys drafted later on can hang around a while and eventually get a shot, but the first rounders are frequently deemed failures unless they do something big almost immediately. If Johnny can’t get onto the field this season or early next, most of the league will have written him off completely.

  55. Why oh why does no one look at the Aaron Rodgers example when dealing with these things? He sat for three years, and it apparently did him a world of good.

    Manziel clearly isn’t ready, and why do they want to test him when Hoyer is playing so well? I don’t care what they’re paying Manziel or that he was a first rounder – keep Hoyer. They can afford to pay him what he’s worth, and the way things go in the NFL they’ll likely both get playing time due to injury.

    Letting Hoyer walk would be foolish. Rushing Manziel would be foolish.

  56. Hoyer to the Texans=perfect fit. Knows O’Brien’s system inside and out from his days as a back-up to Brady in New England and they still have a good bit of talent on O. Fitzy is just not the ‘guy’…although seems like a heck of a guy. Hoyer may be the plainest dude around…but he seems to have the ‘it’ factor.

  57. If things continue as is, why not sign Hoyer and keep Manziel? The rookie contract Manziel’s under has him very affordable. Then, if Hoyer does pull and Anderson and fall apart, you still have Plan B available. Seems like a no-brainer.

  58. “WWDD”…What Would Dumbturdi Do?….
    Let Hoyer walk; trade Manziel for a future fifth rounder and try to spring Ryan Leaf out of jail! Problem solved!

  59. There’s no hard decision here. If Hoyer keeps playing like he has been, sign him to a new contract and tell Johnny he’ll be his backup from now on until Hoyer retires or sucks.

  60. Funny that Browns fans think they can get even one 1st rd pick for Manziel, much less 2. You were the only team stupid and desperate enough to reach for him. This is Tebow all over again. I have been making bets since the draft that Manziel will finish his career w/ a lower QB rating than Tebow (75.3) or a worse TD to INT ratio (17 -9, almost 2:1) – their pick or both.

  61. If Hoyer continues to do well, sign Hoyer to be the starter. Make the contract incentive laden. I’m pretty sure Hoyer isn’t going to command a ton of money. Keep Manziel for a few years as a backup option or until we get an insane trade offer for JFF.

  62. Phillip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers don’t think it’s a huge deal to sit on the bench behind a vet for a couple of years, especially with the new rookie wage scale…no harm in letting JM learn the ropes ect and eventually be given the job…throwing them to the fire hasn’t worked for lots of QB’s…just because a few have had success doesn’t mean that’s the norm.

  63. I do think Hoyer should be the starter. But those of you who think anyone, including Jerry’s crazy ass would give up one or two first rounders for Manziel are smoking something! Manziel was / is a wasted pick.

  64. Even when the Browns are playing well (like now), the hating trolls can’t leave it alone.

    Hate on haters.

    Go Browns!!!

    PS – Sign Hoyer, give JM the clipboard.

  65. To those now asking for Hoyer to be traded or to sign with their team…We want him here in Cleveland.

    Until he proves otherwise, He is our guy. Johnny is learning, by all accounts he is a good soldier…learning…doing all that is asked of him…and I hope impatiently waiting for his day in the sun. If hes good enough, it will come. Aaron Rodgers is indeed a perfect example. Tom Brady another although not such a high Draft Pick. Even Alex Smith has shown in KC that with the right leadership on the sidelines and the ability to play his game, he was worth the placement he got…but several years behind the time.

    Manziel is cheap right now. We dont know what Hoyer might demand, but he is worth the risk. He has proven much and he remains healthy.

    Lets let the cards fall where they may.


  66. So Joe Linta is his agent, wow. At the end of the season Arizona, Buffalo, NYJ and probably Tampa will be in the market for a starting QB. Clevelanders get familar with 4 yrs at 56 mil. ( 7 mil per year…yeah right…I’ll have what he’s smoking)

  67. Wow, slow down let the season play out a bit. The season is not yet to the mid-point, so stop jumping for the low hanging fruit. We will no what Hoyer will be after the nov. 6th game against the Bengals.


  68. Meh, no brainer should Hoyer continue to keep up his solid play and stay healthy. Manziel could be moved in the future for picks should he get whiny riding the pine.

    It’s not like Johnny Fooseball has shown ANYTHING as an NFL QB (in a regular season game) other than commercials and one trick play that was nullified due to penalty. Plus, Zach Mettenberger may start soon for the Titans…that’s Carr, Bortles, Bridgewater, Garoppolo, and uber-project Logan Thomas either starting since week one (Carr) or starting now/getting playing time at QB over Manziel.

  69. So….we drafted Manziel and Hoyer has been very solid. TERRIBLE problem to have!! NOT. If it plays out similarly to SD with Brees and Rivers the Browns win.

    Its easy to say we should have taken a wide out at Manziel’s spot in the draft BUT we have played FOUR games…most teams need more than one QB to get thru a 16 game season.

    Manziel will see the field at some point.

  70. Browns have all the leverage. Where is Hoyer going to go if they don’t resign him, Houston?

    I think more teams will be afraid that he will be a one year wonder. They also have Manziel waiting in the wings.

  71. 1) If he earns a pay day: pay him
    2) If he doesn’t earn a pay day: let him walk
    3) If you pay him and he then tanks: cut him

    If you have a QB who is performing then the problem of paying him is a great one to have: one which a billionaire owner can easily solve. I wish the Browns had had the problem of “how much to pay our solid QB” 10 times in the last 10 years. I’ve noticed the teams that pay their quarterback a lot – except Dallas (other years) and St. Louis – tend to win a lot more often than they lose, and not regret their decision.

  72. After this weekend I’m sure Browns fans will be calling for Hoyer to be benched.

  73. Although Hoyer does not appear too be a star, the Browns are competitive with him. It would be dumb for the Browns to cheap out and put the team on Johnny Vegas Bathroom’s shoulders.

  74. It’s pretty likely that the Browns long term “Franchise QB” is NEITHER Hoyer or Manziel.

    I would be shocked if either player was still a Brown in 5 years.

  75. Maybe someone could see if that homeless man is still around and ask for his advice on the QB situation. I mean, that is the reason why Johnny was drafted in the first place. It’s not like Hoyer was playing great and then was injured last season…oh wait a minute.

  76. Hoyer is this year’s Josh McCown, for some reason looks good but deep down is mediocre at best. Next year he comes down to Earth, and whatever GM signs him to a 4-year, $40 mil contract will look really stupid.

  77. If Hoyer and the offense is playing so well why do they keep getting into 25 point deficits? Yet another reason to actually wait until the season is over (and the decision actually looms, unless you know, he’s bad, then it makes itself).

  78. Deelron says: Oct 10, 2014 2:37 PM

    If Hoyer and the offense is playing so well why do they keep getting into 25 point deficits? Yet another reason to actually wait until the season is over (and the decision actually looms, unless you know, he’s bad, then it makes itself).

    You do realize the QB plays offense?

  79. all these folks calling for Cleveland to trade Johnny Back-up for a 1st round pick forget that 21 teams had the opportunity to draft him with a 1st round pick and passed on him…just sayin’!

  80. Hoyer nearly brought the Browns back from a 27-3 deficit in Pittsburgh, he led the Browns to a late win over the Saints, he nearly knocked off the Ravens, and then he authored the greatest road comeback in NFL history, erasing a 28-3 deficit in Tennessee. *If Manziel had done those things, it’s all anyone in the national media would be talking about.*


  81. What’s the hurry? Manziel is on a rookie contract. The decision on whether or not he should be the starter doesn’t need to be made until he’s ready to be a free agent! Pay Hoyer a starting QB salary equal to where the team finishes this year and let him hold onto the starting position as long as he’s winning. If he fails while Manziel still has the rookie contract, then it’ll be time for Manziel with Connor Shaw as a very good backup. Hoyer’s shown a propensity for getting hurt…Manziel is a great insurance policy to have. The Browns haven’t had depth at quarterback in decades. It’s a good problem to have. There’s no hurry to start Manziel…he’s a rookie. Let him learn from Hoyer like Hoyer learned from Brady.

  82. Here’s how it will go down…Hoyer will be a RFA and will hit the open market. There’ll be little to no demand for him…so the Browns will re-sign him and match whatever the best offer was.

  83. I’ve always been a Browns fan and thats a lot of years for somebody pushing 53. This years team is doing ok but none of there wins were dominant. It’s been a last second field goal with time expiring that decided the wins/losses

    I will say that Cleveland has a track record of destroying new quarterbacks. Hoyer isn’t better than Manziel he just has more game time under the crappy NFL offensive play schemes that ruined outstanding college athletes like Colt McCoy. I think Manziel probably has more talent with virtually no NFL playtime in comparison to Hoyer.

    Its really an unfair comparison. Nobody will know unless they put Manziel in a game or two who is best.

  84. They need to keep them both, as much as I hate to say it, as much as I hope it don’t, Hoyer is gonna get a boo boo that is gonna sideline him, and Johnny Football better be ready.

  85. Too soon to tell! Currently, the Browns are still last in their devision. They have played no one tough. Yes, they beat the Saints, but are the Saints considered a good team this year? As I see it, if the Browns make the playoffs, Hoyer stays. If not, he goes. I like Hoyer, I like that he’s a hometown guy. I’d like to see the Browns dominate a team for four quarters. I’d like to see them beat the “good” teams.
    I think if the Browns are mathematically eliminated from playoffs towards the end of the season, you’ll see more of Johnny, if there is a chance of playoffs, Hoyer stays. A playoff victory cements Hoyer with the Browns in 2015.

  86. If the Browns lose this Sunday against Pittsburgh that makes them 0-3 in the AFC North and 2-3 overall. Is this worthy of leaving Hoyer in to be the starter? The games that were won were over a less than mediocre Saints team and a hapless Titans team who had their backup Qb in the game at the end. Browns fans I do not see that light at the end of the tunnel with Hoyer, I am sorry. Also passing judgement on Johnny Manziel when he has yet to play a full game with the first team offense is silly. You cannot judge his performance by his play in the preseason when he played with guys that are on the practice squad and second string offensive lineman. Face it Browns fans, Johnny Manziel is the future and Hoyer will move on and play elsewhere. Please lets stop with the trading Manziel rubbish. Lets all think logically here. We traded up four spots in the draft to get this kid. There is no way that we are going to trade him away without seeing how he performs on the field. If the Browns lose this week, and I have that bad feeling, it is time to cut Johnny loose next week against Jacksonville. I think five games and 3 divisional games is a fair enough assessment of how the season would have played out with Hoyer.

  87. Why on earth would you guys think JJ would be interested in Manziel? If Jerry wanted him he would have taken him. Jerry is the master manipulator he knew johnny had no chance to play in the NFL right away an jedi mind tricked the browns into thinking he was going to take him and what do they do waste a 1st round pick on him when they could have bolstered their WR corp or OL. If the cowboys want a running QB they will sign Vick next year and sure as heck not give a first rounder.

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