DeAndre Hopkins sort of went for game-losing fumble


If the Texans offense could play defense as well as their defense plays offense, they might not have lost last night.

As impressive as defensive end J.J. Watt’s effort was, a less-aggressive play by DeAndre Hopkins also stood out.

The Texans were driving for a potential game-winning score when quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick fumbled.

But fumbles happen.

Teammate DeAndre Hopkins was in position to recover, but stood and watched the Colts dive on it to seal the win. The video of the lack of effort was even more jarring.

“I kind of judged it wrong,” Hopkins said, via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “I couldn’t really see the way it was bouncing. After looking at it, I definitely think I could of dove and got it. Out there on the field, I thought too much.”

Or perhaps not at all.

Receiver Andre Johnson tried to take the blame for his earlier fumble, which ruined an otherwise brilliant night for the veteran receiver.

“It cost my team,” Johnson said. “I accept full responsibility for it. It’s probably why we lost.”

There were many other mistakes by the Texans, the 24-point lead they spotted the Colts primary among them. But Hopkins insisted it wasn’t his fault.

“That was a long game,” Hopkins said. “There is about an hour or 60 minutes in a game and I don’t think that five seconds or however long decided the outcome of the game. We had a lot of turnovers and they had turnovers. It’s football.”

True. but some Texans play it differently than others.

22 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins sort of went for game-losing fumble

  1. He looked to be potentially being able to get to it but who really knows with so much happening. Maybe if he had been thrown to more than twice in the game, he may have felt a little more willing to go after it though.

  2. “That was a long game,” Hopkins said. “There is about an hour or 60 minutes in a game and I don’t think that five seconds or however long decided the outcome of the game.”

    Hopkins isn’t just a selfish lazy player, he’s a stupid selfish lazy player.

  3. Those 5 seconds of the “hour or 60 minute” game may have not decided the game, but they certainly ended it.

    Laughable comments and effort.

  4. Yeah I saw that…. Looked as if he belonged in the stands watching the game or at home on the couch for as much effort he displayed trying to recover a critical fumble… Way to ball out Hopkins…
    F for eFFort

  5. They lost because their offense is way to conservative and relatively inept to keep up with a team who can put 20+ points on the board.

    They didn’t lose it because Hopkins didn’t give an effort to get the fumble.

    Let’s say he did get it. Do you see any way that Houston could have gone 80 yards in 90 seconds? Me either

  6. Frustrating losses require scapegoats.

    Barking up the wrong tree here though. Look at the O-Line getting continually beat, look at the conservative play calling. Look at the Houston D having to put points on the board in order to make it close. Look at a QB who cannot handle pressure well. In a passing league, Houston can’t pass. This is a problem. Fun to watch their Defense though.

  7. The only person that deserves any blame for the fumble that ended the game is Fitzpatrick. Fitz lost a fumble that he should have held onto but he doesn’t get blamed. There were three Houston lineman near the ball but none of them dove for the ball. So how is it logical to place the blame on Hopkins?

    Here are some ideas for the Texans so they can win next time: 1) maybe your defense shouldn’t give up 24 pts in the first quarter 2) stop being so conservative when you’re down by multiple scores & dish the ball out to all of your play makers 3) Buc up! & stop finding pointless scapegoats. I mean COME ON MAN!

  8. He pulled a harden.

    Ok all jokes aside there’s a lot to blame for this loss, not just one play. Yeah it may have cost us the game and another heartbreak for the second week in a row, BUT there is some optimism for this season. Just need some tweaks and we should be good, it all starts with coaching though. Aren’t we supposed to have this complex defense that I’ve been hearing about from day one? It looks to simple if you ask me. If fitzpatrick is limiting out play calling then why is he still in there? Mallet really can’t be much worse can he? If he can throw significantly farther than Fitzy then defenses would have to honor that and I could only imagine our play calling would improve, due to being able to open up the field. Mallet may not be able to scramble well but Fitz has only ran like 4 times. I take the arm over the experience at this point. We have 10 days till our next game, we need a jump start if we don’t wanna sink into a hole like last year. I love JJ but if they keep relying on him so much like they are he’ll either be worn down by week 10 or 11 and most likely will be hurt. Get your head out of your ass Obrien, fans want wins not moral victories. I appreciate the effort of the team last night and though must games this year but fans and players alike are suffering this heartbreak week after week.

  9. I swear Swearenger must be getting paid not to tackle people. Did anyone else notice he never once grabbed any jersey or even closed his hands when attempting tackles last night? He was just bouncing off of guys, making it look like he’d attempted to tackle them. I think he’s on the take.

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