Jerry Angelo claims he was taken out of context


A day after former Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo was quoted as saying that “hundreds and hundreds” of domestic violence cases have been covered up in the NFL, Angelo has stepped back from those comments. Way back.

Now Angelo says his words were twisted and he wasn’t saying what Thursday’s USA Today story said he said.

“That ‘hundreds and hundreds’ was taken totally out of context,” Angelo said, via “When I was making a point to this person, I was making a point that over my 31 years in the National Football League I’ve seen a lot of changes. There were hundreds and hundreds of things over those years that I’ve seen that have gotten better. Domestic violence is one of those. There were no hundreds and hundreds [of cases] of domestic violence. I would have no knowledge of that or have any idea how I would authenticate that. . . . That was never the intent of [the writer’s] conversation with me.”

Angelo says that when he talked about past problems in the league, he was attempting to illustrate that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has improved the situation.

“It’s very disappointing,” Angelo said. “That story was originally was supposed to be about the commissioner and how I saw him when I was in the league. I’m very pro-commissioner.”

Angelo says the USA Today story he saw looked a lot different from the conversation he thought he had with the USA Today reporter.

“It went in a whole other direction and I was blindsided with it,” he said. “Unfortunately you can’t rewrite what’s already been written but I do want to go on record to tell you what my intentions were and what my motives were.”

Angelo has already received plenty of blowback in the time since his quotes were published, and he now appears to be trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. That’s not going to be easy.

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  1. Obviously, NFL teams aren’t going to be able to “cover up” domestic violence incidents. Who is going to know about it unless it’s reported to law enforcement? The victim isn’t calling the team to register a complaint and the perpetrator isn’t offering up any information.

  2. Angelo writes for the National Football Post from time to time. His articles show a man who has very little recollection of the people and events from his time with the Bears and Bucs. He gets confused over things like whether Ronde Barber was drafted by him or the Sam Wyche regime. It’s very sad.

  3. Of course she is pro commissioner because he wants a job someday again. However, I do believe him that he did not discuss hundreds and hundreds of domestic violence cases with Chicago Bears players. I do not believe that is statistically realistic.

  4. Predictable response. Everything is “taken out of context”………

    Record the conversation and then print it word for word and end this laughable excuse.

    AJ McCarron?……joke…

  5. Angelo is not the most likeable guy and so I understand that the optics are not good for him here.

    However, with sports reporters always looking to break a story and get attention in a highly competitive environment, it’s hard to take a lot of things we read at face value. I wish ethical standards in reporting were higher these days but as many recent reports show they’re not.

  6. Hyperbole much, Angelo?

    Believe me, this is not the first time Angelo has been “taken out of context”. He really did a poor job as GM for the Bears in my opinion and I don’t really know why anyone would be interested in what he has to say……..

  7. I hope they have a recording of the interview….then we will know the truth of what he said….sounds like he received a few calls from some folks who didn’t like what was reported he said….come on USA today back it up…

  8. I can believe that over a 30 year period there were hundreds of cases of domestic violence…did he personally have contact with the offenders??….let’s face it, we can’t hide it today because women have changed, the internet and social media

  9. If reporters are truly twisting words, the way it gets portrayed, you would think that folks would start taking their own tape recorders into interviews. This way, if they are telling the truth, they can “clear” their name and throw dirt on shoddy reporting. Then we could start a website called Pro Sporters Writer Talk to cover them, lol.

  10. Jerry is just following PR damage control 101:

    After making serious accusations, state that your words were taken out of context, or better yet, subsequently deny that you ever made them.

    That always resolves the issue once and for all.

  11. A story about how the NFL has been laden with issues for decades and is being cleaned up by Goodell doesn’t fit the established narrative and would be poorly received. So, you take your quotes and move them around, cut off bits and pieces here and there and suddenly you have a story that does fit the narrative.

    It is called jouranlism. Wait a minute…

  12. I read something Jerry Angelo wrote this offseason, desperately trying to remember what it was… IIRC it was some kind of draft need analysis or QB Elitism Table, possibly for, or some other big ticket media outlet.

    I remember being struck by how deeply, arbitrarily stupid the analysis was, as well as how graphically UGLY the piece physically was to look at, like all grey and black and spreadsheety, riven with typos…

    This may sound like quibbling, but my big takeaway was that this supposed skilled evaluator of talent doesn’t even have a kid in the office who’s good at graphic design or page layout, or an old 6th grade teacher who does his proofreading, or a wife/girlfriend/mistress looking over his shoulder to tell him that his big comeback piece for looks like ugly unprofessional crap….

    Literally nothing Jerry Angelo has done has made a positive impression on me, ever.

  13. Angelo’s suggestion that there had been hundreds of cases during his time in the league was incoherent from the beginning, not credible. I’m not surprised he’s walking it back, and I don’t doubt that the writer mangled something. “Hundreds and hundreds” doesn’t pass the smell test.

  14. I’m with Jerry on this one (and I’ve been VERY critical of Goodell)

    DV has been happening in society for decades in HUGE numbers and NO ONE was doing much about it

    It was happening among NFL players and I’d guess that owners and coaches suspected but Law Enforcement turned a blind eye and victims did not press charges (law enforcement now MUST press charges regardless of the victims as they often CANNOT press charges for fear of retribution)

    While NFL owners and coaches may have suspected roid rage players were prone to DV I tend not to think they were actively engaged in a cover up

    Angelo’s statements apply to all of society as well as the NFL and we should take them as such

  15. Anyone who has ever listened to his press conferences or just him speaking (Bears Fans) knows he speaks like an absolute boob. He cannot speak intelligently thought out. He butchers cliche phrases…makes up his own stupid one’s…”There’s no tackle vineyard…” Jerry you weren’t taken out of context…you were just too stupid to elaborate on what you meant.

  16. I know everyone is piling on Jerry here

    But I have SEEN the media do EXACTLY as he describes – taking comments out of context – on frequent occasions

    Add in an explosive issue like this one with a quote of that nature – and most opportunistic reporters will JUMP all over that comment to lead to web hits etc.

    Jerry might not be the brightest bulb but I have NO PROBLEM believing that an opportunistic reporter and editor are fanning the flames of an out of context statement

  17. I don’t know the truth of the situation, but that is how to explain something was “taken out of context.” You said the words (e.g., “hundreds and hundreds”), but in reference to something else, complete with explaining exactly what the something else you meant was (e.g., changes in the league over time), not what was reported or implied (e.g. cases of domestic violence).

    Most athletes and celebrities use “taken out of context” to mean “oops, I didn’t think that would sound bad” and either “I wish I hadn’t have said it” or “I wish the reporter hadn’t repeated it.”

  18. What are you saying Jer, 1 is not enough and more than 100 are too many ?

    This guy ruined the Bears, he sure has not learned from his ineptness and continues to be clueless about loose lips sink ships.

    Get your facts straight Jer and quit discounting the ramifications of your comments, ignorance can be harmful and painful to those abused.

  19. Step #1: Player and wife/girlfriend get into an argument.
    Step #2: Player grabs or pushes her. Sometimes fending off a slap, sometimes initiated by him.
    Step #3: Wife/girlfriend calls police, investigation begins.
    Step #4: Wife/girlfriend realizes how much money is involved, retracts complaint.

  20. Angelo is right about Goodell. He has had an enormous positive impact on the game. A significant portion of the players are pampered degenerates who’ve never had to grow up. When they reach the NFL they’re handed obscene money and celebrity status. Without the background or character to deal with it.

  21. You guys should change the name of this website to ‘Revenge of the Nerds.’ I don’t see how people can enjoy the NFL after reading all of the negativity you continue to churn out. Enough!!!

  22. Do I like Jerry Angelo? No.

    Was he taken out of context? Maybe…With Jerry it’s often hard to figure out what he means when he’s quoted correctly.

    That said, too many reporters do everyday what Jerry says happened to him, so who knows?

  23. Sad day when the TRUTH can not be told.

    NFL office and team owners just looking out for the billions and billions.

    The rule of law only applies to others, leave me and my billions alone.

    Why fans glorify and waste money on a sport infiltrated by dubious players of character shows how stupid we all are.

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