L.A. mayor says it’s “highly likely” NFL arrives in next year

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As we mentioned earlier this week, the NFL-to-Los Angeles train is gaining steam, with the likelihood that a team arrives in the next 12 to 24 months.

It might even be sooner than that, according to the the mayor of Los Angeles.

In his strongest statement to date about the pursuit of an NFL team, mayor Eric Garcetti said a team was “highly likely” to return to L.A. in the next year.

During a segment on KNX radio, via the Associated Press, Garcetti said the city doesn’t want to subsidize a new stadium but said he thinks the NFL is “finally interested” in returning to the nation’s second-biggest market, which hasn’t had pro football since the Raiders and Rams left in 1994.

One of those two, or the Chargers, are the candidates to return.

28 responses to “L.A. mayor says it’s “highly likely” NFL arrives in next year

  1. If getting out of their current stadium isn’t an issue I would suggest its the Chargers. They are the only one thats a proven winner & is winning now. LA loves a winner afterall. High octane offense too.

  2. The NFL will go to LA only after they believe they can no longer use LA as leverage for shiny new stadiums.

  3. Just the thought of a slow camera pan across that smoggy concrete hellscape during MNF…awful

  4. Not going to happen. The NFL loses leverage in negotiations if they move a team here and besides, we really don’t need one. LA already has four other pro sports teams (six if you count Anahiem’s and seven if you count the LA Galaxy), two major college football programs, and endless other entertainment options with good weather yearlong to enjoy them. That’s not to say that LA is an inherently better city than others, as it has it’s problems too (horrible traffic, nasty air, ridiculously high housing costs, etc.), just reasons why it’s not needed here and has been proven not to work.

  5. I would bet that its the Raiders that make the move back to L.A. Low cost to move that team due to the logistics. They have the worst stadium situation right now. Oakland will not give them a new stadium. They will have all new personnel in charge next year. They are currently the equivalent of an expansion team right now so they can’t get any worse.

  6. And if the Raiders move to Los Angeles, they still won’t have a professional football team.

  7. This might force the Chargers hand. They might have to be the team just to keep the Raiders or the Rams from taking away from their market share and getting a brand new stadium. Otherwise they would be at the mercy of San Diego which is broke and really can’t help them.

    Remember the NFL wants a team in Los Angeles. They will throw money and resources into L.A., not San Diego.

  8. Rams owner bought land there awhile back. Don’t count them out. Any L.A. area taxpayer that votes to allow tax dollars to help build what is essentially a private business, should be slapped.

  9. so in other words the mayor is saying we want a team, but we don’t want to pay for it.

    I agree with 8osbroncofan as far as raiders. They can just move whenever they want without anybodys approval because they have already paid for the rights to the LA market. They have sucked so bad recently that some would not care as much. maybe that has been the plan… I know I’m a raider for life, but i do know this if they move back to LA i’m not flying into that concrete jungle smog infested city to watch them play. I’ll take the money now and fly to Hawaii and watch the game from the beach instead for pretty much the same price.

    Go Raiders

  10. It seems the only people *not* saying a team will move there is…

    wait for it

    …any owner of a team likely to move.

  11. Out of Oakland, St. Louis, and San Diego, Oakland is the only city that brought in a developer to develop a plan for a new football stadium. The city even went out and found an investment team to help the Raiders cause the Raiders could not fund a stadium on there own. Let Oakland continue the project. I mean the city of Oakland and county of Alameda already built the Coliseum for the Raiders in the 60s and remodeled it for them in the 90s. And no, the Raiders do not own the rights to Los Angeles, the NFL does -the Raiders lost those in court.

  12. Raiders, Rams or Chargers, it’s always been between those three teams.

    The Bills were never going to leave Buffalo. Not for Toronto and certainly not for Los Angeles.

    Just move the Raiders back to LA. The team stinks and maybe a change of scenery, no matter how minor it may be, could be a step in the right direction.

  13. Cities that have lost teams in the past that currently have NFL teams:
    Cleveland Bulldogs, Rams, Browns
    Boston Redskins
    Chicago Cardinals
    Dallas Texans
    Oakland Raiders
    Baltimore Colts
    St Louis Cardinals
    Houston Oilers
    The fact that the Rams and Raiders left shouldn’t be used against LA. Period.

  14. I need more context, but with nothing more than “highly likely” to return to L.A. in the next year.
    to go on, that could simply mean nothing more than that the Raiders or Chargers are in talks to play one of their home preseason games somewhere in or around LA.

    I continue to believe that the solution to the LA problem is a 17 game season.

  15. gayforbrady says:
    Oct 10, 2014 1:08 PM

    They lost 2 franchises for a reason.

    And that reason was because Los Angeles and Anaheim wouldn’t build new stadiums for them.

  16. Ha, wait till all those other sucker cities that had to pay for their teams and owners office building see the NFL or private money build one in L.A. Classic.

  17. Just to be clear … the Rams and the Raiders left LA because no one here thought it was a good idea for taxpayers to eat the costs of building a stadium. This is a fly-to city, not a fly-over city. Downtown LA doesn’t need the NFL to be an attraction. LeBron is a major industry in Cleveland. Kobe is just another celeb in LA (and for some people kobe is an expensive steak/status symbol).

    The fact that people here have options in addition to pro sports doesn’t mean it’s not a “sports town.”

    LA football fans want the Rams and the Raiders back, especially the Raiders. There’s a lot of silver and black down here. The Chargers are bigger in OC than LA, but LA would embrace them.

    The politicians love the idea of building a stadium because their are limitless opportunities to extract favors, make secret deals, and consolidate personal power. This is a big opportunity for people who have their eye on high profile jobs in Sacramento and DC.

    The politicians would sell out the taxpayers in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it. Fortunately, no one here is going to let that happen. Rents are so darn expensive that no one wants to donate their hard earned cash to help a billionaire get richer.

  18. It’s the faid. It’s gotta be the faid.

    It’s simply not a major league city in any sense.

    It’s like having an NFL team in Baghdad.

  19. If the league wants two teams in LA, it’s simple:

    The Chargers & Raiders move, put one of those two in the NFC West and move a team from the NFC West to the AFC West (Except the Seahawks. You want to protect their rivalry with The Niners). That way you keep the 8 division, 4 teams in each division format

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