PFT Live: Teddy Bridgewater’s return a ‘ray of hope’

Chris Tomasson from the Pioneer Press joins the show to update the Adrian Peterson situation, Teddy Bridgewater’s return under center, the way coach Mike Zimmer is shaping the team in his first season and more.

7 responses to “PFT Live: Teddy Bridgewater’s return a ‘ray of hope’

  1. Nothing unnerves Packer fans like The Vikings.

    It’s like they’re a Medieval English village that keeps hearing rumors of a potential Viking raid.

    Pants pooping ensues.

    Skol Packer fans, the sun is setting on the frozen tundra.

  2. Teddy walk softly and carry a big arm Bridgewater will continue on his path to legend this weekend…he can’t be worse than spaghetti arm Ponder.

  3. packerenglishmajor—

    Nothing unnerves Viking fans like The Packers……
    they are incessantly obsessed with EVERYTHING packers….they emulate the 13-time world champions….they wear purple cheeseheads…they spew ridiculous purple puke hoping that the packers will eventually fall…but…alas….the mighty packers prevail….

  4. yes lets hope Teddy can beat the Lions while the Packers take care of the Dolphins which will put the Packers in first place all alone , which will remain for the rest of the season.

  5. Teddy might be an improvement over Ponder (then again, who isn’t?) but who is Teddy going to throw to?

    Craig Jennings is past his prime. Patterson runs well but can’t spell “route” much less run one and the TE is injuried.

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