Seahawks add a safety, which could mean no Kam Chancellor on Sunday

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The Seahawks have made a pair of roster moves on Saturday, possibly shedding some light on the status of one of their injured players.

The team has announced that safety Steven Terrell has been promoted from the practice squad.  To create the roster spot, the Seahawks waived defensive end Greg Scruggs.

Scruggs, a seventh-round pick in 2012, appeared in 11 games as a rookie.  He spent the 2013 season on injured reserve, and Scruggs was inactive for Seattle’s four prior games this season.

The promotion of Terrell suggests that safety Kam Chancellor, who is questionable with a hip problem.  While Terrell doesn’t play strong safety, he gives the Seahawks depth behind Earl Thomas, since his normal understudy (Jeron Johnson) would start for Chancellor, if Chancellor doesn’t play.

18 responses to “Seahawks add a safety, which could mean no Kam Chancellor on Sunday

  1. Surprised they waived Scruggs. They were talking him up in the pre season like he was about ready to break out. I think the one big weakness with the drafting on this team is the lack of difference making linemen drafted. They excel drafting skill positions and linebackers but every significant D linemen was either a hold over or a free agent signing. Maybe Carroll and Schneider need to draft a lineman in the first round instead of the middle rounds

  2. Terrell if all goes well won’t be needed. I would expect to see D Shead in there long before Terrell. JJ can bring it so were still solid if Kam can’t go although we need to keep the other 4 on the field (ET,BM,RS & MB).

  3. Yeah, Jeron and Shead will keep the LOB afloat. No Terrell, please. He was the first guy in the preseason that I ID’d as a lock to not make the 53. The second coming of Etrick Pruitt.

  4. Planning for potential issues seems to be the right move. Not sure I disagree with the assessment here, but also not sure that it is more precautionary and not a true indication of something that is going to occur.

  5. Wow there were high hopes of Scruggs making an impact this year with Red Bryant and Clemons gone. That’s disappointing

    I guess he’s already got his bags packed for Jacksonville.

  6. OR, they are BEEFING up the week left side

    havent you noticed the left side has been a little weak compared to last season?

    yup thats becasue who is gone?


    Chancellor isnt going ANYWHERE and he is NOT injured!!!!

    OK that said good luck preparing for Sundays GAME, wasnt going to say anything but there it is

  7. oh and the Hawks are GOING to LOCK down the Plowboys and throw the keys in Elliot Bay!!!!

    they WILL NOT be clowned due to heat or lackluster play!!!


    they WILL beat the dog hair off those lame Zebras

    and THEY WILL


    you heard it here first, my little fly on the wall heard this just last wenesday, Pete is TIRED of his team NOT performing to FULL potential, 35% doesnt cut it, he wants 65% regular season, 85% post season and 110% Superbowl….

    Plowboys are a perfect team to boost moral with a shutout, Easy come, Easy go!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  8. Folks, it is the John Madden Football cover curse. Richard Sherman is on the cover but he wants to spread the honor to the entire backfield. The curse is accordingly spread to the entire backfield. Jeremy Lane is already on injured list. Now Kam Chancellor joins him. Who’s next?

  9. Hey nineball26! RELAX buddy!

    The seahawks win ONE superbowl and the WHOLE fanbase loses their collective mind.

    SHAKE yourself and STOP being such a DONKEY.

    Keep it up and YOU will replace the patriot fans as the BIGGEST FOOLS in the NFL.

    GET it?

  10. It amazes me how these armchair quarterbacks and haters can speak for All of the NFL and the Hawks WHOLE fanbase based on just the few comments from the Hawks fans on this site.
    Looks like mullman76 is the BIGGEST FOOL in the NFL.
    GO HAWKS!!

  11. hmm who do I dislike more the cowgirls or lil sister complex Seahawks? Well the cowgirls actually have a history and over the course of time have proven to be a greater threat. And now there saying Seattle may move back to the AFC depending on which team winds up in LA. That how important the rest of the league views that franchise, just move them around to balance out the divisions. No wonder you losers have such a lil man complex

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