Joe Banner dubs Todd Haley “awful”

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Former Eagles and Browns executive Joe Banner likely don’t have much in common with Snoop Dogg.  They’ve found shared ground when it comes to Todd Haley.

With the Steelers trailing the Browns 21-3 through two quarters, Banner (an entertainingly cantankerous presence on Twitter), had this to say about the Steelers’ offensive coordinator:  “Todd Haley gets 50 yards of offense on last two plays of half to pad his yardage stats.  Hopes no one will notice how awful he is.”

At least Banner found a way to articulate his views on Haley without resorting to profanity.  Snoop Dogg has failed in that departmentTwice.

A third chapter from Snoop Dogg seems inevitable.

37 responses to “Joe Banner dubs Todd Haley “awful”

  1. C’mon Joe. You are better than that. Besides, I saw that “awful” OC shred your Eagles on the road to a Super Bowl appearance.

  2. Where are all the Todd Haley defenders?

    His play calling is the worst. All the pass plays in the red zone last week in Jacksonville, so he calls all running plays in Cleveland?

    Fire this guy immediately!!!!!

    Pittsburgh fans: rally on this point. It is the only way to salvage the season.

  3. He’s right. It’s really hard to watch this team on offense and defense. Haley needs to be fired. I love my Steelers good and bad and right now we’re very bad.

  4. The steelers need to blow their whole team up besides Big Ben and Antonio brown. They look good against good teams but then the next game play mediocre football. It’s frustrating

  5. It’s not just Haley, Tomlin needs to go as well. Tomlin is a simply awful in game coach.

  6. The Browns have 3 healthy DL and they throw the ball 1st and goal then throw 3 more times. Whoever is calling these plays has to go!

  7. Hey Joe, leave the trashing of NFL players and coaches to those of us on the couch. It just not fitting coming from someone who knows what they are talking about.

  8. Talk about the pot calling the kettle back!
    Pair Bummer with Haley and you have nothing (2×0=0)!
    Thought Bummer was competing on the ex-NFL executive dwarf tossing tour.

  9. Right or not, show some class, Banner. Grow up. I can’t believe a former executive in the NFL would act like such an infant on social media.

  10. kingpel says:
    Oct 12, 2014 3:13 PM
    C’mon Joe. You are better than that. Besides, I saw that “awful” OC shred your Eagles on the road to a Super Bowl appearance.

    LOL- sure, because there aren’t 1,000 offensive coordinators in america who could score points with Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald.

  11. Banner should just shut his pie hole and sell those suits. If he knew half as much as he says he does, he would still be employed with the NFL.

    I’ve been a Browns fan for 60+ yrs, and have only been embarassed to say that twice. The first time was when that geek Modell fired Paul Brown, and the next was Boner’s & Dumbardi’s handling of Chud and his staff. They were the reason no seasoned coach wanted to come to Cleveland.

    I could put up with Manziel or an 0-16 season before I could put up with Boner again.

  12. Out coached on both sides of the ball. They looked lost and confused. No sparks or drive. Stop watching right before the half . 8 & 8 again this season. Just keeping it “Real”.

  13. vancouversportsbro says:
    Oct 12, 2014 3:31 PM
    The steelers need to blow their whole team up besides Big Ben and Antonio brown. They look good against good teams but then the next game play mediocre football. It’s frustrating

    -what good teams did they look good against? Baltimore, and Cleveland are the only good teams they played, and Pittsburgh looked like poop in all 3 games, losing 2 by over 20 points and almost blowing a 20 point lead against Cleveland.

  14. This game should surprise no one. Cleveland was favored for a reason, they are a better team.
    The Steelers are the worst team in the AFC North, from top to bottom. That should have been obvious watching the Ravens drub them 26-6 a few weeks ago. Then TB beat them and Jacksonville took them to the wire before losing a close one.
    Although bad coaching is evident they have a serious lack of talent. Calling back Harrison and Kiesel should have been a big red flag. Nobody in the NFL wanted either player.
    They may eke out a few of wins the rest of the way but I’m not sure against whom.
    Turning this team into bottom dwellars took the combined effort of the front office, the coaches and a markedly sub par roster with no depth.
    As a Raven fan I will miss the rivalry as now the Steelers will be just another easy win on the schedule. At least Cincy and Cleveland are competitive.

  15. Never heard of Joe Banner before this weekend. No wonder? he’so been an executive of two one franchise that has never won a Super Bowl and another that hasn’t won a meaningful game since their return until this weekend. Stay classy Joe Banner.

  16. Haley is only part of the problem,firing him would not solve the defense and the fact we have no head coach.The blame rests solely on the Rooney’s for letting it go this far.These guys are acting like they don’t want to play for these coaches but mum’s the word for fear of getting cut.Colbert put this team together, he got us in cap trouble, and he’s the one that signed all these over the hill free agents no one else wanted.They should have gone 6-1 their first 7 games, now look at the back half of the schedule.They’ll be lucky to go 7-9 at best.Colbert, Tomlin,LeBeau,and Haley all need fired after the season.LeBeau is way past his football years,can’t defend this new age passing attacks with that soft cover 2.

  17. bbbbwindows. Why you still trolling Steeler articles of you don’t feel threatened by them?

    Yeah? We’re down. So what. It happens. Ratbirds were horrible and a joke of the AFC North until they adopted the Steeler model of drafting tough, hard hitting defensive players. Your time will come son. Trust me. Once Facco’s over-rated contract starts affecting payroll, your time will come. A lot sooner than you think, so enjoy it now while you can.

    Big difference between the Ratbirds and the Steelers is the Rooney’s and their fans don’t idolize wife-beaters and put up statues of players involved in murder cases.

  18. Though there is no love lost for Banner in Cleveland, he nailed it with his comment. This looked like a Browns move during the Crennel era. Meaningless yards that both teams knew didn’t mean squat.

  19. If they fire Haley and the intolerable situation of losing persists, as it most certainly will considering who the HEAD coach is, then Banner should be made to submit to having the MT skull slither his fat, out of shape body all over him.

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