Owners consider stripping draft picks for repeat personal conduct policy violations

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It’s an idea we’ve been pushing for years.  And despite our open support, the owners may end up doing it anyway.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that last week’s ownership meetings included a discussion of the possibility of stripping draft picks from teams with players who have multiple incidents under the personal conduct policy.  Currently, teams surrender a portion of a suspended player’s salary to the league for multiple suspensions in the same year.

“What level of accountability should be expected of clubs?” Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote in a memo to owners before the meetings.  “Is the current Salary Remittance Program sufficient, or should additional measures be considered?”

Taking draft picks definitely should be considered, because it would give teams a strong incentive not to take chances on players who have a history of off-field misconduct.  For NFL teams, there’s no stronger incentive than taking away their ability to pick potential Hall of Fame players in each and every round of the draft.

“Nothing else will work, because there always will be an owner, a G.M., or a coach who won’t be able to resist the upside,” we said after Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder.  “Make the downside more significant, and teams will start doing a much better job of avoiding troubled players — and of keeping all of their players out of trouble.”

If it happens, it will become even more important for the NFL to handle all investigations regarding off-field allegations.  Teams already are tainted by the desire to keep a good player on the field.  Putting draft picks in play would give teams even more reason to look the other way.

15 responses to “Owners consider stripping draft picks for repeat personal conduct policy violations

  1. How will the Vikings be able to compete when they have all their draft picks taken away?

    Oh wait, they can’t compete with the draft picks either.

  2. Won’t impact Trent Baalke as he drafts non-impact players anyway. 49ers wins will keep diminishing each year until the former GM’s players are gone, then Santa Clara will begin rebuilding.

  3. This is a stupid idea.. So pretty much first offense and a player is cut.. Draft picks are way to valuable for teams to risk losing them because of a second offense.

  4. Why are the teams responsible for the personal conduct of the players? That is like saying if I commit a crime my employer should be held accountable. Why not just have stronger penalties, longer suspensions, and perhaps life time bans for the idiots who can’t figure out how to live in society?

  5. Football players are dumb, stupid, meatheads. You have to take extreme actions regarding them because no other message gets through to them.
    There should be a rule not to draft or sign a player if he had any criminal charges brought against him in college. Just keep them out of the league altogether. Sorry, Jameis Winston. You wouldn’t be welcome in MY NFL.

  6. How does an NFL team not find out the background dirt on these guys before they are drafted & why do they go ahead & draft the idiots when they do find out about them? With all the money they spend on testing & research & the works & such & then draft the guy anyway & after finding the dirt & keeping it under cover & hoping it will not happen again or just go away or dissapear & be forgotten about & then when it DOES happen, they DENY DENY DENY they ever knew thier was a problem ! How can the team not be held responsible ? It seems to me that they should have some kind of accountability for the actions by putting millions of dollars into the hands of these immature bunch of over steroided bunch of psychos !

  7. Bad Idea, Plenty of teams take chances on guys with red flags that grow up and turn into great players or contributing members of society. If teams stop taking chances for fear of loosing draft picks that will ruin a lot of dreams and we will miss out on potentially great players cause some 19 year old kid got a dui one time.

  8. Teams have NO control over players when they are on their own time so it’s not exactly fair to the team. What the league needs is a disciplinary committee to hand down punishment, set sentencing guidelines , not the commish. And NO player plays during an investigation, charged or not, Jed York.

  9. That is so unfair. A team is already hurt when a player does something wrong on its own free time, and now the league wants to come in and strip the team of draft picks. Why is a team punished twice for something they have absolutely no control over. A team does not tell a player to go out there and do something wrong, so it is grossly unfair to punish it.

  10. Well fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I think repeat offenders should get a fine based on a percentage of what they make. I mean a fine to certain players is chump change to them. Fair is fair right?

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