Patriots find their offensive footing in second half, beat Bills 37-22

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At halftime, the defenses were the most impressive part of the Patriots and Bills on Sunday.

The Patriots offense found its footing in the second half. Tom Brady threw three touchdown passes after halftime, including a 56-yarder to Brandon LaFell that put the 37-22 victory comfortably in New England’s pocket in the fourth quarter. The Bills had drawn within eight behind Kyle Orton’s second touchdown pass of the afternoon, but Brady found LaFell down the right sideline for the clinching score.

That was LaFell’s second score of the game and Brian Tyms caught the other one on a 43-yard strike as Brady spread the ball around all day. He completed 27 passes to 10 different receivers to finish the day with 361 yards and four touchdowns overall. It’s the second straight good week for the Patriots offense and the big plays are a welcome addition to the attack.

New England’s concern will now likely turn to their health. They have to play the Jets on Thursday and facing even that hapless team will be more difficult if linebacker Jerod Mayo, running back Stevan Ridley and guard Dan Connolly are all out after leaving this game with injuries.

The Bills had their chances, but three first half turnovers, five sacks and 107 penalty yards helped make sure that they couldn’t make anything out of them. The defense is strong in Buffalo and the offense has to do a better job of making life more difficult for that unit if the team is going to remain in the mix for a playoff spot into the second half of the season.

65 responses to “Patriots find their offensive footing in second half, beat Bills 37-22

  1. Hey Buffalo fans… how many bogus pro-tom brady calls did referees give the patriots?!?

  2. Nice win Pats the offensive line looked stable, Lafell came into his own, multiple turnovers, multiple sacks, Gronk got some tough yards but please clean it up defense. Respect to Buffalo for a hard fought game. Go Pats!!!

  3. And now the Patriots season is taking its usual course where the Pats start sluggish and the Patriots Dynasty is declared over, this is fallowed by the Pats gaining their footing and steamrolling through the regular season. At the end of the regular season they are declared Super Bowl favorites, then, ultimately, they lose prematurely in playoffs.

  4. Bills’ fans yapping for nothing, just like the beginning of every year. New ownership. ..same bottom feeders.
    Was that 23 out of 25? I’m losing count.

  5. “The defense is strong in Buffalo”

    Yeah, 37 points allowed.

    Real strong 😉

    Hey, did you hear? Tom Brady is washed up!!!!


  6. The euphoria surrounding Pegula’s new ownership is wonderful, but it didn’t seem to make Kyle Orton or Leodis McKelvin play any better.

  7. Brady pretty much picked apart that so called “really good D”

    HELLO BIlls fans…Hello…

    Did Mario Williams play today?

    New ownership same sorry Bills!

  8. Does anyone truly still believe the Bills are on the verge of being good? They could realistically be 1-5 at this point. Watkins cost a bundle and, while good, hasn’t been the impact player hoped for. On the basis of the Manuel draft and the costly Watkins deal, it’s time for Pegula to clean house on the football side at start over – yet again.

  9. That Jim Schwartz defense is really something. I wonder if he had his players wash the stink off him after the game?

  10. Same old Patriots. Just play mistake free football an let the other team implode. Bills should trade Spiller before deadline; they have no idea how to use him and Hackett gives up on the rushing game once it is a two possession game.

    – Bills Fan

  11. Pats play calling was still crap.

    Too many runs up the middle for no gain.

    Edelman, Tyms, LaFell, Gronk and Tim Wight need to all be on the field for 30% of snaps.

  12. oh, the Pats beat the Bills again.. in other shocking news, the sun came up & Rex Ryan likes hot dogs

  13. The crowd noise in Buffalo was impressive and was going to be a real problem for New England if they hadn’t grabbed a lead.

    Shame on Buffalo for having no quarterback option better than retread Orton. All these years and all those draft picks, and you’re starting Kyle Orton.

  14. Pats deserved to win, however the league should give the Refs (walt coleman’s group) a breathalyzer after the game

    The NFL ref’s and rule book are a complete joke( just for fun look up the call on Jerry Hughes Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty with about 3 minutes left in the 1st quarter)

    I’m sure Dean Blandiano ( i mean Comical Ali) will preach from the book of Pravda and say all is good

    what a joke

  15. Brady and Belichick all washed up. Yeah right. Spikes with his 2 wins against the Patriots. Yeah right.

  16. Brandon Spikes was a class act at the end of the game congratulating Brady. Despite the final score, the Bills fought hard and are always are a tough team to beat despite the Patriots success in the Brady era.

  17. As soon as I saw Walt coleman on the field I knew the game was over. Refs clearly favored the Pats today. This game was rigged to help out the patriots as much as possible.

  18. Buffalo turned the ball over too many times and took too many penalties. Their defense was lit up in the second half. Was Jim Schwartz carried off the field after the game?

  19. limitfive says:Oct 11, 2014 7:00 PM

    “Ain’t scared of Brady. Never have been and never will be! It ends here! GO BILLS!!”



  20. When pats say “23 – 2” does that include the spygate games. And before the 23 – 2 what were their records each other? Say during the ninties?

  21. luther6 says:Oct 11, 2014 1:52 AM

    “I hope Brady is there and 100% healthy. Go Bills!”



  22. billswillnevermove says:Oct 5, 2014 10:10 PM

    “Buffalo will stomp the Patriots next week….take it to the bank!!!”



  23. thestrategyexpert says:Oct 11, 2014 1:10 AM

    “If he plays then the other team should just let their players know that they have a leg up since the Patriots are so insecure to think they need some kind of QB injury-designation-trickery to feel better about their chances of winning a football game. That is a sad sign of weakness and a clear indication that they are not to be feared since they are the ones that are clearly afraid of losing the game.”



  24. superslugg says:Oct 12, 2014 4:54 PM
    Pegula sharing ownership of the bills with tom Brady


  25. brady is ralph wilson stadium’s landlord.
    good win. sucks that mayo is probably done of the year, ridley possibly as well. we seem to always lose key players…=( if the line holds up, tom can score enough to win.

  26. Brady really struggled this week. Now everyone will say the bills D stink. They may stink but Brady doesnt. And I’m not even a Pats fan.

  27. jchipwood says: Oct 12, 2014 5:21 PM

    When pats say “23 – 2″ does that include the spygate games. And before the 23 – 2 what were their records each other? Say during the ninties?

    Your team isn’t relevant to anyone in the NFL, much less the division, so who cares. Look it up yourself. You are an extraordinarily bitter fins fan, and btw miami lost today..weh wehhhhhhh

  28. As a football fan, there were some ridiculous calls against the Bills. Where was the first Hughes penalty? For slapping his teammate? How about that bogus offensive interference? Was it any different then gronks big 3rd down catch? How did they put so much time back on the clock at the 1 minute mark? Ridiculous referring!!

  29. cover 200 you forgot to mention that the Patriots bugged the Bills locker room and filmed their walk through.

    The Bills played hard, maybe too hard as some, like Hughes, were out of control. Lack of discipline results in penalties.

    This was a tough, hard-fought victory. The Pats played shorthanded as it was without CB Brandon Browner, DL Dominique Easley, ST Nate Ebner, OL Cameron Fleming, LB Donta’ Hightower and C Brayan Stark and lost LB Jerod Mayo, G Dan Connolly and RB Steven Ridley during the game. A perfect example of BB’s philosophy: Next man up!

  30. jchipwood says: Oct 12, 2014 5:21 PM

    When pats say “23 – 2″ does that include the spygate games. And before the 23 – 2 what were their records each other? Say during the ninties?

    dan marino:

    O SB wins before, during and after spygate

  31. “O SB wins before, during and after spygate”

    That’s funny. The New York Post also ran a timely article commemorating Spygate just today. I guess you know the Pats are back in midseason form when all this junk is dredged up. Newsflash — teams engage in various tactics to gain an edge. It’s part of the culture. That’s why the NFL didn’t punish the Pats as harshly as some think they should. They don’t want that can of worms opened.

  32. Crickets from trash talking Bills fans. They were just wrong about everything. They’re probably in a private chat room with Dr Rusty. Mayo is gone and that’s gonna hurt.

  33. Terribly officiated game on both sides of the ball.

    Buffalo is on the verge of being an almost serious football team but honestly, they are every year. They have high draft picks all over the roster, and talent everywhere. But you can’t disguise crappy quarterbacks and poor leadership. Explain to me what they’re gaining by playing Kyle Orton over Manuel.

  34. The Buffalo DBs were abysmal in this game. LaFell was uncovered on one TD, four players around Tyms and he still makes the TD catch, and finally who pushes a receiver in the end zone? They killed Buffalo and Brady ripped them apart.

  35. My Bills are great against the run but they cant stop the pass to save their lives……

  36. Don’t get the move to Orton. There is zero upside in playing a guy whose absolute ceiling is an above average QB.

    Manuel is your future, or at least you’d like to think he is. He does not benefit from sitting on the sidelines.

  37. TO ALL PATS FANS…… you are without a doubt the sorest winners I’ve ever encountered. No class, low class losers. The team is fine. You miserable loudmouth “fans” are another story. What a pile of garbage. SMH!!!

  38. catquick, I don’t often respond to posts but you need to go back and read your posts prior to the game. In particular, read the one where you say that the Bills “wanted” to play against Brady and that he would be “legitimately on the injury report” after the Bills’ game. That comment was preceded by a shot at Belichick referring to him as ” ‘Hoodie’ “.

  39. NFL football is a game, a distraction from the harsh realities of life. It taps into our tribal roots and we have a visceral reaction to our teams, their winning and losing. I have been a fan of the Patriots for over 50 years. We have had an historic run but we know the pain of losing very well. One of the things I love about Belichick is his respect of the game and his appreciation for the players, those on his team and those that play for the opposition.

  40. NFL is a joke. Just once we would liek to see the Pats play ANYBODY and end up with the short end of the stick when it comes to ref’s changing the outcome of games. NFL had to step in bc the pats fans were already falling off the band wagon.

  41. pats fans were already falling off the band wagon.

    Were they falling wide right of the bandwagon?

  42. The refs gave the pats the game…..
    The refs love Brady & wanted to help him out wah wah wah..
    If any of you idiots even know how to watch football or anything about the game you should know TB-12 is far from washed up & would be back with a vengeance……


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