Sunday night wrap-up: Eagles throw Shady on Giants

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It’s not an accident that the Eagles looked like themselves again.

After all, they got running back LeSean McCoy involved again.

During their 27-0 thrashing of the Giants, McCoy rushed 22 times for 149 yards.

He topped his previous season-high in the second quarter, and again looked like the kind of confident back who had 2,146 yards from scrimmage last season.

It’s also perhaps not a coincidence he came back under the lights of prime time. It’s the 11th time in his last 17 games he’s gone over 100 yards rushing.

That’s the kind of balance the Eagles have to have, and have been missing through the first five weeks, despite their record. They’ve been winning despite a lot of things, but with McCoy looking like himself again, they’re going to be able to polish up many of the others.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. It was heart-wrenching watching Giants wideout Victor Cruz go down in the third quarter.

He was immediately diagnosed with a torn patellar tendon, which will be a season-ender.

It will also force the Giants to adjust without their top pass-catching target.

They let Hakeem Nicks walk in free agency after focusing their efforts on retaining Cruz, and now have a bunch of question marks.

Rookie Odell Beckham has shown some indications he’s ready to contribute, now that his hamstring is finally whole, but the Giants are going to be looking high and low for consistent production from Rueben Randle now, and pray that Beckham can stay on the field.

2. McCoy’s brilliance and Cruz’s injury will be the highlights, but Nick Foles continues to do mysterious things with the ball.

He’s getting away with it, as the Eagles are 5-1.

But he makes some curious decisions with the ball, and now leads the league with 10 turnovers. He’s also slipping into a lot of bad mechanical habits, with sloppy footwork that has to drive a detail-obsessed coach like Chip Kelly nuts. He looks hurried when he isn’t, and that’s so unlike what we had become accustomed to seeing from him.

It’s unfair to expect him to repeat last year, when he turned it over four times all season.

But to see him coughing it up at this rate is still alarming, and only underscores the importance of McCoy being a steady contributor.

3.With all this other stuff going on, the Eagles defense won’t get enough recognition for the way they shut the Giants down.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning had been sacked just seven times all year and three the last three weeks.

The Eagles dropped him five times in the first half alone, while holding the Giants to just 89 yards before the break. During that span, Manning only completed six passes, thanks to the pressure.

The Giants’ tackles were dreadful, with right tackle Justin Pugh having one of his worst games as a pro.

But the Eagles were able to bring pressure from multiple angles, and had the entire New York line chasing ghosts.

4. Eagles running back Darren Sproles left the field late in the third quarter, and was immediately announced as questionable to return with a left knee injury.

He was walking under his own power, but it’s still not a good sign, considering the Eagles backfield isn’t exactly deep.

Chris Polk is the only other running back behind McCoy and Sproles, and he was inactive Sunday night. Tight end Trey Burton was getting carries late in the game, well after it was decided.

That’s a position they’ll need to address, one way or another.

5. The offensive highlight of the night for the Giants didn’t even count.

Giants tight end Larry Donnell caught a thrice-tipped pass for what appeared to be a touchdown early in the third quarter, only to have it wiped out by a Will Beatty holding penalty (which might not have been a penalty).

Donnell has been a revelation for the Giants this season, with 25 catches for 236 yards and four touchdowns entering the night.

The second-year tight end was shut out against the Falcons last week, and as quiet as the rest of his teammates Sunday, but his ability to make that kind of play is a good sign for the future.

And with Cruz out, they’re going to be looking for all the options they can find.

57 responses to “Sunday night wrap-up: Eagles throw Shady on Giants

  1. just embarrassing for the giants….12 second remaining and still trying to score….

    stop adding to your embarrassment on national TV during primetime…

    eagles offense just getting started, although foles needs to play consistently.

  2. The line to get off the bandwagon is to the right, Giants fans.

    Good luck on your murder-stretch of a schedule the next 5 weeks. After you take 3 of 4 from the Rams, Titans, Jags, and Skins, we’ll see you week 17 with our B-Squad as you try to snatch mediocrity from the jaws of a losing season.

  3. Cue the Giants fans coming in here and giving us another boring history lesson on the number of super bowls blah blah.

    Haven’t the Eagles won something like 16 of the last 19 match ups vs Giants? Time for the Giants players to put more effort into playing, rather than smack talk.

  4. (which might not have been a penalty).


    What? Vin Curry got choked with an arm around his neck from behind. Biased much?

    Wait…I already know you are. I don’t know why I bother asking. I can’t wait to hear how bad the Eagles are because they didn’t win, the Giants just gave them the game. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes right now. I hate pft bias.

  5. Congrats Eagles. You whooped us. My boys and I yapped all week and you waxed us shutout style. Good job. You want to pour salt, bring it. I would.

    I’ll say this much. It’s one game. We needed a wake up call after having 3 big wins of our own. If we’re gonna get creamed, I’m glad it was the Eagles who did it. If it were an afc team, those losses are forgotten as anomalys. These divisional beatings are something we can rally around the rest of the season.

    If you think this one win buried us, you must not know tom coughlin. In 07, we lost our first two by 80. I still think our game at the end will decide it. Dallas will crash and burn as soon as romo of Murray get hurt for their customary 5 games.

    Sleep well. You earned it.

  6. If you watched that game, I mean really watched that game with a football eye and think mccoy is ok then you just don’t know football. He has very little explosion like he did last yr. That offense is quite an embarrassment. The qb cannot make his own audibles. They have to look to the sidelines. Are you serious ? If you ask foles to run gb offense, he would be nothing more than matt flynn. The guy is garbage. The eagles def was decent only because the giants play calling was so bad. It took them until the fourth quarter to run a draw or screen. Are you serious ? They are horrendous, as well. No jennings helped the lucky birds as well. Williams ran into defenders all night. There were holes. He just did not see them. And of course it is philly so something bad always happens. Even when they win they lose. If sproles is hurt big big problems. And you know that I am a lways right.

  7. Loved seeing the Eagles run the ball well, but Nick Foles is still bizarrely inconsistent with the ball. He threw two balls up for grabs down the sideline that got picked, then looked tentative on the following drives. The Eagles won’t be playoff contenders until he makes consistently good decisions and improves his mechanics (notably footwork).

  8. “I don’t even think it should be a close game on Sunday night”-Jason Pierre Paul after coming away unimpressed after watching the Eagles film. You were right on JPP. It wasn’t anywhere near close. Let’s hear that yapping now.

  9. Where are all the guys that were telling me JPP, DRC, and Prince were all top 10 at their positions, and the Eagles couldn’t score more than 10 in the Giants D? You know, the guys that said their only chance was if their D or special teams scored 2 TDs?

    Giants were manhandled. This doesn’t solve the Eagles problems, but it sends them into the bye week on a high note, at 5-1, and 2 weeks to prepare for the Cards. The O-Line is looking better, Molk is starting to get a better hold of things, and Tobin is better than what they had in there a few weeks ago. But they still had a good deal of pressure up the middle, and that’s not going to be fixed until Kelce and Mathis are back. I believe that is week 10 for Mathis, 9 or 10 for Kelce, Kelce maybe be week 10 or 11 though, not positive on him. The defense got so much pressure, they were able to hide the fact that their corners are still awful, and since the front 7 dominated so much, Nate Allen didn’t bit on a play action and get burned. But those problems are still there.

    Luckily, the problems on offense are correctable. The offense needs to get healthy (good time for the bye), and hope nobody else goes down in the meantime, and I think that will fix itself. The defense on the other hand, they need better personal. 3/4 of their DB’s are below par. I don’t know what the FA class looks like, but unless a miracle happens, and Chip can get his hands on Mariota, I’d expect the draft to be DB heavy. Probably 2 of the first 3 picks, and a FA signing. Not a franchise guy, but a solid player (like Jenkins this year). If they could get a decent defensive backfield, and and upgrade at OLB opposite Barwin (I love Cole and all, but him and Graham in coverage is a joke, you need to at least present the option), this team would be close to unstoppable.

    But if the offense can pick it back up, all they need from the defense is to make a few big plays a game, and they can score enough to be a threat to beat anyone. So far, they’ve done that. Also, last year, the defense got much stronger as the year went along. Hopefully, this year will be the same thing. They just beat the Giants 27-0, are 5-1, and STILL haven’t played as well as they can this year

  10. Foles picks were worrying, if not meaningful in the end, but otherwise it was a complete beatdown. This is what happens when the Eagles play not even their A game, but their B game. And their front 7 is turning into a real force.

    Oh and that holding call on the TD play was about as blatant as it gets….if not for the hold Vinny Curry would have planted Eli long before the throw.

    I do feel terrible for Victor Cruz though, he’s a hell of a ballplayer, hope he heals up well.

  11. Can’ wait to read all the power rankings this week to see how they spin this shut out into another reason why the Eagles sucks and are just getting lucky.

  12. justintuckrule

    You wont see a lot of Eagles fans pour salt into the wound. Yea we hate being dissed… but we do SO LOVE THIS CRAZY GAME.

    Most of us were really saddened by the painful loss of Cruz. We respect other teams.. sometimes the fans are a bit harsh (to say the least) but Giants fans are pretty civil compared to the team in our division that is dead last.

    I personally appreciate the respect from you tonight .. don’t always agree with you… but respect you for being a passionate football fan as most eagles are.

    I only as one thing from you guys.. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF DALLAS… and that will make us all even….

  13. Sorry PFT, but that sure looked to be a holding penalty from where I was sitting. Sucks that it directly led to Cruz getting injured. That’s how it goes though. Can’t cry over it. At least the bulk of Eagles fans are not crowing over Cruz getting hurt.

  14. Is there a curse on night games?

    Are the giants O line players on strike?

    Many plays the entire D line blew past them like they were not there.

    Too bad it.wasn’t peyton instead of Eli.

  15. the giants talked all week like a bunch of punks. very uncharacteristic for a tom coughlin team. and a john mara team too.

    they are poseurs and got what they deserved. and now cruz is out which will hurt their offense a lot. victor salsa no mas.

    bye bye jints. done in wk 6.

  16. yeah foles stinks. that’s why his offense — you know, the one that would sputter minus desean jackson — is 5-1. yeah foles stinks. only to those idiots who think turnovers are more important than wins.

    eagles are 5-1 when foles stinks. jeez i wonder what their record will be when he gets his game sorted out.

  17. Hey Pierre…. The Philadelphia Eagles are 5 wins and 1 loss. Just though I would help you out before you open your mouth and make yourself look more pathetic than you did tonight. I don’t know what ownage was worse, the jokes on your math during the week, or Jason Peters owning you ALL NIGHT LONG…. all night……

  18. Both the Eagles and Cowboys have one loss each, both to the 49ers. Niners are done yet.

  19. Huge win for the Birds going into the bye week. I think the Eagles D deserves a lot more credit than they’re getting. It’s not often that you see shutouts anymore in the NFL, especially against a division rival. Lookin forward to Eagles vs Cards in 2 weeks too. I like how Zona flies under the radar in 1st place in that division. They’re gonna be tough to beat on their home field.

  20. so where are you Giants trolls from yesterday? wow. what a freaking ass whoopin!!! eagles had an OK game and could have played better, however to shut out the NY Giants, especially after some fools ran their mouths, feels really good inside!

  21. JPP can’t play it was expected he get his butt kicked by Jason Peters but he lined up about 15 times on the rookie 3rd team center. And still got his tail kicked.

  22. Humble pie. Brutal. Hurts to congratulate Philly but the destroyed us. Oline (and dline) got manhandled. Onward to Dallas with confidence super low. Ugh.

  23. JPP=overrated. He is still living off of the rep he earned his rookie year. Has he done anything since? It’s amazing what happens to your “skills” when linemen don’t have to double team Strahan and Osi. He was owned last night.

  24. If Chip Kelly can shine the light on himself he will whats with that looking to the sideline crap when basically your just running out the game

  25. If the GIANTS are bad that that just makes an eiggle team that beat another bad team so what are the eiggles

  26. And Elmer brown what are the eiggles? If you’re trying to talk trash it’s the iggles, no e. here’s hoping your math is better than jpps.


  28. A fantastic win going into the bye week. This is what we Eagles Fans deserve, as do the Eagles Organization. We have a tough way to go concerning our remaining shedule and need all the regeneration we can get.
    McCoy gained some of his form and it is my opinion, he was about 85%. It would appear he was humbled through his slump and rather reserve and mature, concerning his responses to the sports writers. “Keep it up Shady!”
    Foles too, has shown us he has the necessary skills to be our franchised Q/B, although he seems to play better under, psychological pressure. When he starts off hot, he cools too soon, During the first few games, after a sluggish start, he picked it up, in the second half. A must win and he comes out strong. He must stay focused till his skill levels are set. No room for compaciency…
    The offensive line and backfield have made us proud and given Foles the time he needed. Here’s hoping Sprole’s will be fine and the roster continues to improve and gain strength after the bye week.
    What can you say about a defense that has been criticized since the beginning of the season? Ask Eli Manning what he thinks. All you saw was black shirts, every down, swarming the opposition. And sacks, wow! Outstanding team effort.
    Special Teams, “What else is new?” Great field position, field goal, punt and kick off proficiency, “Keep up the pressure and great work guys.”
    Accolades to Chip Kelly and his coaching staff, it couldn’t have happened without you. My only criticism is, “What were you trying to do at the end of the game?” You had the Giants on the, “Run and Back Pedaling.” By all means, “Keep playing!”
    As I stated, here, during the week, “We were due for a statement game. We got it and we’ll continue to peak at the appropriate time.” 27-0, “A Great Team Effort.” If we didn’t protect our lead at the end of the game, it should have been 40-0. In any case I’m sure I speak for the rest of the Eagles Faithful when I say, “I’m proud to be an Eagle Fan.” Go Eagles…

    I hate to add salt to a wound but most of the time the Eagles got to Manning with 4. Not a lot of blitzing last night. Just a lot of realignments. Cole and Barwin were all over the place playing inside and outside.

  30. Nice to see Philly’s defense step up and get a decent pass rush. Wish they could play this way the entire season. Hopefully they can carry this defensive momentum further!

  31. The eagles defence goes as their offence goes. First downs are the big key In success for the eagles. Can’t go three and out multiple possessions in a row, I like the screen game to Mathews , he’s got a lot of power for a wr

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