Blank hints that Rice controversy could affect Goodell’s compensation


Few currently think that the Ray Rice scandal will bring down Commissioner Roger Goodell. But it could bring down his pay.

At last week’s ownership meetings, Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who chairs the NFL’s compensation committee, suggested that the Rice controversy could reduce the size of Goodell’s bank vault.

“All of those factors will come into play and be under discussion,” Blank told Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal.

Annual paperwork filed by the NFL in connection with the non-profit status of the league office showed that Goodell earned $44.2 million during the 12-month period that ended March 31, 2013. The next report will reflect the 12 months through March 31, 2014, months before the Rice scandal hit full boil.

The NFL reportedly is considering a switch to for-profit status at the league office. Blank told Kaplan that the potential move is not motivated by a desire to keep Goodell’s pay secret.

The non-profit status for the league office arises from the reality that all revenue passes through to the teams, which pay the taxes due and owing on the money. Surely, however, the NFL realizes a benefit that outweighs having the money paid to key employees a matter of public record.

23 responses to “Blank hints that Rice controversy could affect Goodell’s compensation

  1. Every time i see the phrase “NFL Non-Profit Status” it baffles me. Outside of oil and the tech world is there a bigger “For-Profit” business than the NFL?

  2. No Mr. Blank! Do NOT bend to the will of these politically correct activists.
    Rice is responsible for what he did but has not been held accountable.
    Goodell enforces policies per the CBA. If anything Blank should discuss the NFLPA reducing De Smith’s compensation for not representing his clients adequately.

    Rice, AP, Hardy, and Dwyer make ALL NFL players look bad.
    The NFLPA tolerates what Rice did and they defend him. Yet that fact is NEVER reported.
    Instead it’s “pile on Goodell”.

  3. There will be public outrage over Goodell’s salary if it’s 10, 20, 30 million – pick any number you want. This will further demonstrate how Goodell’s performance pay is based on the owners’ priorities and not the fans’, the players’ or really even the sport’s priorities. As if there should be any doubt who he works for. Goodell is obscenely overpaid and maybe just maybe owner will see to squeeze a few million out of his pocket as opposed to from the fans.

  4. dryzzt23 says: Oct 13, 2014 2:07 PM

    No Mr. Blank! Do NOT bend to the will of these politically correct activists.
    Rice is responsible for what he did but has not been held accountable.
    Goodell enforces policies per the CBA.

    Um, no he doesn’t. Goodell has complete autonomy over disciplinary matters regarding domestic violence, none of which is spelled out in the CBA. He blew it, BIG time, and should pay the price for it. Since he is a proven liar (see his testimony regarding brain trauma and the veterans) and has no credibility, he should lose his job.

  5. Every time i see the phrase “NFL Non-Profit Status” it baffles me. Outside of oil and the tech world is there a bigger “For-Profit” business than the NFL?
    You seem to have a misunderstanding about the money.

    The NFL league office doesn’t make much money at all, and that little money is spent on things like their “Play 60” programs to get kids exercising.

    The real money (TV contracts, endorsements, merchandise) goes to the teams, and the teams are taxed like normal for-profit businesses.

  6. leksington, yes there is a bigger “non-profit” – the federal government.

    They take tax money, they cannot get enough, always nickel & diming those who pay taxes.
    I agree that the NFL should not be a “non-profit” but MLB should be afforded zero protections.

  7. Goodell’s only function is to play “the Wolf” like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. Clean up problems and make them go away discretely. He has failed miserably any time a problem arises. He’s the anti-Wolf. Yet, the owners still love him.


  8. Goodell should lose some money over his handling of this, but the ones who should be paying up in money and or draft picks should be that model of ethical behavior ….ta nah …the Ravens…the pathetic collection of dirt bagsthat brought this issue to the forefront . Had they done the correct thing we wouldn’t be in this spot, but you must remember this is the team that built a statue for an obstructor of justice in a murder trial…like he destroyed evidence, so it’s not surprising. Make them pay!

  9. OH MY…Goodell might have his pay reduced from $44 million to $43,999,000.00…what a harsh punishment these Billionaire owners are about to give poor Roger…

    …what a joke, Mr Blank

  10. De Smith – HOW does the media allow him to get away unscathed through this whole thing with Rice, AP, Hardy, Dwyer, etc?

    De Smith represents these criminals, not Goodell.
    Yet Smith gets no blame whatsoever for enabling and defending the actions/crimes of his clients.

    This is what happens when unions have power. The authorities are blamed and the perps and enablers get away scot free.

  11. dryzzt23, get your god—- political bull—- out of our —-ing sports thread. Cry in your red kool-aid somewhere else. The rest of us watch sports to get away from —hat partisan political kindergarteners.

  12. drunk – you just refuse to hear the truth about what PFT/ESPN refuse to tell you. It’s all about their anti-Goodell/corporate agenda when the real blame lies on the players and their union.

  13. Prepare for tons of phantom calls against you Atlanta. Goodell’s rewriting the next four gameday scripts as we type. Then he’ll cosy up to the Bills new owner to keep that one third plus one vote bloc that keeps him from getting fired.

  14. And you dryzzt23 are just some hate spewing partisan hack who reads directly from his parties talking points. You’re the guy who spends eight years defending things you turn around and call oppressive and conspiracies just because your party isn’t in charge and as soon as it is, you’ll go right back to defending those exact same things. You trash unions not because you know a single thing about them, but that’s what your script says and you lick the wealthy’s boots while you’re living paycheck to shrinking paycheck. Heck, you actually think there’s any difference between the right and the left.

    Worst of all, you think just because there’s a comment section, you’re entitled to spew your keyboard garbage all over the rest of us. Pal, the sign on the door says Pro FOOTBALL talk not Pro POLITICS talk. Pack up your nonsensical trash and take it to Freeper-land. The rest of the group came here to talk about football. The rest of us are aggravated enough with the NFL as it is, we don’t need political hacks showing up to trash the place.

  15. I wonder if this “Ray Rice controversy” will affect Goodell’s compensation as “severely” as when Goodell emphasized how he’d accept one dollar a year during the labor negotiations.

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