Dolphins reinstate Derrick Shelby


Derrick Shelby, the defensive lineman who was suspended by the Dolphins last week after he was arrested, is now back with the team.

A league source tells PFT that Shelby was reinstated by the Dolphins.

After Shelby was booked for trespassing and resisting arrest, the Dolphins acted quickly by suspending him. But personal-conduct violations are supposed to be handled at the league level, not the team level. It wouldn’t be surprising if the NFL Players Association raised concerns behind the scenes about whether Shelby was being treated fairly — especially considering that Shelby has a very different story about what happened than the police have put forward, and Shelby hasn’t had his day in court.

The NFL is currently trying to get a handle on how to deal with allegations of off-field misconduct, and two players, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy, are currently on the commissioner’s exempt list while they face criminal charges. But Shelby’s situation wasn’t quite the same as Peterson’s and Hardy’s, and after initially sending Shelby away, the Dolphins have apparently decided that he can be an active member of the team while his legal situation plays out.

19 responses to “Dolphins reinstate Derrick Shelby

  1. Not with Cam Wake in cutlers face all day! It’s actually going to be a very good matchup, the Dolphins and bears have both lost to the same teams so far this year.

  2. Get a week for being arrested as conduct detrimental to the team then let the legal bit start sorting itself out? Sounds fair to me.

    Also, smart move by Miami for dealing with this in house. There’s no telling what that loon at Park Avenue would have done. If I’m the NFLPA, I publicly thank Miami for dealing with this maturely, rationally and fairly, forgotten concepts in the league office.

  3. Conduct detrimental to the team?, That’s what I would call the decisions made by PHILBIN In the game against Green Bay. How many games can we suspend Joe for, until he proves his innocence?

  4. Yeah, the guy is innocent until proven guilty. But that’s in the legal system. A guy’s employer is free to do whatever he wants, including firing, to an employee who gets arrested. Nobody has a RIGHT to play in the NFL.

  5. I’m a Fin fan. I know zero about coaching but even I can tell something ain’t right in Miami with the coaching staff. For starters, he needs to stop with the overpraising of the opposition and saying the other team deserve the win more, when it is coaching failings that are costing games.

  6. harrisonhits2 says:
    Or is it just desperation setting in in Miami ?

    No need for desperation. Since they had an early bye, they’re basically one and half games out of 1st place, even in the division, with a tie breaker win over the pats. If anyone should feel a little desperate, it should be the pats, losing their best RB and defensive player… for the year.

  7. Teams are afraid to cut players. That’s the only way to protect the shield. That’s the most important thing. I don’t know why they don’t release this guy, wash their hands of him, and just walk away. If they did that there wouldn’t be all of this hand wringing and worrying.

  8. there are far too many people saying that he should have used better judgement and walked away. What happened to the civil rights of the individual? he should be allowed to have a night free of complication and harassment from any law enforcement and if you decide to film their treatment of him there’s nothing illegal Bout that and he should not receive battery and assault from people that are supposed to protect and serve

  9. I don’t care about the Shelby situation….I officially gave up I turn in my Dolfan card…..this team is tooo much for me….after seeing that green bay loss im done. There is just no excuse for that loss….the game was filled with way too many bad decisions by both players and coaches….im done with the Dolohins…..I need a new team to root for

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