Greg Olsen thinks Vontaze Burfict should be suspended


Panthers coach Ron Rivera took the high road when asked about Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict twisting his guys’ legs, saying he’d send questionable plays for the league to review.

One of the leg-pull-ees had a slightly stronger feeling on the matter, as you might imagine.

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen said Burfict should be suspended for trying to intentionally injure players. Burfict twisted the ankles of both Olsen and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton yesterday.

“If the league truly cares about league safety, they’ll start putting guys out for weeks,” Olsen said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “There’s no place for that.”

The full video of his remarks can be seen here, and Olsen’s clearly incensed about this one, calling it “premeditated” and saying “the punishment needs to go beyond a fine, … guys like that don’t learn.”

Given the egregious appearance of the two incidents, and the fact Burfict has walked the line before in terms of illegal hits, a fine is likely forthcoming.

The fact Burfict used the same pro wrestling-style move — maybe the figure four was a nod to Charlotte icon Ric Flair — will certainly draw some attention from the league.

Olsen’s anger is natural — much like Cardinals coach Bruce Arians’ at the block that took Calais Campbell out for a month.

But expecting Burfict to miss games — or change — also seems unrealistic.

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  1. While I don’t share the sentiments about Julius Thomas due to intent (there was none with JT) This is obviously a defensive player attempting to injure players intentionally. That is dirty and disgusting. Olsen is right, this guy should have to sit for at least a week.

  2. If the league wants to punish Burfict, they should force him to play for Oakland. What could be worse?

  3. If I were an offensive lineman, I would go downfield and cut this turd or make a blow on his head and put him out for 2 games and this player will realize then what it means to injure a player illegally.

  4. He does need to stop doing that stuff!! It’s because of things like this that he has the reputation that he does. Also probably why the refs called him for unnecessary roughness penalties twice yesterday when neither were unnecessary roughness. The hit on Cam Newton when Cam was going out of bounds, Burfict had both hands in the air when he made contact. Surely there’s no intent when you have both hands in the air. Also the hit in the middle of the field where he hit Kelvin Benjamin. Is he suppose to stop in mid air?

    Another thing he needs to stop doing is leading with his helmet!! That’s why he’s had 2 concussions already this year!!

    He’s too good of a football player do be doing stupid stuff like that. And I’m a Bengals fan.

  5. What’s the big deal? The Packers have been doing this for years.
    Didn’t tAke long for A DB Viking fan to say something stupid in regards to their inferiority complex associated with being a fan of a lousy franchise.

  6. If all Burfict gets is a slap on the wrist fine when just two years ago the Saints had multiple players suspended and a head coach suspended for a season based on merely on spoken word, then something clearly isn’t right here.

  7. Vontaze……..Vontaze Burfict? The pro bowler?

    Surely this article isn’t about him?

    Sadly it’s true….the Burfict #55 i saw also had two personal foul penalties for helmet to helmet contact.

    Get out your checkbook son….

  8. Calm down. I pride myself in trying to keep all things equal. Burfict didn’t do anything wrong. It was a hard fought game. As A Bengals fan, I KNOW that if Carolina went for it 0n 4th and 1 it was over.

  9. If Steelers players don’t get suspended for breaking multiple jaws, drop kicking punters and spearing QBs as they slide, then nobody should be suspended at all.

  10. He should be suspended. These are some of those other issues people talk about in terms of leniency by the league. They got the Domestic Violence penalties tightened up but need to work on a few more and this and the DWI penalties need to be much harsher! Why? Because there’s no excuse for any of it! Burflict should be suspended at least two games.

  11. I’m just happy to be seeing articles about what’s going on on the field. In addition, Hot Pink looks really good on the cheerleaders, not very good on 3oo men looking to tear each other’s heads….or legs….off.

  12. “…saying he’d send questionable plays for the league to review.”

    Might want to get a voicemail confirmation that they receive it.

  13. Watch what he did to Brian Hoyer in the fourth game of the season last year about a minute before halftime. He was twisting his right hand/wrist in a bad spot, looked like a close thing to me.

  14. As if this topic isnt already beat to death. It hasn’t even been 24hrs since the game was over and how many articles written about this? The league will review and punish accordingly. Why beat it to death here? Seriously

  15. If Taz had half a brain he would be twice the LB he is currently. Not smart enough to realize he is a marked man when it come to aggressive play.

  16. If you can’t beat a healthy team, then you’re not good enough. If you have to injure players to give yourself a chance, you’re not good enough. Plus, you should be suspended.

  17. How cowardly and dirty.

    They should suspend him one game for each ankle twist as an initial punishment. If he keeps it up after he’s allowed to play again then it should be much more severe.

  18. This stuf is usually reserved for bottom of the pile time. You know, when the camera cant see. I don’t like it. He will get his fine. But suspended? s

  19. Teddy your obvious jealousy and frustration are making you irrational with Packer comments on an article like this. Obviously the Packers and their fans have gotten into your head or is it that you are looking for support since the rest of the purple faithful have abandoned this site and the team like every other year?

  20. downvotesforeveryone says:
    Oct 13, 2014 3:33 PM
    Figures. The Bengals are a low-class organization that encourages this type of behavior.

    28 54

    I think you have the Bengals confused with the Stealers! lol

  21. downvotesforeveryone says:
    Oct 13, 2014 3:33 PM
    Figures. The Bengals are a low-class organization that encourages this type of behavior.

    28 54

    Also, The Bengals cut Devon Still then brought him back to the practice squad then back to the 53 man roster so he would NOT lose his health benefits for his daughter. Then started selling his jersey’s for $100 with 100% of the proceeds going to battle adolescent cancer. HARDLY a low class organization!!

  22. I’m not saying what he did was right as you can clearly see extra twisting on Olsen, but can we calm down just a bit. The NFL will be a flag-football league soon enough.

    Also, downvotesforeveryone, the Bengals are not a “low class organization” (see Devon Still situation for starters). Maybe in the 90’s and ealier 00’s, but no longer. This organization is actually very well run, thanks to Katie and Troy Blackburn.

  23. The Bengals have always had dirty players, from Odell Thurmann (running into Roethlisberger’s knees) to this guy. But nobody has whined harder about cheap shots than the Bengals and their fans. Especially after the Carson Palmer thing. Tsk tsk. Oh the hypocrisy.

  24. burrito12 says:
    Oct 13, 2014 3:36 PM

    What’s the big deal? The Packers have been doing this for years.
    Didn’t tAke long for A DB Viking fan to say something stupid in regards to their inferiority complex associated with being a fan of a lousy franchise.

    Or maybe it’s just the truth. The Packers did this to Adrian Peterson in 2007 when they caused a sprained MCL by twisting his leg under the pile. He commented many times since then that they do that to him every chance they get. But I’m the DB.

  25. I wouldn’t spit on Olsen if he was on fire.

    That said, he’s absolutely right. Guys get suspended for smoking weed, getting a DWI and just about any excuse Goodell’s used in the past to feel like a man and throw his weight around. A coach was suspended for a season for a non-existent pay to injure program that GOODELL lied his gingerhole off about what was proven to be nothing more than a pay-for-play pool. Oh, but that was to try and make the league look sympathetic in that concussion lawsuit. Now that there’s a player actually trying to injure other guys you’ve got nothing to say about it at all.

    A bass ackwards wannabe bully boy taking the most popular sport in American history bass ackwards straight into the ground. Better gouge the fans while you can NFL owners before you finish killing the golden egg laying goose.

  26. The league should stop this behavior for obvious reasons…

    Also, if they don’t, it’s simply a matter of time until an opponent goes after Burfict.

    If the league doesn’t stop it, it will get worse.

  27. I’m a Panthers fan and if Olsen would lower his pads and strike the blow instead of becoming a tackling dummy, he would send a better message.

    He is after all, a TE, who is bigger than any of the LBs or DBs charged with tackling him. On one play he let a DB screw him into the ground because his legs stop moving. That was on him.

    The way to stop Burfict is to lay the wood, not cry to the league office.

  28. All these players being fined for helmet to helmet hits which in large part are not intentional.

    The things Burfict did were not only intentional but are beyond unsportsmanlike conduct. Maybe even considered acts of malice. It’s clear as day–caught on tape for all to see.

    After the overblown bounty penalties, Burfict should AT LEAST be looking at a one game suspension.

  29. I feel that Burfict needs to be drug tested during the game. He’s on something. Not normal behavior in my opinion.

  30. Burfict is nothing but a bag of trouble and the NFL needs to suspend and fine him heavily if this kind of conduct continues. There is no place in the NFL for this type of dirty play. Commissioner Goodell, are you watching?????

  31. While I don’t like Burfict’s behavior (and I’m unfortunately a Bengals fan), to think these guys aren’t trying to hurt one another with every hard hit is just ridiculous.

    If it weren’t for the zebras clamping down on “helmet to helmet” and defenseless receivers, this league would still be full of insanely hard hits – yes – all with the intention of knocking the other guy out.

    This league in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…These guys all tried to tear each others heads off. The NFL is soft these days.

  32. Olsen should know players are entertainers and the owners turn a blind eye to anything that keeps them from making billions.

    Players are to be used and abused in exchange for a salary they would never be able to make elsewhere.

    WINS – LOSES are less important than money for the greedy owners.

    Very few players escape the carnage of an NFL career.

  33. Actually, since you went all pro-wrestling on us, I was already thinking that when he comes out on the field, he should wear a blonde, curly wig and an Intercontinental Championship belt. His ring name….Mr. Burfict. 🙂

  34. OK, why the hate for Olsen? He doesn’t scream and yell and make a specticle of himself. He certainly doesn’t uphold the convict image of “The U.” And he doesn’t get anywhere the recognition he deserves. He’s one of the top 5 tight ends in the league.

    He missed a lot of practice during the week with a twisted ankle, played through it, an opponent deliberately tried to further injure the ankle, and he complained. Wouldn’t you if someone deliberately tried to injure you?

  35. Just an animal. He obviously doesn’t know the meaning of fair play and teams on the other side should just go for his knees as much as possible.

  36. If the league wants to punish Burfict, they should force him to play for Oakland. What could be worse?

    We don’t want that D-bag. We’d rather have a team full of Ryan Leaf clones than that dude.

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