Lions taking “wait and see” approach with Calvin Johnson

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The Lions sat wide receiver Calvin Johnson out of Sunday’s game against the Vikings after watching Johnson play at considerably below 100 percent in the previous two weeks because of a high ankle sprain.

Their offense suffered from his absence, Matthew Stafford was held under 200 passing yards for the seventh time in his career on Sunday, but the defense overwhelmed Minnesota and the Lions went home with a 17-3 victory to improve to 4-2 on the season. It’s not clear yet if they’ll have to follow the same blueprint against New Orleans in Week Seven or if they’ll have Johnson back in the lineup before their Week Nine bye.

Coach Jim Caldwell said Monday that the team is still taking a “wait and see” approach to the receiver’s availability.

“I do not hold a medical degree. It may appear I do from time to time to you maybe, but I don’t,” Caldwell said, via “The fact of the matter is I leave it up to the doctors. Those are the professionals. They know exactly what it takes. Them in conjunction with Calvin and how he feels, they treat not only symptoms of the situation but also the patient as well in terms of how he feels. So they’ll let us know what’s the best path to take.”

Johnson has to be accounted for whenever he’s on the field, but his decoy services are less valuable to the team than his ability to make big plays all over the field. Getting him healthy enough to do that again should be the top priority, even if it continues to put pressure on the defense to lead the way a little while longer.

11 responses to “Lions taking “wait and see” approach with Calvin Johnson

  1. Even as my enemy he is fun to watch. It would be a travesty if the rest of his career is marred with injury and missed games. I hope he gets better soon.

  2. This is one of those lose the battle to win the war situations. Keeping Calvin out another week to maximized his shelf life seems like a plan that should’ve been implemented two weeks ago and must be implemented now. The mighty Lions’ D can only bail out the “I am nothing without Megatron” Matt Stafford so many times.

  3. The way our secondary has been playing…it really won’t matter much whether he’s in or out. Tate has stepped up big on that offense and Bush will be a matchup problem, even at less than 100%.

  4. Why do I think this is going to be the 2014 coming out party for Drew Brees and the Saints? They have not even come close yet to looking like the same team of 2013….this will probably be the week they do.

  5. Sit him until he’s healthy. The problem with Stafford isn’t that he’s missing Calvin, it’s that he’s not getting any protection from his O Line and this new offense clearly hasn’t gelled yet.

    The defense has been fantastic despite early key injuries and they have exceeded all expectations. The Offense that used to be their strong suit needs to step up and show results. If they do this is a dangerous team, if they don’t they will continue to be the “Same ‘Ol Lions”.

  6. Playing some games without Megatron could help this team. They need to take a look at what Dallas is doing and understand this chuck it up to Calvin Johnson approach they take will only get them so far.

    Atlanta is another team that needs to open their eyes and start committing to the run game and taking some pressure off of their defense.

  7. They should take a ‘Wait and Wait’ stance.

    Wait until he’s healthy, period. Let the D keep them in it.

    My struggle is with Stafford and his struggles. The guy over or under threw MANY open receivers on Sunday. Maybe they need to sew a laser pointer on his arm.

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