Reggie Bush to return for reunion with Saints

The Lions didn’t need receiver Calvin Johnson or running back Reggie Bush to beat the Vikings in Minnesota.  The Lions may not need either of them to beat the Saints in Detroit.  But they’ll definitely have one of them.

Bush said Sunday he’ll definitely return for the Week Seven reunion with New Orleans.

“Oh yeah, 100%,” Bush said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.  “Next week for sure.”

Per a league source, Bush was kept out of Sunday’s game largely as a precaution.  He could have played if necessary; the Lions decided that the smarter move was to let his injured ankle heal completely.

The Lions likely will need Bush on Sunday.  Theo Riddick aggravated a hamstring injury on Sunday, which could keep him out of next week’s game.

The Saints made Bush the second overall pick in the 2006 draft.  He quickly became a New Orleans icon and a marketing dynamo, earning millions of dollars and engendering plenty of loyalty in New Orleans.

A member of the Super Bowl XLIV championship team, Bush never became the guy that his draft status would have suggested, in large part because the Saints opted for a platoon at tailback.  Bush has shown both in Miami and Detroit that he can carry the load, when called upon to do so.

16 responses to “Reggie Bush to return for reunion with Saints

  1. Bush is still part of a platoon of backs. He’s listed as the starter but Joique Bell gets more touches usually per game. Still, he’s a great weapon out of the backfield and puts a lot of stress on defenses when he’s available.

  2. Carry what load? He is in a backfield rotation again bell does all the heavy lifting just like deuce, bell, and Thomas did in his days as a saint!

    Come on really? Did you drink the kool aid? He was never and will never be an every down back! Yes with the fins he had a bigger work load on a team that did not have many other options. On a team with talent he will only get his 12 touches and you hope he does not leave more than one on the carpet!

  3. I don’t see why any of my fellow Saints fans should have something negative to say about Reggie. No, he didn’t live up to his draft hype, but he was still a huge contributor to the team and community. He helped the team win a Super Bowl and since leaving, has said nothing but positive things about the Saints/New Orleans, unlike some other bitter Bettys that come to mind. I really feel nothing but love for Reggie.

  4. Reggie Bush had over 1500 combined yards last year but he broke down under a load that was too heavy. The Lions need to give him fewer touches so he’s effective the whole season.

  5. …just stating the obvious but I give props to Bush for what he has done when healthy..

  6. Hey Lions fans — good game and congrats — your D is the real deal. Now excuse me while I go back to throwing darts at my Matt Kallil dart board. . . . .

  7. If they can spread the ball around to Bell, Riddick, Winn ( keep him promoted from the practice squad) and Bush, the Lions would benefit in the Long run.

  8. purpleguy says:
    Oct 13, 2014 2:05 PM

    Hey Lions fans — good game and congrats — your D is the real deal. Now excuse me while I go back to throwing darts at my Matt Kallil dart board. . . . .

    Careful, he will probably let the dart past him too. just like the Detroit D-line

  9. Nothing but love for Bush. He helped contribute to some good teams while he was here with the Saints. It should be a great game on Sunday, and I’m glad he is playing because everyone wants the best talent playing against the best talent. Hope my Saints can contain him and that offense, and we have a whole bunch to prove on the road. So far, we are less than impressed with our team on the road…and even more so in the Dome. It’s a defining game, and Reggie has something to prove this game as well. Can’t wait!

  10. Love Reggie Bush. So glad he was a Saint. I wish him well, just don’t want to see him beat his old team.

  11. As a Saints fan, I still have a lot of Love for the man. All I can say is we would be way better off with him this year. We miss that break away speed in the backfield….. Ex. Sproles

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