Sammy Watkins: Next time against Revis will be better

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The Patriots didn’t want to let Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins beat them on Sunday afternoon, so they put cornerback Darrelle Revis on him for the majority of the game.

The strategy worked out pretty well. Watkins caught two passes for 27 yards in the game, although the second catch was on the Bills’ final drive after the result was no longer in doubt. Watkins was also flagged for offensive pass interference during the game, which he said was a learning experience that will help him and Buffalo the next time they cross paths with the Patriots.

“He was good off the press, but I thought I did great against the press,” Watkins said, via the team’s website. “I beat him a couple of times off the press, I didn’t get the ball. There are things we have to clear out on the field. Once we watch film and they figure out how I can play against them, and they feel the need to come to me, and then to come to me without worrying about interceptions or him stopping me. Next game that’s the way we’ll play.”

Watkins will have to wait a while for that second chance as the Bills next face the Patriots in Week 17. In the meantime, Buffalo will try to right their ship against the Vikings and Jets over the next two weeks.

27 responses to “Sammy Watkins: Next time against Revis will be better

  1. Look Sammy. The Bills need to get you a QB. Next time won’t come sooner than when they can draft one in 2016 and he is ready for 2017-2018.

  2. Hopefully this is a new breed of young NFL players that instead of complaining they take responsibility and try to improve on their game. Big ups to Sammy for doing just that.

  3. Bla bla bla.
    2 catches for 27 yards and a penalty against him.
    Meanwhile he makes it sound like he had a great game.
    …and that was with his inside intel!
    Buffalo could have dropped down a few spots and picked me in the draft for the same production.

  4. It probably won’t. And I can care less about either team. This is more of a rant on the spread option especially in college. These qbs and wrs come into the league after running the spread option and have to go against real defenses. The qbs cannot read it and the wrs who are used to running in wide open spaces cannot win in traffic . Jordan matthews is the all time leading receiver in the sec. He can run bubble screens and hitches. Leading receiver in the best conference in college and he cannot separate or win in a crowd. And these qbs that run the spread when asked to read beyond the first predetermined read cannot. They then panic and tuck and run. Spread option is ruining the nfl because it allows average players to look like superstars. Gawdy numbers. Average talent. And don’t trust the running backs in these offenses either because they are running against 5-6 man fronts and struggle with 8 in the box in the nfl. Ban the spread and save football.

  5. This whole bashing of Ortin is getting old – he had one really bad read/pass, that being the interception and to blame him on the fumble is ridiculous, he had absolutely no time – he threw very well – even Brady had some bad throws yesterday – not comparing Ortin to Brady, yet he is a way better option than E.J at this time – our Oline and secondary beat us – not Kyle Ortin

  6. The problem was they didn’t have much of a game plan for getting him the ball. Yes he was on Revis, but Watkins is the best they have on offense and they didn’t even try to throw to him. He was open more than he was targeted and i’m sure they could have at least tried to put some screens in the playbook. If your gonna trade so much to get this guy you have to use him.

  7. Don’t bring the refs into this. The bad calls/no calls went both ways. Ninkovich was held all game with not a single flag- the 3 times he was able to break through, he sacked Orton. Watkins got schooled by one of the best, welcome to Revis Island.

  8. Sammy, you didn’t do great off the press. You were only targeted 3 times in the game because you were covered. When asked about his coverage of Watkins, Revis responded, “He’s great…one of the rising stars in the league. Whatever weaknesses he showed me on film, I try to take advantage of them.”
    What exactly are those weaknesses?
    Revis “I can’t tell you out of respect to Sammy”

    That’s what a pro does. See you in week 17 rookie!

  9. Watkins may be the top receiver for the Bills, but the Bills have to play in New England. There is no guarantee the Bills QB (?) will be standing upright when when Watkins runs down the field with Revis shadowing him.

  10. While I’ll admit I thought the Bills were going to win this game, It still was a pretty decent showing. I’m at a loss for who to blame the offensive struggles on. Orton played well, and I give the guy mad props for waving off the kicking team and then delivering on 4th down, haven’t had a Bills QB do that in some time. While I know he’s not the answer, but the guy has played a grand total of 2 games with these guys. He showed improvement from the Detroit game, and if the defense had been just a little bit better, i think he could have pulled out the W. And while I’m glad to hear Revis shut down Sammy, the rest of the Defense allowed Chandler, Woods, and Hogan to beat them all day, not a winning formula on defense if you ask me. The Bills have a pair of winnable games coming up followed by a bye, going into that at 5-3 is very doable, and will be crucial for the late season push, this Bills team is by no means “done”.

  11. bills fans make me laugh. what about the imaginary holding call on dummy Devey that took away Gronk’s td?? that was a amazing play taken away.

  12. 2 out of 3, 1 one of which was in garbage time. There’s a reason why they call it Revis Island. As far as one-on-one, he’s the best since Primetime.

  13. It says plenty to me that when you KNOW you’re going to be covered by Revis all week, and then do nothing in the game when it happens. Solid job by Revis.

    As Watkins career continues, he’ll learn a lot more tricks of the trade and be plenty competitive for years to come. Yesterday was not his day.

  14. Revis struggled with Schiano in Tampa last year. His performance this year suggests the problems he had were mostly the Bucs fault. Good thing Lovie Smith did not want him, he would have destroyed Revis’s career – sort of how he is destroying Alterraun Verner’s career currently. At least watching this game we got to watch two competitive teams.

  15. I don’t understand all the people complaining about Watkins complaining. When I read that, he isn’t complaining, just stating what he thought happened. Then he goes on to say that he’ll look at tape, try to find ways to improve and hopefully have a better go at him next time.

    How is that anything other than what you would want a rookie, rising WR star to say?

    As for Orton, he didn’t do too badly. The Oline wasn’t very helpful, and coverage down field was pretty good, except on Chandler. He should have just thrown to him every time, felt like, lol.

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