Aaron Rodgers believes game-day cameras, microphones are too intrusive

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As the NFL has gotten more and more popular, more and more cameras and microphones are swarming the field before, during, and after games, hopeful to catch pictures and/or sounds that can be used either during game coverage on TV, on the ever-growing video screens at the stadium, or for one of the various NFL Films productions.

Some players don’t like that.  Specifically, one of the best players in the NFL despises it.

I hate it,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told Dan Patrick on Tuesday.  “I don’t like it at all.”

The problem for Rodgers is the volume of recording devices.

“It’s too much access,” Rodgers said.  “There’s too much access.  A couple of games ago I got bumped in the head by a camera guy trying to get into a pregame huddle. I’m just like, ‘What are you doing?'”

Rodgers pointed out that, given the salty language of a pregame huddle, there’s little of what is said that can be used.  The postgame routine entails another layer of challenges.

“After a game, they rush you, and I’m just trying to go see somebody I might know on the other team,” Rodgers said.  “I just think the access if over the top. . . .  What conversations are private now on the field?  I’d say just about none. . . .  I understand that our game is so popular because of some of this access, but I just feel like there should be some conversations left on the field.”

He’s right, but it doesn’t matter to the NFL.  Every image or utterance becomes something that potentially can be used to entertain fans and in turn to further strengthen the bond that keeps them coming back for more.

60 responses to “Aaron Rodgers believes game-day cameras, microphones are too intrusive

  1. Yet another example of the erosion of privacy.
    Worst thing is most people don’t even care.

  2. He’s right and I am glad he’s saying it because if a so called “stand-offish” or “abrasive” type player like Sherman, Cutler, Rivers etc said it then the person would be considered a joke and the person would be attacked for even saying anything.

  3. thegreatgabbert says:
    Oct 14, 2014 8:14 PM
    Not like his T.V. ads.

    He chose to be in those ads and there is a script and a director and all that stuff in a controlled environment.

  4. If I were him or any other annoyed player by it all, I would just start dropping the F bomb in every other word.

  5. Often the speculation or imagination is much better than the actual conversation.

    Not listening is just a small part of good manners.

    Good manners are just not being taught enough today.

  6. Everyone on this site loves NFL football, including me, but in my opinion the business, and we can’t make enough money side of the NFL totally blows.

  7. It’s not going to change and it’s not going to stop, A-Rodg. There is a market for more and more access – to the players and to everything that makes up the game.

    We all have to deal with outside stressors and pressure in our jobs; almost all of us don’t make millions of dollars in the course of dealing with it.

  8. The more money the NFL makes, the more potential money for the players to make, depending on how the accounting works and the perspective of analyzing the accounting. I can totally understand why the players would prefer to have more privacy at the expense of a small monetary game, but this game is also for the fans too and I think more video and more audio is a wonderful thing overall and just one of those trade-offs that is slanted well in favor of the fans just like the players have lots of things associated with the NFL experience that are slanted in their favor.

    The fans should get more out of the NFL product and experience to enjoy and as long as the players are being compensated well for a job that doesn’t have much privacy then that sounds fair and like a wonderful privilege overall to have such a very high paying job that also comes with plenty of public access.

  9. I think what his point was that in his ideal world, there would be some things on the football field that would be off limits. So that he can say hi to friends, shoot the b.s., and crack jokes, etc. You know, be human. However, I think he admits that he realizes that just won’t be the case.

    He is lamenting, but I think he realizes it to be a lost cause.

  10. Let’s follow the money.

    Aaron gets paid precisely $22,000,000 per season. Why? Because he is an entertainer. Sponsors pay HUGE dollars to sponsor games because people watch the games because the games are fun and interesting. Entertainment.

    We could go back to the days of this being a pure, gentlemanly sport instead of it being entertainment, but then the $22,000,000 would more like $220,000.

    You OK with that, Aaron?

  11. Said differently, the NFL is the most successful reality show in history. That is why players get paid so much, and why there is no privacy.

  12. Normally I don’t even watch those segments where they feature someone mic-ed up. But I would have been interested to hear what Rodgers had to say when they were up 42-0 over the Vikings. I mean, in between the laughter, I would like to hear what they were saying.

  13. Poor Baby. Reminds me of actors that complain about media. If he and other players don’t want the media all they have to do is make sure their language is so salty it will embarrass NFL.

  14. The worst of this is that fans, I believe I’m the average fan, don’t give a rats ass about the on field interviews. I mean how many times do you have to hear, “We’re just focused on next week.” or ” They played a great game”.

    Useless, boring information not relevant or entertaining.

  15. I’d pay to hear the salty language. It would be hilarious and bring the reality of the game home. We have the technology to make this happen.

  16. It’s a part of the twitter mentality where people think they’re entitled to a direct line into someone’s private time and life … which they’re not.

    The players’ union needs to step up here and just say no to the league.

  17. Not a packer fan but I agree with Aaron 100 percent.
    The NFL needs to back off of these guys. Also the espn miked up stuff has always been brutal.Very forced emotions that seemed unnatural. I never heard one interesting thing from a player miked up for a MNF game. NFL films sometimes. Never espn.

  18. You get paid tens of millions of dollars to work on that field, if the NFL wants to sell every second of what you do and say on that field, so be it. Leave up to Erin Rodgers to whine about this.

  19. You’re in the entertainment business, the field is your stage. While on that stage, everything is fair game. There are no private conversations on the field, if you want to talk to someone privately, do it in a private location.

    Now when it comes to the locker room, that I find a little weird. Guys standing around naked or half naked after their shower with cameras and microphones everywhere. At least let them get dressed before being bombarded by the media.

  20. He’s only concerned that people will hear him getting rejected upon asking yet ANOTHER male for his phone number….so he can say to them….”just reeellllaaaaaaxxxx.

  21. Simple solution. Go back to the 60’s with 5 cameras a game. And roll his salary back too. You don’t like it, go play in Canada.

  22. I was amazed after the end of the world cup final that you could actually see the victorious players celebrating together and the losers just looking on. Why amazed? Because after every Super Bowl there is a bum rush onto the field of a thousand unnecessary photographers all trying to get that magical shot, yet all they do is ruin the moment for the players, coaches and spectators.

  23. packmanfan says: Oct 14, 2014 8:40 PM

    thegreatgabbert says:
    Oct 14, 2014 8:14 PM
    Not like his T.V. ads.

    He chose to be in those ads and there is a script and a director and all that stuff in a controlled environment.

    Packerman= think the point being made is that he can’t have it both ways, bud.

  24. packmanfan says:
    Oct 14, 2014 8:41 PM
    If I were him or any other annoyed player by it all, I would just start dropping the F bomb in every other word.
    The NFL Films recorded Boomer, Fouts, and Marino and those guys swear every sentence.

    So I’m not sure how much swearing could help.

  25. I think the world of Rodgers and the Packers. But as someone earlier stated: This is a rich guy complaint. Talk to the corporation about it. It means nothing to me.

  26. Yeah you get payed to play football but that’s not all of what you get payed for. Half of what you get payed for is to practice, workout, meet fans, do interviews, get filmed, represent your team, represent your league, and yes give away a small amount of privacy.

    But ok Aaron if your above all that then the NFL will get rid of access and just air the games, but in return you gotta make 10 mill a year instead of 20 to make up for the lost revenue. You still in favor of getting rid of it? Of course not. Which makes sense because not being able to have a private conversation for 5 hours once a week for 20-24 weeks in exchange for millions of dollars is something almost everyone on the planet would happily agree too.

    Hey Rodgers you need to gain some humility and self awareness. Your perspective is completely out of whack. You are so lucky you have it better then almost every human being who has ever lived. Yet you have the nerve to complain about such an inconsequential sacrifice that is part of the deal for being afford that life.

    Wow. Its okay though everyone. Just remember what that one man who actually made real sacrifices but was still one of the many people through out human history who wasn’t afford a life as good as Aaron Rodgers said about rich men, donkeys, eyes of needles, and all of that.

    I certainly remember and it gives me comfort every time some like Aaron Rodgers complains about a problem that I only wish I had.

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