Arthur Blank: “We know we have greater capacity” than a 2-4 record


Falcons coach Arthur Blank wasn’t willing to speculate last week about what might happen after the season if the Falcons don’t improve their results and he’s not deviating from that course this week.

He is sending the message that the team’s 2-4 start isn’t acceptable, however. Blank said that he feels the team has enough talent to warrant a better record, which leaves plenty of room for others to speculate about what might lie ahead for coach Mike Smith or General Manager Thomas Dimitroff if this year plays out in a similar fashion to last season.

“We’ve got tremendous talent, really, on both sides of the ball, coaching-wise and player-wise, and to be sitting at 2-4 after six games is very disappointing,” Blank said, via Vaughn McClure of “It’s disappointing to me. It’s disappointing to our head coach, our general manager, all of our coaches [and] all of our players. And it’s because we know we have a greater capacity than that. If you have no capacity, you’re not disappointed. When you have capacity and you don’t perform, you are. So, we are.”

Blank mentioned the injuries that have left the team without some of their top players, but indicated they weren’t an excuse since the next player on the roster was expected to play at a high level if pressed into action. That hasn’t happened often enough in Atlanta while the ongoing defensive issues that led to roster changes in the offseason haven’t gone away.

If they persist and the Falcons fall short of the postseason again this year, Blank’s words suggest he’d be inclined to find new people to get the team’s capacity in line with its record.

52 responses to “Arthur Blank: “We know we have greater capacity” than a 2-4 record

  1. Doesn’t get easier playing a Ravens team in Baltimore that has had a feast against the NFC South…

  2. I imagine that Dimitroff and Smith are disappointed with this season so far the same way I’m disappointed when I don’t hit on a scratch ticket – it’s my own fault I’m in this position, and I didn’t expect a different outcome, but that doesn’t stop me from being disappointed. Art, just watch Hard Knocks for evidence – do the talent a favor and show those two the door.

  3. Every losing NFL team feels the same way.
    They all think they can be better than they presently are.
    They just have to prove it.

  4. Not like the Falcons are an NFL powerhouse. And they are a Dome team in a city that doesn’t appreciate sports like other cities do.

  5. Falcons coach Arthur Blank wasn’t willing to speculate

    Hmmm did Smith get fired and Blank rush in to take his place?

  6. They exerted all their energy beating us in OT week 1. That was the Falclowns Super Bowl beating the Saints. Their just happy that they were able to do that. ATL is SOFT and always gonna be SOFT. Baltimore is gonna smack them around like a Red Headed Step Child !!!

  7. Saints fan here, over the years we have learned to respect Smitty, so its only fair to give the man 5-10 additional years to prove himself. Please let him stay on!

  8. That 2010 Playoff game threw the Falcons completely off track.

    They threw away draft picks for “a” wide receiver so they could be like the Packers instead of using the picks to fix the defense that allowed 48 points.

  9. Mike Smith is a defensive minded coach. They’ve had a poor defense since he’s taken over, which tells you two things:

    1.) He can’t coach up the players he has and

    2.) Thomas Dimitroff is not good at finding him any good players.

    Smith and Dimitroff are living off Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White. The rest of that team is a disaster.

  10. When you have Matty “puddle of water” Ryan as your QB, you don’t have much of a chance.

  11. This team reminds of the Lions team the past 2-3 years. They’re capable of competing with all that offensive talent and have a younger QB to build around… but you just can’t neglect the other side of the ball.

  12. They seem like a team that has tuned out the coach or stopped trying. A few years ago they were 13-3 for a few seasons and a good team. Their defense does suck, but the offense has shown they can play lights out.

  13. Blank has waited 2 years too late to make any tangible changes. Now the roster has very little talent and even less depth!

    What reasonable general manager uses consecutive draft picks to select defensive backs when the most pressing need is a pass rusher? Not to mention re-signing the oft injured & moderately effective, Sam Baker. Dimitrov refuses to admit his drafting errors and now it’ll take a YEARS to rebuild the roster…but that’ll be the new GM’s responsibility.

  14. Remember when everyone thought Dimitroff was a genius and then they found out he only signs washed up free agents and cannot draft for crap past the 1st round? Good times.

  15. wawa33 says:
    Oct 14, 2014 6:22 PM
    Arthur Blank looks like the villian in a black & white silent movie.

    Arthur blank looks like Moni Moshonov from ” We own the night”
    wawa33 says:
    Oct 14, 2014 6:22 PM
    Arthur Blank looks like the villian in a black & white silent movie.

  16. Scott Pioli wasn’t made “assistant” to Dmitroff for no reason in the offseason. Pioli will replace Dimitroff and BEGIN to restore a proper roster. I’m sure KC fans will beg to differ and that’s fine. ATL should’ve parted ways with Roddy to relieve cap space for solid role players. Outside of Jerry Rice I cannot think of a single WR in NFL history I would’ve traded my draft class for. Julio is great but he’s not worth the picks Atlanta flushed down the toilet. WRs are fun but they’re not THAT important. Plenty of teams have been far more successful than Atlanta with significantly less talent in the receiver position.

  17. Mike Smith wears sandals that my 77 year old dad wears.

    Mike Smith grimaces identically to Farley in Billy Madison.

    Mike Smith loves to run 2-minute drills when his team is down 2-or-more possessions because the threat of injury to starters excites him.

    Going for it on 4th-and-long in his own half of the field also excites him.

    Hard Knocks cut video after every single command Smith gives his players – probably so the nation doesn’t watch his players stand around, twiddling their thumbs while Roddy plays practical jokes through practice.

    Arthur Blank is clueless if he thinks Atlanta has anything more than a single handful of players worth keeping.

    But all jest aside, Smith seems like a really nice man and I am very glad he is not my team’s HC.

  18. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Oct 14, 2014 6:08 PM
    If this guy really thinks the backup should play as well as the starter when the starter is injured, then Smith and Dimitroff have no chance.

    Injuries are part of the game and every team has them. Atlanta had a long streak when they had no key injuries. Real QBs don’t have 3 win seasons because of injuries. you guys gave away your future for one fragile wide receiver. TD sucks picking past the first while even Jerry Jones id grabbing guys like Demarco Murray. Terrance Williams , Jason Witten and Bruce Carter later and picking up guys like Rolando for nothing.

  19. If he believes his own statement “we have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball”, I don’t see how the GM can be on the hot seat. It’s the GM’s job to assemble the required talent. It’s the job of the coaching staff to translate that talent into wins.

    Unless the GM insisted on the coach, above other candidates or something like that, I don’t see how he can fire his GM if he thinks he has enough talent

  20. The Falcons have a solid QB, good WR’s, and a good stable of running backs and that’s it. The OL is awful and the defense is awful. Skill players and QB can’t win football games on their own.

  21. Your stadium also has greater capacity for your opponent’s fans.

    Seriously. I know Bears fans travel well but they thoroughly took over that stadium. Ridiculous

  22. Smith is wasting years with this offensive talent. They need to find a coach that can make use of the players on that team before the declines begin or they’re shipped out. Atlanta and Detroit look like copies, talented QBs who don’t live up and WRs that put up numbers, but in the end the wins aren’t consistent. Time to shake it up.

  23. Poor Thomas Dimitriof didn’t learn from Belichick and just fell in love with those skill players. Roddy White, Julio Jones…the only thing these guys do is make Matt Ryan pretend to be an elite QB.

  24. The Steelers are Marching. 7 rings. SFL 2015. says:
    Oct 14, 2014 8:15 PM
    Good thing they play the Rats this week. Easy bounce-back
    Come on let’s not make this about the Ravens and the Steelers because sitting in last place you will just get your feelings hurt buddy

  25. Please Mr Count Chocula Blank, keep Smitty around at least until the new Sphincter Stadium is built in Atl. He’s a fantastic coach!


    Who Dat?!

  26. If they would just give the best player in the NFL Antone Smith 20 touches a game, thats 28 points right there.

  27. No Mr Blank you do not have the capacity…not by a long shot. You have no line on either side of the ball and a coaching staff that, on their best day, is mediocre. You’re a smart guy, you already know it. You’re a smart business man and organizer, now you know how the NFL works so put that talent to work. Time to clean it up from the top down. You’re head coach did what every mediocre manager does in business when they are in over their head…they fire other managers to give the appearance it was someone else and not them just to buy time. You know it, we know you know it…so fix it.

  28. rextraordinaire says:
    Oct 14, 2014 7:54 PM

    Your stadium also has greater capacity for your opponent’s fans.

    Seriously. I know Bears fans travel well but they thoroughly took over that stadium. RidiculouS

    Northern city fans give Atlanta a hard time about the amount of opposing fans in the Dome, but that’s because they do not understand. The majority of those fans did not travel. They live in Atlanta because they got tired of their own cities (mainly due to weather) or could not find work anywhere else but here.

    As much as the northern people love to bash our town, a helluva lot of them sure do live here now. And after Katrina, Atlanta welcomed an ungodly amount of Saints fans as well.

    So bash Atlanta all you want but until they pack up and move away from here, they really shouldn’t talk trash because we have welcomed them to the South.

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