Brian Hoyer reiterates being a starter in 2015 is bigger goal than remaining in Cleveland


Last month, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer was a guest on PFT Live and told us that he loves playing for his hometown team but a chance to start would trump remaining in Cleveland if things broke that way.

The topic of Hoyer’s future in Cleveland has been a popular one this season as the quarterback’s strong start has made it look like they will have to decide how to handle Hoyer’s impending free agency and the presence of Johnny Manziel. Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reported recently that Hoyer would not sign a long-term deal with Manziel looking over his shoulder, which led to questions for Hoyer about the report. Hoyer evaded it at first, but eventually gave a version of what he told us in September.

“I don’t think I need to say any more than I’m from Cleveland and this is where I want to be. But I also am a competitor, so I want to be somewhere where I’m playing,” Hoyer said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Browns have said they’re open to negotiating a deal during the season, but every good performance gives Hoyer less reason to make that happen. He’s selling himself to the entire league now and there’s no reason to stop doing that whether or not Manziel’s presence is an issue for him in 2015 and beyond. Continued success will force the Browns to choose between signing him, franchising him or letting him hit the open market unfettered and all three options will pay off for Hoyer financially and you don’t make those kinds of commitments for players who will be riding the bench.

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  1. Here is a thought. Rogers sat for 3 years. Brady sat for 2 and only got a shot due to a Bledsoe injury. Philip Rivers sat for a while behind Drew Brees. Nothing wrong with giving Hoyer a 3 year deal knowing that Manzel is signed for 4 and also is just a step behind him right now. There is no price on not missing a beat with a QB injury.

  2. Oh Cleveland dom’t screw this up. Johnny Bench is not the answer. Resign the QB that has you winning now. If you let Hoyer walk you will be terrible next year and the next and the next

  3. I was a Manziel fan in the beginning of the season but seeing how he has poorly transitioned, i wouldn’t let Hoyer hit the market with teams like Tennessee looking for a starting/franchise quarterback. You don’t know what you have until you lose it

  4. This is exactly why i cant root for the browns. they are going to let the only qb who has won in cleveland since they returned(derek anderson fluke season aside) walk for the bust that is manziel. and yes, he will be a huge bust.

  5. Hoyer has shown that he can play; Manziel has not. Keep Hoyer and trade Manziel, who may turn out to be a bust. You can’t keep them both.

  6. I don’t know why people think he will sign with the Browns to let Manziel grow into the job. He just said he’s not going to do that.

    The Browns also can’t afford to franchise him, because they can’t have that much money tied up in the QB spot, and they don’t want a “QB Controversy”. And they don’t want Hoyer beating out Manziel again next year. That would make the GM look really bad.

    He’ll be somewhere else next year.

    Ready or not, Manziel will start for the Browns.

  7. Cleveland will lock him up long term. He’ll be the starter there, for years to come. I’d expect them to try and deal Manziel, and bring up Shaw from the practice squad.

  8. For once the browns are enjoyable and they wanna go back to being the factory of sadness???????

    No way this goes through, cut Johnny football and keep hoyer.

    Signed a colts fan who suffered a horrid 2011 season.

  9. If you can’t root for the Browns it’s because you don’t want to. Hoyer is the first decent starter they’ve had since returning to the league in 99. Petine and Farmer both seem like they know what they’re doing. He’ll get paid.

  10. How bad have things been in Cleveland in recent years? So bad that Browns fans are euphoric over Brian Hoyer’s 8 completion day vs Pittsburgh.

    However, it appears that Hoyer is giving the fans exactly what they want : a few Sundays where the Browns game isn’t over at 2:15.

  11. Not a Browns fan but whatever choice they make I hope it’s the right one as I’m rooting for them to be relevant with the new regime and they got some good things going on ATM (Raiders fan here so I relate due to this past decade).

    This will be a tough one, Owner vs. GM vs. Coach (I’m pretty sure Pettine would choose Hoyer 10 out of 10 times over Manziel), fans and media…good thing is Manziel was drafted in the lower 1st round at least as opposed to a top 10 pick.

  12. Given the QB situation around the league, Hoyer is in the driver’s seat and can dictate his terms. However, he just lost his best offensive lineman and one of the best centers in the league in Alex Mack. It’s going to be tough for a while.

  13. Folks say he’s the best Browns QB aside from Anderson’s fluke season.

    Well, Hoyer could be good and he might not be.

    He’s only started like 10 games or so and those saying he’ll be good going forward don’t know that… they might want and hope he is but that isn’t a guarantee.

    There are many cases of the Derek Anderson’s playing well and getting a contract and then not playing well.

    It’s a crap shoot. Some QB’s work out and some don’t.

    Even if he plays well for the balance of this season, that doesn’t guarantee he won’t be another Derek Anderson… but he could turn out to be very good going forward too.

    The Browns have only had like 22 different QB’s or so start games for them since they began again Cleveland in 1999…

    Their track record at the position leaves a bit to desired…

    From 1998 to 2010 the Colts only started Peyton. From 1999 to 2010 it was like 17 or 18 different QB’s that started for the Browns…

    Do you bet on the Browns and Hoyer or do you side with the Factory of Sadness churning along like always?

  14. Its going to be very interesting what happens with Hoyer and the Browns. If they guy keeps winning and putting up good numbers, how could the Browns possibly sit him in favor of Manziel?

  15. Hey, there’s a lot of season left. I’m still not sold he can stay healthy for all of it. Don’t get me wrong, he’s always been a good guy and I’ve been in his corner since long before he buried that poser Manziel on the bench, but we have a ways to go still. He’s proven he can play well enough for a good contract, he still has to prove he can stay healthy enough to earn one.

  16. Not a Browns fan or hater. Actually happy that they look to be moving in a positive direction after so many years of suck-dome, but be realistic please. Hoyer was 8 for 17. He may be better than JFF right now but who knows after a year or two of sitting and learning. I wouldn’t trade JFF but I certainly wouldn’t give Hoyer top QB money.

    But its the Browns so history says they’ll do the wrong thing…

  17. It’s called a Franchise tag so he would have no choice in the matter. He would have to prove it two years in a row and at that time will be a 31 year old QB. If he does maintain it for two years the Browns could sign him to a longer deal and look to trade Manziel. If he gets hurt or starts to fall apart Manziel will get to play and get a look and Hoyer will have the option of moving on or staying in Cleveland for backup 1 type money. Cleveland is in a good position.

  18. Please sign him long term, this guy is one of us and he’s a winner and has the IT. He’s a leader and if they let him go it would be one of the worst things the Browns have done in a long time. No way they let him go.

  19. Is Hoyer’s self esteem that fragile? Isn’t that what competition is all about? Beating out the competition will keep him where he is! Does he not want someone (not saying it is Johnny Bench) behind him that can keep the ship afloat if he gets injured? You want someone capable as well as good behind you so that if you get injured, the season isn’t lost when you return. He should not fear what is behind him if he trusts in himself and knows he is better. If he proves it and continues to do it, he has nothing to worry about whether it is in Cleveland or wherever he might land if he chooses to leave.

  20. This is so easy. You keep Hoyer, you trade Manziel to Cowboys, Rams, Jets, Patriots, Titans, Vikings etc. You try to extract the highest bounty of picks possible. You then select players to fill the holes on the rest of the team.

    Not a hard concept.

  21. Smart money would seem to be on retaining Hoyer. They finally appear to have a QB that is actually a strength rather than a liability or a placeholder, and helps them win. Why would Cleveland want to disrupt that at this point?!
    I think a lot of the blah-blah-blah re/Manziel is just media manufacture. I may be wrong, but to me Manziel has the look of a Colt McCoy 2.0…

  22. Though I think he’s the best QB we’ve seen in Cleveland in a long time… And I don’t care about stuff like 8 for 17 as long as he is managing the game well and not making mistakes and leading us to a W… it still wouldn’t surprise me at all if cleveland tries to go the cheaper route or the stupid route and let him walk. I mean, that would be completely typical and fitting for a team that has made as many laughably bad decisions as the Browns have made over the last couple decades. I can only hope that Jimmy Haslam is smarter than that. We’ll see.

  23. I’m a Bronco fan that really wants Hoyer to do well just to screw the Browns. Johnny Football may just be Tim Couch with behavioural issues but we will never know until he plays. He was a reach and a gamble in regards to talent and an even worse gamble as a person. When looking for a franchise QB you want someone that lives in the film room and is a leader of men, not someone that works when on the clock then hangs in Vegas on Johnny time. Is Hoyer the answer? Really no but he can manage the game and is a slightly more competent Ryan Fitzpatrick type that cannot make mistakes and make a play when called upon. Will he be franchised? No because he will sign that thing in a second. Expect him to get Josh McCown type money somewhere. Anything less would be an insult and unfortunately wherever he lands they will soon be looking to upgrade the position. Such is the NFL.

  24. sean222 says: Oct 14, 2014 11:27 AM: Here is a thought. Rogers sat for 3 years. Brady sat for 2 and only got a shot due to a Bledsoe injury. Philip Rivers sat for a while behind Drew Brees…. There is no price on not missing a beat with a QB injury.
    This means nothing. They sat because they were behind pro-bowlers, not for their development. For Rodgers, sitting for three years just prevented him from amassing the career stats he could have had.

    And yes, a lot of lip-service is given to having a good backup QB, but teams can’t afford to keep a starting-quality QB on the bench. They are too valuable. There are fewer than thirty in the league right now.

  25. Something tells me if Joe Banner were still here in Cleveland , Hoyer would be sent packing. Anything to save a buck.

  26. Until Johnny can demonstrate the ability to read a defense it really doesn’t matter.

    What I hear is your starting Quarterback afraid of competition. That’s a real problem. If you think giving the keys to your franchise without any checks and balances is a good thing and your QB isn’t name Peyton Manning you’re setting yourself up to remain the Cleveland Browns of old.

    A confident leader does not fear competition. That’s a huge red flag.

  27. If Hoyer (God bless him… I’m rooting for him) could throw the ball more than 40 yards downfield to our merry band of Smurf receivers, I’d say re-sign him. We actually have guys that can catch the ball, unlike the Greg Little’s and Mohamed Massoquoi’s of the world.

    The issue is, once we get our burner back (pun intended) in Josh Gordon, we will need to have a QB that can get the ball to him when he gets his two steps on the opposing DB. You need to have a strong arm to get the ball through the swirling winds at the Factory in November and December. Manziel is that guy that can get the ball downfield.

    If I were the Browns, I would lock Manziel in a room for 3 months and have him watch film of Russell Wilson until he ‘gets it’. This is what we need him to be. He is slightly bigger and I believe more athletic than Wilson, but he doesn’t have the experience. Let’s not forget that this would be Manziel’s 3rd season of college football and Hoyer was released by 3 other teams for a reason, along with the fact that he couldn’t beat out Brandon Weeden or Jason Campbell coming out of camp last season. I like Hoyer, and I am rooting for him because he is our starting QB, but he will only get us so far.

  28. Let Cinderellaman continue to build his stock and then sell high. The Browns would have to be 14 karat fools to invest starters money in a 30 year old journeyman who just so happened to get his team off to a 3-2 start. Sign and trade Hoyer and hand the reins over to Manziel. If he can’t hack it, then enter yourselves in the 2015 Mariota sweepstakes. Nobody is going to get a Black Friday line started for Hoyer’s services. With a good crop of QB’s coming out in next years draft, a team would have to be crazy to put all their marbles in Hoyer’s basket.Let his thirsty butt leave.


  29. First round picks are like new cars – they depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. No way the Browns are getting a first round pick in return for Manziel without playing him, especially since the Colts already have a quarterback…

  30. I don’t think he is afraid, i think he is smart. He understands that there will be pressure to play Johnny Football from a financial perspective. He sells allot of jersey’s and marketing deals.

    Hoyer’s future not in Cleveland

  31. If Hoyer leads the Browns to the playoffs, there is no way you can let him go. The franchise has been in shambles forever, and letting go the first quarterback that is actually winning for your team since Derek Anderson’s freak season in order to start an unproven, unorthodox, hyped up quarterback off your bench would be incredibly poor decision making.

    So, that will be what the Browns do.

  32. This is all non news since we aren’t even in the halfway point of the season and the Browns are in no way in a position to be backed against the wall. IF Hoyer gets injured again or crumbles down the stretch teams will be thinking Matt Flynn or Matt Cassel and stay away. If he continues his Brett Favre Jr routine the Browns franchise him and make a long term decision after the 2015 season.

    No one in the Browns front office is loosing sleep over the QB situation.

  33. After being cut by three teams I will reserve judgement until after the season. There is a really good chance they could be 9-3 going into the last four games of the year. Taking the Bengals out as the loss the teams they are playing have a combined 9-26 record. The last four games they will tell me what I want to know about Hoyer. Colts, Bengals, Panthers, and Ravens.

  34. The big thing that Hoyer has shown is his leadership. The team has shown both last year and this that the players believe in him. It’s not lost on the Browns how the Cleveland fanbase has embraced Hoyer as their own. Many outside of Cleveland haven’t yet seen or understand just what Hoyer really brings to the team. Both Farmer and Pettine have already shown they have a good sense of football knowledge when it comes to personnel.

  35. it’s quite comical to read the comments of all these people swinging from Hoyer’s jock now, gushing to have him under center for your team next you when just about all of you were dumping on him before the season started calling him a career back up, etc.

    He’s going nowhere, and Cleveland is turning into a contender as they should be. Suck it.

  36. To all of you saying that the Browns would “franchise” Hoyer after the season… the projected salary for a franchised QB next season is in excess of $18,000,000.

    Which would make him the highest paid player on the team… by about $7,000,000.

    I truly do not see that happening, even if he doesn’t lose a game the rest of the season, won the Super Bowl MVP and throws for 6,000 yards and 60 touchdowns.

  37. If keeping Hoyer means trading Manziel, do it in a heartbeat. People are acting like Manziel’s the next Andrew Luck. Manziel wasn’t the first overall pick. He wasn’t even the Browns first pick, Gilbert was. If Johnny’s so good, why did virtually every team in need of a franchise quarterback pass on him in the draft?

    Meanwhile, we got our hometown boy Hoyer lighting it up. The Browns are scoring almost 27 points per game! Hoyer is 3rd in the league in TD-INT ratio, 4th in yards per attempt, 7th in QBR and 8th in quarterback rating. And he’s doing it with a rag-tag group of undrafted receivers.

    The choice is obvious!

  38. rogcar2 says: Oct 14, 2014 5:31 PM

    To all of you saying that the Browns would “franchise” Hoyer after the season… the projected salary for a franchised QB next season is in excess of $18,000,000.

    Which would make him the highest paid player on the team… by about $7,000,000.

    I truly do not see that happening, even if he doesn’t lose a game the rest of the season, won the Super Bowl MVP and throws for 6,000 yards and 60 touchdowns.

    A. On most teams the QB is the highest paid player.

    B. Matt Flynn after one above average game got $26 million so imagine what Hoyer would get on the open market if he led Cleveland to a playoff run playing the entire season (and there will be a lot of teams looking for QB’s this off season).

    $15 million is chump change for a franchise QB and a lot cheaper than if the Browns would attempt to sign him to a long term contract outright. If he has two straight positive seasons that’s more than enough info on him to convince Cleveland to trade Manziel and throw the bank at Hoyer. Hoyer wants to be a starter so he’s going to be demanding starter money. Franchising him is the much smarter option than either letting him walk or breaking the bank for him after one full season.

  39. I still think they will Sign Hoyer,trade Manziel and Shaw will move up.I think Shaw will be the starter in Cleveland eventually.I was surprised he was not drafted and I think he will be better than any one we have right now.He just needs a couple years to grow into it and Hoyer will give the team that.I was never sold on Manziel and still think he will be a bust and nothing more than a back up for his career

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