Cowboys reportedly plan to fine Joseph Randle


Cowboys running back Joseph Randle may lose more money than he allegedly tried to save by shoplifting cologne.

Multiple reports out of Dallas say the Cowboys plan to fine Randle somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000 for his arrest.

Randle’s representatives and the NFL Players Association may have something to say about that. Personal-conduct violations are supposed to be determined by the league, not by the teams.

Randle is not expected to be suspended and is expected to play Sunday against the Giants.

64 responses to “Cowboys reportedly plan to fine Joseph Randle

  1. Cowboys so completely outraged they will make him inactive this wek….oh wait. Never mind.

  2. Guys an idiot, as Jones is for saying he’s going to fine him. The NFL is imploding right before our eyes.

  3. Man, when you add up the cost to bail out and the find from the cowboys and/or NFL, he probably could have bought enough underwear and cologne to last the rest of his life.

  4. Owner Jerry Jones has announced that Joseph Randle’s punishment will be doing GM Jerry Jones’ laundry in addition to cleaning Owner Jerry Jones’ glasses for the next month.

  5. I just know that I’d hate to be in jail,
    Coz you know the inmates are going to ask:
    “So…What are you in here for?”

    Answer: “Stealing Underwear.”

  6. He just spent anywhere from $10-30,000 on a bottle of cologne that he could’ve easily paid probably $90 for. #derp

    The saddest thing about this story is how ungrateful and scummy Randle truly is. There are millions of people in the world that can’t even purchase food to avoid starving, yet this professional football player, who recently just pocketed a $150,000+ signing bonus and is making roughly $500,000 this year, is stealing cologne.

    I’d cut him without thinking twice, but talent continually trumps morality in the NFL.

  7. I wonder how many times he got away with this before he finally got caught? Come on, man. That’s like $100 worth of stuff at best.

  8. Don’t worry, he’ll make back that fine money with all the NFL gear he’s been stealing from the Cowboys.

  9. kwjsb says:
    Oct 14, 2014 6:21 PM
    A criminal act should mean suspension.

    As a lifetime cowboys fan, i whole heartedly agree

  10. leftysmoke says:
    Oct 14, 2014 6:24 PM

    “I’d cut him without thinking twice,…”
    yeah right, sure ya would….going out on a limb here, but let me guess, Giants, Eagles, Skins, etc… fan

  11. If they fine him that much, he’s just going to start stealing from discount stores instead since that’s where he will be shopping. WalMart security, we have a code 5 in the clothing department.

  12. We don’t need anyone like that on out team and I know Jerry Jones is intolerant of low character players. I expect him to deal with this thief very severely.

  13. You’d think Randle would at least buy Romo dinner and a movie to go with the perfume and under ware. Just saying’…

  14. Jerry Jones talking up real fast because he knows him and Roger Goodell dating, and the Cowboys are NFL favorite team. Out of everything happen in the team with the players Jerry Jones always get them out with no suspension.

  15. I lieu of a fine/suspension, pay his remaining salary to him in cases of “Brut” and “Old Spice”

  16. LOL, Jerry doesn’t do asnything, ” Jerry is coddling him!” Jerry says he will fine him ” Jerry can’t do that!!” You guys are just non stop crying. he did something stupid. It was a first offense and it was a misdemeanor. Suspesion, LOL not a chance. Also we need to get Maras decision on this.

  17. I’m a Panther fan but I’m getting tired of the idea that the NFL or some team has to somehow punish players for off field crimes.Let the justice system handle it,unless he was wearing a Dallas Cowboy uniform,it’s really none of Jerry’s business.If Jerry doesn’t want the guy on his team waive him.Did Jerry pay a fine for selling Super Bowl seats that did not exist? When will the Cleveland owner pay the NFL a fine for his off field crimes.BTW where does all that fine money go anyway?

  18. All I see is a better chance for Dallas to resign DaMarco. In a way, thanks John. You took one for the team.

  19. He’s in a position that is very disposable in the NFL. He may discover himself unemployed and replaced next year by someone with an IQ higher than his (probably about five).

    What makes it even worse is he said if he knew he was going to be arrested he wouldn’t have stopped for the security guy.

    This guy is just all kinds of idiocy.

  20. Wild guess made in the dark —– > maybe that stuff was from the female side of the department store and he didn’t want a credit card receipt with those items on it?

    You know …….. what guy would be absolutely desparate to acquire a pair of underwear AND a bottle of cologne on the same day? Why would a guy completely run out of those two items simultaneously? I bet you check the bathroom shelf of most guys and they will have 3 – 5 half-full cologne bottles sitting there.

    Furthermore, which store puts up a display for $3.95 briefs in plastic bags next to a shelf of men’s cologne? I think after the briefs you have T-shirts and socks and exercise clothing and swimwear and a rack of belts and maybe even shoes before you get to the men’s fragrance sub-department. Also ……. which store is going to put a camera on the plastic bag underwear section?

    Sounds more like one of those female sexy undergarmet stores that display fragrances on the shelf right above the rack of way-too-expensive satin items.

    Like I said, just wild guessing in the dark here.


  21. Was it grandma underwear for the cowboys to wear and celebrate their win vs Seattle? Must have made a bet like Steven A Smith that if they won they would do it

  22. He’s getting fined because he’s not living up to the Cowboys’s tradition of drunk driving, cocaine possession, etc. Stealing underwear? C’mon. Man up. Go stick something up your nose.

  23. Maybe he should play baseball instead.
    He can run and steal all day long and not get fined or in any kind of trouble as long as he is safe.

  24. Why would he feel the need to steal in the first place?
    Is he flushing all his big money down the toilet like so many NFL players do that he can’t afford those things?
    I just don’t get it why so many NFL players all of a sudden get so stupid with all that money, spend it foolishly instead of living frugally or saving it.
    And even if he does have six or seven figures in his bank account then why steal?

  25. Man it’s players like Randle that give ‘da Boys a bad name!!
    Mr Joseph Randle, I am retired and get $3,000 a month. I still have a mortgage and several bills to pay but if you need some money, give me a call and I’ll help you out!

  26. It would be funny if Jerry took him back to the store, made him return the items and apologize that he will never do it again.

    Treat him like a 7 yr old, that would be punishment enough

  27. It’s a white collar crime, and less money than required for a felony. Very, very stupid, but in the end it’s not like he went drunk driving, killed anyone, or knocked his woman out in an elevator.

    I think the punishment justified the crime. Dude got embarrassed nationally and the ordeal cost him a lot of cash. That seems fair.

  28. I know it is not as offensive as some other crimes in the NFL (Rice, Peterson). But it was a premeditated, and conscious effort to break the law. And stupid beyond belief. He should definitely be suspended. Just on stupidity alone.

    I have faced hard times in my life where I could barely pay my bills, so I ate Spaghetti and Sauce (2 to 3 bucks) every night and never once thought about stealing. It never crossed my mind because it is wrong!

    And I was not making $495,000.00 that year either. I would go commando and take a freaking shower instead of stealing.

  29. Its a damn shame, that the NCAA takes advantage of these athletes and profit so much from their names & likeness. This poor kid probably needed a few bucks for a night on the town in Dallas, which isn’t cheap. So why shouldnt he feel that he is owed something.

    Start paying college athletes, sheesh……



    wait, what?

  30. What an idiot, celebrate a big win by doing something incredibly stupid during your time off.

    Signed Dwayne Bowe Nov 2013 arrest before the 9-0 Chiefs played the Denver Donkeys.

  31. “A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty ‘Hi-yo Silver’ – the Cologne Ranger!”

  32. he needs to drug tested.had to be high to do something that stupid.makes around495,000 a yr.thats around 19,000.00 every monday clear.

  33. Maybe there’s an explanation here, as the facts do not seem to make a lot of sense. Kleptomania is a real thing. He could also just be a dumbass, but it could be kleptomania too.

  34. ok people, lets call down. all the people talking about big suspensions, etc. we’re talking about petty theft here, not some grand criminal act. Give me a break. It was dumb and he is going to pay for it. lets focus on bigger issues.

  35. Don’t think that this is the only time he has stolen something because it is not. He is a thief that does this whenever he feels like it. He just got caught this time. The Cowboys must really need him as he should have been released.

  36. I’m not sure just fining Randle is the answer. Suspending Randle for 2 games, without pay, is a better choice. The Cowboys need to make a statement. The question is will Jerry Jones make that statement, or will Jerry give Randle a pass?

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