Eagles sign Julian Vandervelde, release Wade Smith

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The Eagles have had to put their reserve offensive linemen to good use this season thanks to injuries and a suspension to right tackle Lane Johnson and it seems they decided they wanted to have a different option available for their next dip into the backup ranks.

The team announced on Tuesday that they have brought back Julian Vandervelde and released Wade Smith.

Vandervelde was waived-injured in August as the Eagles got down to 53 players. He had back surgery earlier this year, but it seems the team believes he’s ready to return to action should circumstances require they turn in his direction. Vandervelde knows the offense, obviously, and gives the team an option behind David Molk while they wait for Jason Kelce’s return.

Smith played in five games for the Eagles this year, but the longtime Texan never started a game after Kelce and guard Evan Mathis were knocked out of the lineup.

13 responses to “Eagles sign Julian Vandervelde, release Wade Smith

  1. This is a minor move, but Vandervelde may see the field this year. And Im glad he is healthy enough to come back. He is good solid reserve. The type of depth that we need.

    He is possibly good enough to start on some teams. He can play all 3 interior positions. And Gardiner is back in action to back up the T positions.

    Im very happy that we have 2 reserves, and Kelce and Mathis will be returning. Molk and Tobin appear to be long term keepers and getting better as they play. Im glad theyre there after this nightmare of injuries has plagued us.

  2. Vandervelde was competing with Molk for the backup center/guard position until he got hurt, so it makes sense to bring him back.

  3. I guess Wade Smith didn’t impress the Eagles enough to warrant keeping him over a potential backup if something happens to David Molk. A seemingly insignificant transaction, but you never know when it can come into play.

  4. They were high on Julian before his surgery and it was unfortunate that he hurt his back and couldn’t play. The one negative of Kelly’s rather complex system and training regimen it is hard to pick an older vet off the street and get him quickly up to speed.

  5. skawh says:
    Oct 14, 2014 3:32 PM
    Hey Eagles – How’s about “releasing” Bradley the racist Cooper already!
    Silver Linings Playbook was a MOVIE. Bradley Cooper isn’t on the team, much less even an Eagles fan. lol.

  6. I think he meant Riley Cooper…probably went to the same school as JPP!! LOL….and Bradley Cooper is a huge Eagles fan…..so you are wrong about that.

  7. people can diss the eagles all they want. but we are witnessing their rapid ascension to an elite nfc team, at the start of the kelly-foles era. pretty much a repeat of eagles early in the reid-mcnabb era circa 2000-2001.

    hopefully these eagles can get over the hump. they have a decent shot, as kelly is smarter than reid and a better in-game coach/adjuster, and foles is smarter than mcnabb.

    despite no SB win, the reid-mcnabb era was great for eagles fans, as it produced 3 straight years of 2 home playoff games each yr.

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