Knowshon Moreno’s season over after one game back (ACL)

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Dolphins running back Knowshon Moreno finally made it back to the field Sunday, and it wasn’t pretty.

It was also short.

The Dolphins announced this morning that Moreno was being placed on season-ending injured reserve with a torn ACL.

Moreno, who had just come back from an elbow injury, ran six times for 10 yards Sunday against the Packers.

Now, the 27-year-old back is back into limbo. He had signed a one-year deal with the Dolphins, who were hoping he’d provide a solid complement or replacement for Lamar Miller.

33 responses to “Knowshon Moreno’s season over after one game back (ACL)

  1. Dolphins shouldn’t have had him in the game anyways. Not that his old injury contributed to this one, but he clearly wasn’t 100%.

  2. As always, its one step forward two steps back in Fin-land. Makes being a fan really trying more often than not.

  3. This explains why he was nowhere to be found in the second half. I would say it’s a tough loss, but it’s as if he was never there. Lamar Miller has been getting it done. It’s his backfield now.


  4. this is great news for my fantasy team as Lamar Miller is typically one of my starters. I was worried his stats would suffer when Moreno came back. no worries now!

  5. You have a healthy Daniel Thomas and but you play a guy that is not ready to play Coaching on this team is Horrendous …CALL ANOTHER TIME OUT JOE !!!

  6. Too bad. He looked good at the beginning of the season before his first injury. I wonder if his NFL career is done now?

  7. Is it just me or are NFL season ending injuries to starters across the league occurring at an alarming rate… Look at the list of players from just this past weekend out.

    Something needs to change or we’ll be watching scabs decide playoffs in December. I’m not sure what can be done but this is not sustainable.

  8. I told ya’ all that Knowshon was gonna be a bad decision just looking for a paycheck!!! Bring in Harbaugh to coach, when the 49ers let go, because we need a coach with some balls & get us a RB in the draft!!! FIRE PHILBIN & SEE YA KNOWSHON!!! GO FINS…. NEXT YEAR!!! Oh yea Ross sell this team to a real owner that is gonna do something with it!!!

  9. Lamar Miller is now playing to impress whoever the next coach of the Miami Dolphins is going to be.

    Another wasted year under the mind-numbingly feeble ownership of Stephen Ross. Totally predictable, but still disappointing….

  10. Denver fan here. We never should have gotten rid of Knowshon. When he was benched for lack of production early in his career he never complained, never spouted off about “no respect” as many first rounders do. This young man kept his mouth shut, worked harder and made himself a better player. He is a better back than any of the ones we have now. Nothing but respect for the man and the way he handled himself while in Denver.

  11. The continuing decline of the running back position. 27 and may be done. No big money contract for him. If you’re aspirations are to be running back, don’t.

  12. I feel bad for Knowshon, he’s had nothing but bad luck with injuries. To his credit, he ALWAYS works hard to come back from them with courage and determination. Good luck to you, you deserve it for a change.

  13. I wish Knowshon the best in his recovering. Thanks for your (short) services and especially Game1 embarrassing the Patriots (they seem to be very sensitive and constantly come to Dolphins stories because we OWN the series against them and beat them the last 2 times).

    Not worried, Miller has been great and recently signed LeMichael James is about to get his chance and Damien Williams needs gametime snaps too.

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