Rain forecast for Thursday night in New England


How about a good ‘ol weather game to start Week Seven?

According to the forecast, the elements could be a key storyline in Thursday’s Jets-Patriots matchup in Foxborough.

Weather.com projects an 80-90 percent chance of rain when the teams kick off at 8:25 p.m. Eastern at Gillette Stadium. Overall, “heavy rain” is expected on Thursday night, with winds of around 10 mph. Such conditions could make passing, kicking and ball security more challenging than usual.

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN.com, the Patriots worked with slick footballs in Tuesday’s practice with wet weather likely looming.

The Patriots (4-2) have a one-game lead in the AFC East. The Jets are in last place, three games back at 1-5.

16 responses to “Rain forecast for Thursday night in New England

  1. Who honestly cares what the weather is like on Thursday. The Jets are going to the slaughter anyway, so who cares. Just another Thursday night game that is not worth watching. These games have been horrible, and this another one to add to the roster.

  2. Jets need a lot more then bad weather to stand a chance & they just flat out don’t have it
    PATS roll at the RAZOR

  3. In a related story, the Jets played with untreated footballs, because ….. they’re a greaseball team to begin with

  4. If there is wind, that will be a problem for the Patriots but rain alone has not hurt them in the past. If anything, it plays to their strengths. I would not expect rain to help Geno Smith in the passing game. One area that the Patriots need to improve is slowing down the opposing tight end at the line of scrimmage. Free releases of big tight ends that can catch have hurt them.

  5. Well, I see that as a GOOD sign for the Patriots and especially Brady. For some reason, the worse the weather is, the better he plays. Want proof? Look up his stats in games where its snowing (sorry, I don’t have the stats on hand). They are VERY impressive. Against the Bears and the Titans are two that come to mind. Brady usually plays GREAT in inclement weather. I hope that trend continues Thursday night. Go Pats!

  6. The Patriots lead the NFL in Take-Aways, Give-Aways, with +9. The Jets are near the bottom of the NFL with -7.

  7. This sets up well for the Jets. It will help keep the score close, and make it more of a running and defense kind of game. With the Pats o-line injuries and Ridley out, and only a few days to adjust for a Thursday night game, it’s looking like one of those boogered up Jets games. The Pats just need to be patient and be OK with a 1 point win if that’s what it takes.

  8. This actually COULD be a perfect storm for the Jets.

    Seeing as they typically have nothing to play for come January, any game against the Patriots is their personal Super Bowl.

    It’s not only going to be torrential downpours but also high winds. While Brady can throw a tight spiral bullet (and they’ve been practicing with wet footballs all week) in high winds these conditions equalize the QB position significantly.

    On the up-side, if the Jets win, beating the Patriots alone could be enough to see Wrecks Ryan get another year as HC of the NYJ – something all non-Jets fans would rejoice about!

    So sometimes a loss is actually a long-term win!

  9. A lot of comments about weather “leveling the playing field.” How does that work exactly? Even if the weather makes Brady very good to good, Geno Smith does not go from very bad to good. There can be no reasonable expectation for Geno to improve in bad conditions.

  10. Jets are gonna run the ball all night long. Should make it interesting because the Pats run defense is not very good right now. Still think Bill makes the right adjustments for the Pats to win.

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