Russell Wilson has the NFL’s best-selling jersey

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson may be the most popular player in the NFL right now, as fans are spending more on his jersey than any other.

According to the NFL Players Association, jerseys and T-shirts with Wilson’s name on them outsold all other players’ apparel in the fiscal quarter from June 1 through August 31. Wilson took the top spot back from Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, whose jersey sold like hotcakes in the first few weeks after the Browns took him in the first round of the NFL draft.

After Wilson, the next best-selling jerseys were those of Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was No. 6 and Manziel has dropped to No. 7. The highest-ranking defensive player was J.J. Watt, at No. 10.

The player whose jersey surged the most over the summer was Bears receiver Brandon Marshall, who went from No. 31 in the last jersey sales rankings to No. 13 this time around.

Jersey purchases are the most common way for fans to show their loyalty to a player, but not the only way. Peyton Manning sold the most Fatheads in the last quarter, while Eddie Lacy sold the most bobbleheads.

98 responses to “Russell Wilson has the NFL’s best-selling jersey

  1. Because I’m wholesome, and Christian, and…Okay, in spite of the fact I can’t throw a downfield pass to save my life…er, I mean, team!

  2. If Russell Wilson had just signed with my Colorado Rockies like he was supposed to, maybe they’d be in the MLB playoffs and my Denver Broncos would have won the Super Bowl.

  3. I was recently in Wisconsin and saw a lot of sconnies wearing Wilsons Seattle Jersey because of his college play. That may play into an extra 5-10% of sales that put him over the edge. Plus, he’s now a super bowl winning qb that hadn’t sold any jerseys yet.

  4. That’s because kids love the neon crap that’s all over it. And most can’t count into double digits anyway.

  5. And nowhere do you see anybody outside of Seattle wanting to wear a Richard Sherman jersey.

    The best defensive player doesn’t have to remind you he’s the best defensive player and by that I mean JJ Watt.

  6. Not a Seahawks fan, yet he deserves this – seems like a class act with great skills – his only problem is his coach who can be a goof sometimes – great coach though

  7. Plus, he’s now a super bowl winning qb that hadn’t sold any jerseys yet.

    Incorrect. He’s had the #1 selling jersey for months, and been in the top 5 since last season.

  8. That reason is easy. According to the seahawk fans, he is the GOAT and will easily triple the total number of jerseys sold since the NFL has existed! He will soon be followed in order by the other 52 members of the seahawks.

  9. Did he buy one for his ex-wife? The one who stuck with him on the way up and got dumped right before he cashed his lottery ticket?

  10. Makes sense. He’s a great QB and Super Bowl champ, and also a true class act (unlike so many of his teammates). I’m not a Seahawks fan but I’d wear his jersey.

  11. Hey I think that’s great! But as an elite qb hes not even close…..
    kapp out plays him every week along with 20 other qbs hes way overated!!!also their 3rd in the division right now LMAO….
    And how many starters are we missing? Just goes to show u how good the 49ers depth is and how are draft has been….
    Cowboys beat up on seattle at home..
    49ers beat cowboys at cowboys home….

  12. He’s a special player, but he’s far from perfect.
    I think the Dallas game showed that if you can contain him inside the pocket, he hasn’t yet mastered the ability to make all the throws.

    Granted, that’s a pretty big “if.”

  13. Anyone else see all those wagons behind the stadium while the Boys were plucking the seachickens, the sign on them read, this way to Texas.

  14. Past the age of 12, never wear any jersey but your own.
    But it is totally acceptable to get a jersey for your girlfriend–at any age.

  15. Deservedly so. One of the best dudes in the NFL.

    We all know this happens because humans are unashamed bandwaggoners, but occasionally it happens to the right person.

  16. “if seattle fans were so great, then how come the sonics left? lol”

    Its not really very funny grimreaper. Greedy owners a stupid poticians can always mess up a good thing and it had nothing with the fans. That team had a very successful 41 year run in Seattle and attendence was never a problem.

  17. Even more laughable is the number of 12 jerseys purchased by Seahawks “fans”. what a joke. None of those hipsters knows anything about football, but they want to feel cool and right now the cool thing is being a seahawks fan. So these hipsters buy 12 jerseys….

    Is there anything sadder than an entire fan base that roots for the fans? they literally go to games to be fans and be “loud” and have no idea whats happening on the field. look at these “fans” next time you watch a game. They dress up like idiots and the entire experience is about being a cool seahawks fan. So sad, I feel bad for the few true Seahawks fans out there that have to deal with these skinny jean wearing hipsters.

  18. The phony Russell Wilson bit is getting old. He is such a great guy that his wife left him. Guy puts on such a show it makes me sick. just be yourself and stop acting like a good too shoes.

    And your fake “leadership” is running its course. but keep on with that fake smile and false bravado.

    Really going to enjoy watching this guy’s career crash and burn.

  19. Seahawks will be lucky to finish 8-8. They look surprised that teams even dare try to beat them, and it’s starting to cost them.

  20. But, but where is Andrew? He’s been playing very well, but will never win a SB as long as this little short #3 is in the NFL.

    Mark it down.

  21. His representatives also emphasized that Wilson has the league’s best-smelling jersey. “Russell does not sweat, as far as we know, never has. Sometimes he glows, or shines, but there is no body odor associated with that…..”.

  22. I just don’t get the amount of hate directed at Wilson here. The guy is a total class act on and off the field, plays the game at a elite level, and oh yea, won the Super Bowl last year. I understand the amount if hate Sherman receives because he brings a lot of it on himself. But Wilson is an overall great guy and doesn’t deserve this.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans.
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes

  23. Hey Russell….it’s not about the number of jerseys…it’s about creating a passing game.

    Hint – Get OC Bevell fired, like yesterday!

  24. As a longtime resident and season ticket holder of the Seahawks, I have to admit there is a lot of “bandwagoning” going on here. However, this happens in most towns when the hometeam is winning. The aspects I find most laughable are all the folks attempting to become “superfans” by adorning costumes and/or creating blogs in an attempt to be an expert in all things Seahawks. I can conclusively say, all these types of folks were nowhere to be found at the end of the Holmgren era, through the Mora “not really an era”, as well as the first 3 years of the PC reign. Yes, there is a large diehard fanbase, and I know who you are. All the rest are attention hounds trying to somehow stoke their own ego.

  25. why is such a mediocre qb selling so many jerseys ? russell is horrible. does anybody watch him play within the pocket? he cant deliver. he has to scramble in order to make plays. he is mike vick 2.0 with a good defence and run game.

  26. macdaddyspeed brings up a good point about fans, if the team is trash (2011 colts) and you stick through it, then area legit fan.
    I reremember the 7-64 beating against the saints on Snf

  27. Reality being what it is, you can’t make up stuff like “Peyton Manning sold the most Fatheads in the last quarter”. Question, while I would imagine most of us experience some sort of envy at times, is it healthy to express it by letting everyone know you would take some manner of perverse pleasure in seeing someone fail?

  28. I know that I’m not the only one who heard Cowboys fans chanting defense during the fourth quarter on Sunday…so much for that “12th man”

    Matter of fact, the stadium was very orange when Denver played there. #FakeFanBase

  29. “Did he buy one for his ex-wife? The one who stuck with him on the way up and got dumped right before he cashed his lottery ticket?”

    She was a cheating harlot that deserved to be kicked to the curb.

    I get it. You can’t find anything wrong with Russell Wilson’s game so you have to make it personal.

  30. How can you not admire and respect a person like Russ. As a Hawks fan I feel so fortunate he’s on our team.

  31. And all this Seahawks hate is pathetic. None of you would give a crap or take the time to read all of their articles and post comments about them if the were irrelevant and not any good. Face it…you hate this team because at one point or another they’ve beat your team into submission.

  32. Am I the only one who saw Mr. Cool Russell, known for not losing his cool, lose he cool after being chased by the Dallas line on practically every passing attempt?

    The expression on his face suggested he was very rattled. Could that have contributed towards his lack of a passing game? Or was it the horrid O-line, or Mediocre, with a capital M mind you, receivers?

    I’m sorry, that offensive scheme is the LEAST intimidating of the entire NFL. They’ve zero passing game, no receivers that can create distance from defenders, and once you’ve stopped Marshawn Lynch it’s game over…3 points created by the offense against Dallas? At home? In that stadium?


  33. “Face it…you hate (the Seahawks) because at one point or another they’ve beat your team into submission.”

    The Colts haven’t lost a meaningful team to the Seahawks since 1998. (Congrats: they beat Jim Sorgi in 2005.)

    Back to the drawing board with THAT allegation…

  34. He can thank Trey Anastasio for that. If only there were a player on the Eagles by the name of Marco Esquandolez… PHISH – We are everywhere!

  35. Only clicked on this link to come to the comments and read all the haters get their panties in a bunch that a Seahawk has the #1 selling jersey in football. Thanks for not disappointing. We’re 3-2 and played like garbage last week and you’re all still scared of us. I love it.

  36. Wow, there’s a shock! Nice guy, visits children in the hospital…and WON the SuperBowl.

    There’s a jersey parents can get their kids, because he’s a TRUE role model. Would you want your kid to act like Wilson? Most people would say yes!

    I say this as a Lions fan, but I can appreciate a stand up guy…even if he’s not on our team 🙂

    Go LIONS!

  37. gayforbrady says:
    Oct 14, 2014 1:29 PM
    If the Pats sign Incognito he will have the top selling jersey.
    I guess that then you could say that the fans were traveling incognito.

  38. Well sure..most are band Wagoners..want to wear a jersey of the “hottest” at the moment..just like Rg3 in 2012…next year it will be someome else…so WHO CARES!?!

  39. Well then. Jersey sales are the absolute deciding factor in the players greatest. Wilson jerseys are number one sellers, Wilson is the best qb in the league, right? Hahaha. Best part is, a bunch of morons who know nothing about football (and there are more than plenty) will equate apparel sale to ability. Wilson has been marketed well by the league for sales. Wilson is an average qb.

  40. Are they counting Devon Still’s jersey? His jersey has raised something like $1.2 million for pediatric cancer research.

  41. Wilson announced in April he was divorcing his wife of two years, Ashton Meem Wilson, amid rumors that she’d cheated on him with former teammate Golden Tate, who denied it.

  42. Oh man, I probably won’t sleep tonight because all the haters on here said those mean things about Rusell Wilson. LOL, ha ha ha ha ha… NOT!!!

    Your hate is almost as delicious as your tears, you sensitive whiny little losers. Go ahead and wallow in your envy and jealousy. Wallow in the fact that your life is small and meaningless and you’ve never done anything of significance. Cling to your hate because that is all you have.

    Meanwhile, Seahawk fans will just keep on enjoying our champagne and watching the greatest QB in the game do his thing. Oh boy, does it ever feel good to be champs.



  43. The Colts haven’t lost a meaningful team to the Seahawks since 1998. (Congrats: they beat Jim Sorgi in 2005.)…

    Way to go INDY, beating the Hawks in a regular season game last year. Remind me again where your precious Colts were during the Superbowl? Oh that’s right, sitting on their couches watching the Hawks destroy the greatest offense in NFL history. The Colts haven’t WON a meaningful game since 2007 and won’t anytime soon.

    Wilson <Luck

  44. seahawksfansince2013 says:
    Oct 14, 2014 1:27 PM

    No surprise here. Elite quarterbacks have top jersey sales.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans.
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes
    What gives you that idea? I’ve not once, EVER heard ANYONE wishing a shehawk player was on their team. Care to elaborate?

    Oh! And what, exactly, is your definition of “elite”. You might want to revisit that one. Is it his one SB? Because I can’t think of anything else you could possibly be referring to and if that’s the case then you must also consider Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Joe Flacco and Jim McMahon elite.

    Then again, seeing your username, I can’t help but wonder if your statement was a facetious one. Then again, I think I will take you seriously since there were no shehawk fans before 2013 anyway.

  45. Don’t wear jerseys because I’m a grown man but if some of you are gonna worship strangers and sport the gear there are certainly worse people in the league then Wilson.

  46. She sticks by her man while he is a nobody….then as soon as he makes it big she cheats on him with a short donut stealing number 3 receiver? Seriously, Golden Taint??…..that has to sting.

    Karma for all that bullying.

  47. Did he buy one for his ex-wife? The one who stuck with him on the way up and got dumped right before he cashed his lottery ticket?
    His wife didn’t get dumped for nothing. She was sleeping with another one of the Seahawks (now an ex-Seahawk). Color HER the stupid one!

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