Tom Coughlin tells Giants to shut up and play

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There were many, many words said by Giants players last week.

There were, however, no points scored by those players.

So coach Tom Coughlin’s message to his team Monday was clear — shut up and play.

“Coughlin has already preached the ‘Talk is cheap; let your shoulder pads do the talking,’ ” defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday. “We had a lot of meetings [Monday], and it’s been reiterated that [the talk] didn’t get us a win. We have to focus all of our energy only doing things that will help us win. We understand the message.”

They better, because things aren’t getting any easier for the Giants.

Just as it seemed they were getting the hang of this new offense, they’re forced to try it without star wide receiver Victor Cruz, lost for the year with a knee injury.

And a defense that couldn’t stop the Eagles Sunday night now has a string of games against the Cowboys, Colts, Seahawks, 49ers and Cowboys again.

So while they might not stop those teams either, they at least won’t be adding any more cheap motivation via trash talk.

“From the very beginning, this has been a first-class organization, especially when it comes to respecting your opponents and never doing anything to cast a negative light on this organization,” Kiwanuka said. “We get it. We understand it. We’ll move on from it.”

They better start quickly, or the moving on will only just be beginning.

29 responses to “Tom Coughlin tells Giants to shut up and play

  1. That picture was how Coughlin looked all night. It reminded me of the Seinfeld line: “like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.”

  2. I’m not sure that Coughlin is going to get through to punks like JPP, Rolle, DRC and that 3rd stringer who bent Sproles backward long after the whistle blew. Even down 27-0, the Giants were chirping and Shady just quietly pointed to the scoreboard.

    Let’s see if the G-men are going to man up in Dallas on Sunday or if this season is going to quickly slip away.

    The talk last week drove Coughlin crazy………..the result drove him crazier!!

  3. Lose your best WR, on a 3rd string RB, everyone figured out the new TE and the defense is patchwork at best for a NYG team. Shut up and play is about all he can say. I don’t think it means many wins are coming.

  4. You sign a guy like DRC you effectively state you don’t care about “Class” and just want potential. So when he talks trash and then abandons ship during the game Sunday night with an “injury” – you see what you get.

  5. This team is going nowhere…they made the birds defense look like the 85 bears… And they aren’t

  6. What a surprise….DRC couldn’t return in the second half because of “back spasms”! It’s not like him to quit after a game is out of reach. The dude is a joke. Has all the physical qualities that you’d look for in CB, but has never had a heart. Glad he’s the Giants problem now.

  7. The Giants have been a hard team to figure out since Coughlin became the coach. The play like trash and Tom is on the hot seat, then boom, Super Bowl.

    That’s a pretty tough stretch of games coming up for them. Figure 1-1 on the Cowboy games and that still leaves Seahawks, Colts, and 49ers. They will be lucky to finish those 5 games 3-2. And it will probably by 2-3.

  8. Fans don’t give the psychological aspects of the game, enough consideration. These players are all the best and elite, whose athletic ability is known and made aware of, by their performances in colleges and other known preliminary resources. “Let your play do the talking for you,” that’s how you’ve initially became known, in the first place. Lesean McCoy(Eagles), learned this the hard way. After one great season, getting a new contract, driving a Rolls Royce to practice, wearing Liberace clothing and claiming, “I’m the best running back and will get 2000 yards!” He got more yards in the game against the Giants then he did the entire first 4 games of the regular season, cause he’s learning to keep his mouth shut. Ego’s are like anyone at the top of their professions, or in the professional rankings. Competitors tend to take these comments personally and challenge those making, “I’m the greatest,” statements. If your any good, they’re going to focus on you anyway, but not as a personal issue. These are lessons to be learned during the maturing process, for young players. Most of the greats, that have been around for awhile, do not “Blow their own horns!” Think about it and learn to mature and keep your mouths shut. Personally, as an Eagles Fan, “I want to thank you for the psychological edge.”

  9. vegasdestroyer says:
    Oct 14, 2014 10:31 AM
    I understand the Giants. They can beat lousy teams and get beat by a good one.

    They haven’t gotten beaten by a good team since Week 2. They were simply off their game Sunday night.

    What the EAGLES have done is beat lousy teams (not including NYG) and get beat by a good one (SF).

  10. It’s one game. We’re not as good as the team that blew out 3 straight opps and not as bad as the one who Philly just killed. If we’re somewhere in between, that’s a 8-9 win team. Things break either way, we can be better or worse. I’ve seen enough of this team in my life that I’m not going to start watching sunday bmx biking because of this loss. If they go out and pound Dallas, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  11. Excuses, excuses. I’m a long time Giants fan and know exactly what this team is capable and incapable of this season. This was a must win game, heck each game is a must win for this team as it showed how inconsistent they can really be. They won three good games against three decent teams. But I don’t see any strength nor see any possible run towards the playoffs. Anything other than winning over half of the next five games would be unacceptable as they have no room for errors.

    Trash talk is a part of rivalries but it really doesn’t work when the team where most of the trash talk came from doesn’t only lose but gets shutout at the same time.

    In every competitive sport, a team’s record does all the talking that’s needed!

  12. All the big mouths from the press to the players to the fans and little blue comes up with what they really are, n that giant fans r a BIG ZERO. Mr invisible with the biggest mouth of all the little giants as usual gets shut out just like his team. I’m talking about jpp. What a fruad this guy is. They took a phyicial beating on both sides of the ball, but if u listened to the giants n their fans talk, u would think the Eagles would b the ones who were going to catch a beating. The giants r the most overrated team in football n I’ve been saying that for months now. Giant fans, eat your hearts out. Lol

  13. This was one of the worst losses I have seen in a long time. I have been really disappointed with the Giants in the past but I was disgusted this by this last game.

    I dont care how promising Beckham looks we needed line help. Now every team is going to take the Eagles foot print to defend us.

  14. They were pathetic but its only 1 game. Its the giants, not going to go through a year without a game like this.

    The only thing that I wasnt suprised about was again how bad the special teams was. Blocked punt, penalties, let up a 43 yard return, absolutely zero blocking by the gunners they punted 6 times and we were credited with 1 return for -1 when beckham got drilled. Its the same garbage every week on special teams. TOM QUINN NEEDS TO GO AND SHOULD OF BEEN FIRED YEARS AGO. Coughlin get rid of this bum, the other issues at least fewell has proven he can rebound and even Macadoo in his short time but Quinn, its week in and week out of mistakes and blunders

  15. I heard the Eagles making the trash talk with their moquing of Eli Manning and nasty characticutures. He has class and never answers back or defends himself. I honestly do not remember the Giants talking any trash. If JPP and Rolle did then they deserve what they got but I did not hear it.

  16. Moving on or not, with the Giants upcoming schedule, they’ll be 3-8 in the blink of an eye. But that said, I would love it if they would knock off the Cowboys this Sunday.

  17. “What the EAGLES have done is beat lousy teams (not including NYG) and get beat by a good one (SF).”

    The Eagles beat themselves in that SF game. They easily could have won that game if they would have been able to score on 1st and goal from the 2 yard line. I don’t think its fair to call the Colts a “lousy team”. In any case, their schedule gets tougher starting next week. They’ll have every opportunity to show how good (or bad) they are, against stronger opponents.

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