Colin Kaepernick: “I don’t know what I’m being fined for”

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San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick was given a 15-yard penalty and a fine of $11,025 after an official said he used a racial slur on the field. Kaepernick insisted he had said no such thing, appealed the fine, and today won the appeal — sort of.

On appeal, Kaepernick had his fine cut in half. But Kaepernick now wants to know why he was fined at all, as the appeal officer apparently believes him that he didn’t use a slur.

“If you’re going to say I used a racial slur and come back and say I didn’t say it, then I don’t know what I’m being fined for,” Kaepernick said, via Matt Maiocco of

The NFL Players Association has also said Kaepernick’s fine should have been eliminated, not just halved, after the finding that Kaepernick hadn’t used a racial slur. That point of view makes a lot of sense. If Kaepernick didn’t say what the official said he said, Kaepernick shouldn’t be fined for what the official said he said.

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  1. You’re being fined for not fitting the pretty boy, corporate America image that the NFL wants their quarterbacks to portray. Straight up.

  2. His comments make perfect sense – what exactly IS he being fined for? Me, Drew Brees and pretty much everyone else would like an explanation.

  3. If the NFL can’t take care of something this simple (i.e. he didn’t say it so no fine), then it is inevitable we are watching the beginning of the end of the NFL. Oh it will take awhile, and football may never die off completely, but as those who grew up with the sport DO die off, they won’t be replaced as no one will put up with this parade of idiocy.

  4. not a fan of kaep, but this is just crazy….why fine a guy who said nothing bad ?!!

    goodell and his gangs need to be fired for running a huge monopoly!!!

    and why is the nfl still tax exempt as non profit ?!

  5. Well, I guess you’re less intelligent than I thought. Scratch that. I never thought you were intelligent in the first place.

  6. The NFL is to big and wants more.
    They aren’t capable of what’s on their plate now and they want to expand.
    The NFL clearly showing the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

  7. Doofus original reason for appealing was that “I didn’t say anything, and Lamar Houston said he didn’t hear me say anything.”.

    Then film showed Kaepernick clearly jawing at Houston, so he changed it to “I didn’t say anything racial.”.

    Then Houston said that yes, in fact, Krayonneck did direct a racial slur at him.

    The only reason they cut the fine to half is that they couldn’t find clear evidence of it.

    But that massive persecution complex won’t let it go.

  8. No Kap fan but I have no idea why he’s being fined either.

    Another sign of how totally detached the league has become from its fans.

  9. This case sums up the NFL disciplinary process very neatly: Arbitrary punishments imposed seemingly at random with no apparent understanding on the league’s part about what they’re doing.

  10. This is pathetic. The NFL is becoming the NBA with this bullcrap inconsistent micromanagement. It’s taking up way too much time and attention away from the game itself. Thanks, Goodell, for ruining a perfectly good game.

  11. The NFL is a joke these days.

    Ryan Munday was fined $ 22,500 for a legal hit in Sunday’s Bear, Falcons game. No penalty on the play and officiating expert Mike Pereira also called it a clean hit.

    When i$ enough enough for the NFL.

  12. Who are you people ????
    -Patrick star

    Lookin at you league office. Honestly the league office is shady with its enforcement of personal conduct.
    Im a colts fan btw.

  13. So, did the ref just make this up for his own amusement? Did Lamar Houston say that Kaepernick made a racially derogatory comment just to be a jerk? Come on.

    Kaepernick weasels every time the spotlight shines on him. This is no different.

  14. Still amazed with what PFT censors in the comments and what they allow. Just amazing to me that a legit critique of an article or a writers position is censored or disallowed but hate spewing trolls continue to get through.

    Hmmmmmm PFT comments are as consistent as the NFL’s fine system.

  15. How is everyone agreeing with Kaep?? LaMarr Houston said he said something racial to him when asked.

    Done. Case closed.

    It’s like a teenager when busted “what, what’d I do? I didn’t do anything!” when you saw the whole thing. Just stop…

  16. Obviously Kaep DID say something to draw the flag. I’d bet good money that Kaep said something but it wasn’t a “racial slur”. The distinction between racial slur and foul language is the reason why he still got a small fine.

    But, seriously, foul language on the field should never EVER draw a flag. If it goes out over the air on broadcasts into homes everywhere, then there SHOULD be a big fat fine (because most “bad” language is against FCC regulations).

    Or we, as Americans, could do the right thing and do away with being the morality police. It’s just words. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    Also, the term “Redskin” is a racial slur. So you can’t say that during a game either.

  17. He used a racial slur and is fined for it, yet an organization’s name is considered a racial slur to most outside of the fan base and the league completely ignores it because it is native Americans.

    How much was Percy harvin fined for giving away a football after a called back td when just a few weeks earlier a Steelers rb was fined over 5k for tossing a ball into the stands after a td.

    No consistency.

  18. The NFL rule prohibits abusive language directed toward opponents or officials. It doesn’t have to be racial language. Profane language is included.

  19. I think that it’s time to have an independent arbitrator administer all fines and suspensions in the NFL. The arbitrator could be paid jointly by the NFL and the players union so he wouldn’t be beholden to either side.

  20. You are being find for looking like a D-Bag when you have your hat on sideways and pretty much looking like a tool. Probably one of those guys who has sunglasses on indoors at night.

  21. And if you think this case looked ridiculous, just wait for the following scenario because you know it is coming: Star player is accused of domestic violence and immediately suspended several games only to have it come out the charges were completely fabricated either by a jilted girlfriend or somebody trying to extort money. Team loses key games due to player being out, but there’s nothing the league can do after the fact except announce they were “following policy.”

  22. Dude, it’s like this everywhere you go. “The Man” is always going to take your money and not tell you why or lie to your face about where it’s going. Apropos being that it’s election time and all. If someone see’s an opportunity to take your money and walk away, it’s just going to happen.

  23. It depends on what slur he used. C’mon now, we all know that the PC Police deem that some racial/ethnic slurs should get you banned from your profession for life, some should get you fined/suspended, and some should not result in any discipline at all.

  24. @bigtganks

    How is everyone agreeing with Kaep?? LaMarr Houston said he said something racial to him when asked.
    Don’t be clueless:

    Nobody agrees with Kap it’s the fact that they reduced it at all yet not all the way. The NFL either needs to say “we agree with the ref and LaMarr” and leave the fine or release the fine. They can’t say Kap is not-guilty but only cut the fine in half.

  25. It was likely pretty clear that he said it, but the NFL couldn’t provide absolute proof. You know, kind of like if your work punishes you for things they might have allegations you did. They’re not law enforcement, so they don’t actually have to prove whether they’re right or not..

  26. This reporting or Kaep’s understanding of the finding must be a mistake…..If he did it, then a fine is imposed, even if reduced……but to say he didn’t do it and no violation finding means no fine…….

    More to come on this, I am sure…..

  27. I hate Kap and the 49ers but why is he getting fined here? Houston said Kaepernick didn’t say anything racial to him so what’s the problem?

  28. The explanation is actually pretty simple. The fines offset the cost of Mr. Goodell’s $40 million dollar salary. You have a problem with that? That will be a standard fine of $7,853.47 for having a bad attitude … and because it’s Wednesday.

  29. explosionsauce says: Oct 15, 2014 5:42 PM

    Still amazed with what PFT censors in the comments and what they allow. Just amazing to me that a legit critique of an article or a writers position is censored or disallowed but hate spewing trolls continue to get through.

    Hmmmmmm PFT comments are as consistent as the NFL’s fine system.


  30. Fine money goes to help retired players. Who may not have a room filled with brand new shoes they don’t wear. Those less fortunate than yourself, Inkstain. Give it a rest.

  31. Yeah, I’m a Seahawks fan but I hate this fine. It’s just beyond stupid to me that grown adult men are being fined for saying bad words. Laughably stupid. You don’t want it going out on the broadcast? STOP broadcasting your field microphones. It’s been a problem since I was a kid in the early 80’s and heard Curt Warner cussing out one of the Raiders linemen. My parents laughed and I laughed, who freakin cares what words they use?

    God, this nation is getting carried away with the over-sensitivity. Grow a pair, people.

  32. hjb99992013 says:
    Oct 15, 2014 5:30 PM

    Is he really that dumb?

    care to elaborate? Apparently 75% of the people who voted on your comment are wondering if YOU are really that dumb.

  33. @patsfan1820 – Actually Houston did verify the referee’s call and admit that Kaepernick used a racial slur. The fact that he wasn’t fined the full amount was because they had no clear audio proof of him saying it. It was his word against the other two guys word. They could fine him half because he originally said he didn’t say a thing, then admitted that he “says things out there” after film clearly showed him yapping at Houston.

    So they give him the benefit of the doubt on the racial part and fine him for profanity, which logically would be a lesser infraction.

  34. Janet Jackson flashes a nip and nothing.

    Kaepernick is African American and called another African American the N-word. How is that a racial slur ?

    If Jim Harbaugh called Blaine Gabbert a ‘ craker’ is that as slur ?

  35. explosionsauce says:
    Oct 15, 2014 5:42 PM
    Still amazed with what PFT censors in the comments and what they allow. Just amazing to me that a legit critique of an article or a writers position is censored or disallowed but hate spewing trolls continue to get through.

    Hmmmmmm PFT comments are as consistent as the NFL’s fine system.
    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! PFT doesn’t realize that their ridiculous censorship policy is turning people off to them just like the NFL’s ridiculous policies are turning them off to fans. Yea we still come here and read but we go back to our other team boards and watch the hatred for Florio and this place grow. I hope you understand this is happening. You’re on the same path as the NFL and don’t even realize it.

  36. explosionsauce says: Oct 15, 2014 5:42 PM

    Still amazed with what PFT censors in the comments and what they allow. Just amazing to me that a legit critique of an article or a writers position is censored or disallowed but hate spewing trolls continue to get through.

  37. 1phd is right. I would bet anything that the inconsistent and sometimes draconian moderation policies are driving traffic away from here. They don’t seem to realize that we come here not so much to hear from the writers but more to hear from each other.

  38. So the “non-racial but bad language” comment drew both a fine and a penalty flag. So much bad language is used on the field, f-bombs seem to make it into the broadcast for every game – coming from the field mic’s. It’s pathetic to think that he got a personal foul from the ref, then an arbiter pleads that the racial slur accusation was baseless; and how much was the game affected by that call? If memory serves, the call took away a 3rd down completion.

    I see it as the refs trying to sway the outcome of the games. It happens all the time, especially when one team is “a lock” to win – Vegas needs to cover their behinds and one of those zebras is getting paid, just like they found them doing in the NBA. The NFL has peaked and this is just outright ridiculous.

  39. It should’ve been the full fine or nothing at all.

    Either he said something that deserved a flag and fine that you can prove or he didn’t.

    It’s like saying you might’ve killed someone but we’re not sure so instead of life in prison we’re just going to give you 50 years.

  40. Tomorrow, Goodell will announce a press conference to discuss the Kaepernick fine, reporters will ask him direct questions about what Kaepernick actually said, Goodell will dodge the question, well aa you aware Reporter A, we instituted a new language policy that we are enforcing. Well Commish what was exactly said, Goodell says well as you aware Reporter B, we attempted to get the audio from Fox, and they denied our request.

    Commish, why is he being fined at all if your arbiter cut his fine in half? Well as you aware Reporter C, we are constantly trying to do better. We have formed a new Abusive Language Comittee to improve our process., drinks a sip of water out of a water bottle, looks at his watch. Any more questions? Ok, thanks time to go to dinner.

  41. With this BS I seriously doubt that Roger will meet the promised deadline of getting the NFL house in order by the next Super Bowl.

  42. Everyone seems to be operating under the assumption that the NFL said “he didn’t use a racial slur”. The reason for the fine reduction is that they had nothing “clearly showing that he did”. Outside of the statements of the referee and the other player involved. It’s Kaepernick’s word against that of the referee and Houston, they gave him the benefit of the doubt.

  43. Re: kerzondax

    Spot on, except the “beginning of the end” likely came and went a long time ago.

    Probably around the time the league owners took the official stance that getting your brain mashed into the walls of your skull could not possibly have any adverse health effects while refusing to compensate the cripples whose labor and permanent injury they got fat(ter) off simply because they were born into wealth (attained through crime no doubt, unless you think you can “work your way up” and “save your pennies” to being a billionaire).

    Or the time they took the stance that it was some breaking new scientific development that getting your brain slammed into your skull could possibly damage it, while putting together a pathetic joke of a “class action” injury case to give a few pennies to each player and eliminate their ability to sue for actual compensation.

    Or the time they decided to start flagging and fining the players anytime they did their job and hit people, because they pretended to “care about injuries”, while refusing to take action that would actually reduce injuries, specifically brain injuries, like putting padding on the OUTSIDE of helmets so you don’t have two hard objects clacking into each other full speed transferring all the impact into the brains of the people colliding.

    Because they care more about not doing anything to upset the monopolies of their “sponsors” than any player’s health, as blatantly proven by fining Kaepernick for the brand of headphones he wears (can you get any more absurd?) more than Julius Thomas was fined for diving into the side of the knee of a player who was facing and engaging someone else.

  44. Could it be any more obvious that he did, in fact, say exactly what they thought he said, but the NFL can’t have one of its young QB stars in a scandal, but they still keep a minimal correction as a deterrent/warning?

  45. I can’t stand Colin and the 9ers because they beat my Packers all the freaking time. But I can’t stand BS even more. And that’s what this is. BS.

  46. The Steelers are Marching. 7 rings. SFL 2015. says:

    We’ve already told ourselves that we’d never agree with Kaepernick on anything.

    You’ve also said that you’ll be starting your own league next year. Have fun being the first team to be demoted to the NFL’s minor leagues!

  47. We the jury find the defendant innocent of all charges and sentence him to 18 months in prison.

    This is how the NFL thinks the legal system works. The sad thing is the amount of people here who actually agree with them.

  48. Colin.
    The owners have already rolled around naked in that $$.
    They cannot give it back. They are plotting how to get the other half back.

  49. Not sure if the NFL is on its way down or not, but this fan is getting fed up. The game is becoming secondary to all the flags and fines, and it is not near the compelling all American sport that it once was. When the NFL expands overseas, I am out. The NFL is just a greedy corporation that will do anything for a buck, and never gets enough money or power. Its an old story, and I am about as sick of it as I can be. Time to find a new diversion, and it won’t be sports.

  50. They fine these players all this money and yet players keep on doing what they are doing.
    Time for a new approach.

  51. He doesn’t understand because people have been letting him off the hook for years when he pulls the “I don’t understand” act. Way to represent a franchise.


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