Colin Kaepernick’s language fine cut in half on appeal


Colin Kaepernick apparently said something bad.

But it wasn’t half as bad as originally thought.

According to multiple reports, the 49ers quarterback’s $11,025 fine was cut in half on appeal Tuesday, with no evidence he said the “N” word to Bears defensive end LaMarr Houston.

There was a high degree of he-said, he-said in this case, but Kaepernick was apparently able to convince the league that the language he used was just profane, and not racially tinged, with the arbitrator saying it was “general profanity not use of racial slur.”

23 responses to “Colin Kaepernick’s language fine cut in half on appeal

  1. Crabtree was mic’d up and right there…..seems cut and dry to me.

    Houston first said he said nothing, than after Houston was flagged the next week for “inappropriate language”, he changed his story. He doesn’t seem credible.

    Ah screw it…. he has tattoos and wears his hat backwards, let’s just fine him half anyway…

  2. Still think the NFL is handling this all wrong. Every large coorperation in this country has well established rules and guidleines to handle employee complaints of this sort. If another player or employee of a franschise hears something that offends them, take it up with your employer…..Refs flagging it? NO.

  3. Colin Kaepernick needs to grow up like 2 years ago. At this point he is just another person that doesn’t get it and probably never will. Hope he saves his money other wise I am predicting broke by 40. Hell I still put 50 bucks on him being in jail by time he is 28. You have to act the part of franchise qb if you want to be one.

  4. Whatever. The flag at a critical point in the game was what really mattered — and that didn’t get reversed — so it’s all good to this Bears fan.

  5. NFL had too save face on an error. So they fined him for something other than the original offense.

    They should have erased the fine all together.

  6. There was a high degree of he said, she said,

    He said: “Watch your mouth there kid, didn’t your parents teach you anything?”.

    She said: “I’m a rebel and I don’t care what you think… [high pitched snickering]…… and stop picking on me!”.

  7. This is stupid.
    The NFL is stupid.
    Roger Goodell is stupid.
    Greed is stupid.

    So what can we do to remove this virus and keep football intact?

  8. the arbitrator saying it was “general profanity not use of racial slur.”

    Thats a penalty and a fine now? Huh. You do not have be be a professional lip reader to know that rule is not being enforced.

  9. No evidence and they fine him anyway?
    In a related story, NFL players will now start to be charged for just breathing since all air within a stadium and practice facilities is owned by the NFL.

  10. Let’s all criticize him and call him a loser for making more money than every commentator here put together…while not conforming and wearing his hat backwards….LOSER!!!

  11. So, “general profanity” is a finable offense now?
    This will make my Grandma very happy.

    BTW, just like the NFL, my Grandma also doesn’t like it when players hit each other very hard.
    Especially when they don’t apologize to one another
    after. Maybe she should be on on the rules and
    competition committees, too.

    Ugh ! These clowns are making things up as they go.
    Mark Cuban, hat’s off to you man, you called it.

  12. Just to add, since we all know the NFL is a top-notch organization, which
    holds ALL it’s personnel to very high standards. It must now enforce .
    this new rule in all its League offices, as well. I’m assuming cussing in
    their offices will now cost the offending potty-mouth, a $5,512.50 fine.
    Right? Get on it PFT.

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