Colts say they respect Burfict, don’t view him as dirty


Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict has developed a reputation as a dirty player and committed his dirtiest plays ever on Sunday, when he purposely twisted the ankles of Panthers players in pileups. But as the Colts prepare to face the Bengals and Burfict this week, they say they don’t view him as a cheap shot artist.

Asked if he plans to talk to either his players or the officials about Burfict, Colts coach Chuck Pagano said he doesn’t think that’s necessary.

“No, the guy plays extremely hard,” Pagano said of Burfict. “He’s a really good football player. Got a ton of respect for him. He’s tough. He’s hard-nosed. He’s downhill. He can run. He can cover. He’s everything you want in a linebacker. It’s our job just to make sure we get a hat him, we take care of him and we don’t let him wreck the game. Because he’s more than capable of doing that whether it’s sideline to sideline playing the run, playing the pass, blitzing, whatever it is. He’s a great player. So I’m not worried about any of that stuff. I’m just worried about trying to get him blocked.”

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said no one on the team is thinking about Burfict’s reputation.

“Yeah, to be honest I don’t think our locker room has been reading about it, talking about it,” Luck said. “We know him as a good football player and the other stuff I guess takes care of itself. So yeah, ignore it I guess would be the sense. He’s a heck of a football player, obviously you respect that aspect of it, but everything else is sort of not our deal.”

So the Colts don’t view Burfict as a cheap shot artist. It remains to be seen whether the Colts still feel that way after Sunday’s game.

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  1. & just like every team to date from his first game they will likewise (due to his rep) also be routinely chipping him late & shoving him after the whistle to try to provoke some kind of retaliation

    Quite mindfully & to his credit, Burfict from the beginning has liewise been wise to this tactic & not retaliatory. Somewhere large % of the ‘excessive’ personal foul penalties he’s wracked up so far have been arguably bogus or mis-assigned due to officials targeting his college ‘rep’ as well

    I’m a season ticket holder & this stuff is just obvious seeing it live off the ball between snaps & in stadium

  2. Their not going to come right out and call him the dirty cheater he is but you can bet they will be watching for it.

  3. It is football. Since its inception, if you have a weakness, the defense is going to go after it. This is nothing new, just a bunch of new age whiners.

  4. Coach Pagano coached in Baltimore. He had the job Marvin Lewis had.
    He gets it.So does his players a handful of them came from Baltimore. Its a physical sport. Those whiny Panthers should get over it. We all see dirty plays happen every Sunday. Unnecessary roughness. Hmmm, that’s a yellow flag. I wonder why.

  5. Bet that the $25K fine is also reduced on appeal … only in super slo mo is there any ‘infraction’ or assignment of intent or idea that VB would be aware whether the player(s) he’s trying to stop from crossing the goal line via ankle-tackles in either instance actually had crossed in real time … plus there is NO grasping or holding with closed hands of either ankle post-contact with the ground, let alone any subsequent 2-handed twisting … look at the film!

  6. They’re just saying that because they don’t want to get their ankles twisted

  7. @coltsrein

    Also be watching for your Colts to intentionally provoke him after the whistle … so far ALL teams have done this

  8. Burfict is the best LB in the NFL. Over half his persona foul penalties (and that includes both from this last game) are bogus. He needs to clean up a few things, but he hasn’t stomped on anyone’s head or pulled a Steeler move by breaking a kickers jaw. Most comments on this site are driven by a deep bias against the Bengals.

  9. Rust Belt and/or Midwestern teams/players don’t cry about what Burfict did.

    Those players see it week in and week out from junior high to the pros.

  10. beelicker says: Oct 15, 2014 6:49 PM


    Also be watching for your Colts to intentionally provoke him after the whistle … so far ALL teams have done this
    So he’s not just a dirty player, you’re saying he isn’t the sharpest knife when the drawer.

  11. The colts have played Burfict before. That last stupid sentence about “we’ll see after sunday” make s it sound like this is luck and crews first encounter with Burfict, and its not.

  12. beelicker says: Oct 15, 2014 6:49 PM


    Also be watching for your Colts to intentionally provoke him after the whistle … so far ALL teams have done this
    Vontaze’s mom is getting a bit defensive.

  13. All the media piling on on this is really getting old. The guy gets flagged for breathing. He plays lights out. We need more of that. Football shouldn’t be turned into a game of toss and catch. All you sanctimonious better than thou so called fans who keep say he’s dirty probably haven’t really watched the man play. You look a a freeze frame and are ready to ban the guy for life. Jeeze.

  14. @ufanforreal

    VB wears the radio helmet for the D & makes the calls & pre-snap adjustments on the field since he was a rookie so … no


    The fact that every team so far has tried to provoke him after whistles is just that … fact

    Sometimes it’s just been comical how much he already knows & expects it’s routinely coming his way

  15. mibengal — You’re an idiot. It’s one thing to play hard. It’s another to do dirty stuff like twisting other players’ ankles.
    This guy needs to get suspended. But what I really hope happens is someone just happens to hit him in his knees and he misses a game or two.

  16. The Colts aren’t stupid enough to make an issue of it off the field and give the bungles bulletin board material.

    Funny where’s Drusty proclaiming the Bengals are “high character” and never ever ever do things like this, and that it must have been made up by the league.

  17. But he did twist their ankles I saw it on the replays and that is not right. It is dirty and I think he should be suspended..

  18. @charman

    In order to ‘twist’ an ankle you’d have to grasp & manipulate it with BOTH hands … in neither instance is this what VB does on either play … look at the tape

    Olsen himself turning over with his foot kicked up & locked into VB’s armpit is what causes any ‘twisting’. He did that to himself …

  19. Burfict isn’t a dirty player. He’s physical, aggressive, smart, instinctive, everything that mad the hated stillers good. He was turned in by a kicker, and complained about by 2 prima donnas (Newton, Olsen) who neither were hurt.
    Hurting either one would damage the “powerful panthers” chances of beating other AFC North opponents which hurts the Bengals.
    Whiners. They never should have got the stupid tie. No NFL kicker with no wind in the middle of the field, with a perfect snap and hold should miss from 38 yards. Shut up, take the gift, and man up you bunch of Carolina wusses.

  20. *Bruce Buffer voice*

    “He stands 6′ 1″, weighing in at 248 lb, fighting outta Cincinnati, Ohio, Vontaze ‘The Anklosaurus’ Burrrrrfict!!!”

  21. All Greg Olsen, Grant Gano, and the rest of the panthers did was make it known public that they are soft.

    Funny how no one has complained about Tez until now. He has played the same. And anyone who has ever played football in AFCN territory has grown up playing this same way.

    Maybe Jon Martin should join Carolina, he would fit right in with the rest of sensitive cry babies

  22. You guys that think Burfict is great, keep thinking that. If you are a fan on any other team, you will find out different when/if your team plays against him. I have watched him more than one game deliver hard late hits on QBs and other players. Are there other players that play like him, unfortunately yes. Does that make it right, no. I respect any player that plays all out hard. (football, baseball, basketball and so on) I have zero respect for a dirty player and do not think they belong in professional sports.

  23. For all of you young ones out there look up Art Donovan. Not only was he a very good football player but he missed his calling doing stand up. He was a guest on Johnny Carson many times. When asked who was the dirtiest player he faced he replied Conrad Dobler because he would always bite people in pile ups. If you think this has not been going on from H.S. to the pros for decades you have never played the game. By the way I am not a Bengal fan or a homer.

  24. The Colts have a guy in Erik Walden that headbutted Delanie Walker while he wasn’t wearing a helmet last year!! Of course Burfict isn’t dirty.

  25. First off, don’t comment he’s dirty or not until you’ve watched the tapes about 5 times each, it’s hard to see, and barely there, but he did it. It’s also obvious that he wasn’t trying to end their careers, he just wanted them to feel a little pain. In the scheme of things this was nothing and the Panthers seem more like Nascar drivers than NFL players. Dirty yes, wrong yes, but well below other dirty players moves. The Colts are right on about Burfict, he’s a heck of a LB. Olson also mentions the hit on Kelvin Benjamin as head hunting which drew a flag and both Olson and the Refs were wrong. Burfict is just coming off concussion protocal so he was not trying to hit with his head, when Burfict started the tackle, he was aimed toward his waist, and Benjamin dropped his head as he came down. Burfict managed to throw his head left so he hit with his shoulder and forearm, this was not head hunting. So many of Burficts flags and penalties have been like this, he hits hard and draws a flag.

  26. What is wrong with Burficts coach and manager that they look the other way. They are just as dirty as he is to have a player be a dirty player. All 3 should be fired.

  27. It was a deliberate attack –to see coming to all of us except Benjamin who made his play and the ankle twisting is clearly seen. He could have ended Olsen career had he got the other foot but he got mixed up on which foot was injured and Olsen was able to stop him before he finished the job.

    There are players who have been arrested for assaults on other players.

    Either way –play football not go out there to deliberately take players out and its obvious too often from the tapes.

    I really hate when teams ruin the game by starting to take players out because they are losing the game and its so obvious. That is not good football. Those kind of people who are like that should join the fake wrestling teams or start a fake football team where they can twist legs and arms and heads if they want and stop ruining the game of football.

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