Gerald McCoy criticized for his good sportsmanship

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There are plenty of things the Buccaneers are doing wrong right now, plenty of actual things to criticize.

So it was bizarre and stupid when a former Buccaneers player went on the radio this week to criticize defensive tackle Gerald McCoy for helping opponents up after a play.

According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, the goodwill gesture became an issue on a local sports talk station this week.

“If people really pay attention, then you would also notice that when someone on the opposing team gets hurt, most of time there’s one person who walks on the field and says a prayer, and that’s me,’’ McCoy said. “That’s who I am and that’s who I’m going to be. If you don’t like it, get over it. I’m going to help people up because I’m a good sportsman and because football is temporary; sports is temporary.

“People have families and kids, wives. And 10 years down the line … what about that guy who you’re so concerned about how hard he’s going and he can’t play with his kids because he’s out there killing himself? That’s what I’m concerned about.’’

As if being a human being were a sign of weakness, McCoy said the fact he came to work the day after his wife gave birth to twins should be a sign of his commitment.

“On July 15 I had twins,’’ McCoy said. “On July 16 I was up here in the rain running gassers and hitting the bags. If you know another person doing that, then you can talk to me about how nice I am.’’

McCoy’s one of the few bright spots on that team at the moment, and picking at him for this seems nothing more than an attempt to get attention.

Because no one can honestly be that dumb and have a job in the media.

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  1. Sounds like something the “Big Dog” Steve DUImig would say. That guy is a tool. The great Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon used to do the same thing. He was a warrior during the play and a gentle giant when the play was over.

  2. Wow, criticized for being a good sport. Remember young people are watching this guy being a good sportsman. He is a good example and he gets trashed? This isn’t right.

  3. You don’t even have the quote telling us what the other guys criticism was. Guess you can be that dumb and still be a member of the media. As I’m sure everyone reading this knows.

  4. “Because no one can honestly be that dumb and have a job in the media.”

    You sure, Darin? I’m pretty sure the media is helping to lead this country into an age of complete thoughtlessness. It’s not completely the media’s fault. Our society wants what they are getting.

    We are a dog forever chasing it’s own tail at this point.

    That might not register with a few readers. We are a Kardashian chasing her own behind at this point.

    (Cue circus music)

  5. The NFL would be a better place if more players acted like McCoy. You can go all-out and be intense on every play and still demonstrate good sportsmanship.

  6. Good for McCoy he understands what being a good sportsman is all about.

    The people complaining are the ones who warmed the bench ………. in pop warner.

  7. The local radio hosts here in Tampa are nothing but brainless doofuses anyways, and the select few that were good have left town. Calling McCoy out for helping up an opponent just shows how idiotic these hosts really are. So long as he keeps knocking them down, I see no issue with him helping them up too.

  8. It is nice to finally read a positive story (of sorts). At least hearing what a good sport and person he is. As for the person taking the shots? Maybe you should listen to McCoy and take some lessons from him.

  9. I’d rather have the guy who’s picking up others rather than the guy who’s being picked up. A genuine good guy and unbelievable talent- I’d love him on my team.

  10. Reggie White used to always do the same as well. McCoy is one of the 3-5 guys not playing terribly (and actually playing good in his case) this year. Tampa sports media is simply awful, go after Lovie Smith for his outdated philosophy and making a decent defense horrible so quickly.

  11. So when will you post an article showing Vontaze Burfict’s good sportsmanship when he ran onto the field to help up Luke Kuechly when he was injured?

  12. People can be even more dumb and be in the media. The TMZ stalkers and gossipers are a prime example.

    Guys like Gerald McCoy and Reggie White play hard but have a much longer term view of life. They have class and self respect whether the team loses, wins, or ties.

    Nobody likes a sore loser or ungracious winner.

  13. Saw this past game him flying around, looking like a terror on the d-line. I bet those O-lineman wish he’d play a little nicer between the whistles.

    I suppose nobody is perfect. Come to Carolina, I’m sure they’ll appreciate your efforts.

  14. Civility is not a sign of weakness but sincerity is always subject to proof. McCoy is endowed in both characteristics is therefore—a wealthy man—rich in human dignity.

  15. I remember the criticism when he was drafted ahead of another D-lineman. Turns out he is the anti-Suh.

    Both are great players who give their all but that’s where the similarity ends. McCoy is a credit to the game, and the game right now needs all the good guy image it can get!

  16. Good for him. He plays with intensity and then has the good sportsmanship to help an opponent up at the end of the play. Every team could use more players with his ability and approach to life.

  17. Good for McCoy. I really like guys that can go out on the field and kick some butt, then be a good sport about it.

    Anyone who says something negative about him being a good sport, is a bad sport. And there is nothing worse in sports, than bad sports, or bad sport fans.

  18. I was raised that a real man respects his opponents and rivals. Helping another teams player up or even congratulating one on the spot for a play is not only the way it should be, but should also earn respect among their peers.

    Good game, McCoy. Hold to your values and karma will sort out the rest.

  19. Absolutely a class act – with all the arrogant stuff happening in football, with showboating and grandstanding Mr. McCoy rather than being criticized he should be held up as an example of what it means to be an opponent and a good sport. Criticizing him is like criticizing the man who hands you a $100.00.

  20. Expending energy to help an opponent conserve energy isn’t good sportsmanship … it’s dumb. Help your own teammates up.

  21. I may hate the Buccaneers but McCoy embodies a true professional. The criticism is unwarranted and ridiculous in this case. Didn’t Schiano show what a jerk he was last year by complaining about it?

  22. He also is looking to the future because you never know who your teammates will be tomorrow.

    Good sportsmanship should never be discredited or discounted. It speaks volumes of his character.

    Bravo Gerald!

  23. Not enough guys like this at this level. Only a classless loser doesn’t like this guy’s attitude.

  24. For whatever reason I always had a (unfounded) negative impression of McCoy until now but I also confess to ignorance on that front. I can now clearly see I was way off base – now there’s a guy you want your kids watching!

  25. “Football is played between whistles. So pick the other guy up.”

    If you pick the other guy up, at a base level you are expending your own energy and saving your opponent’s energy. Multiply this out through an entire game and it makes a difference. The “game” is from kickoff until 0:00. It’s not bad sportsmanship to expect players to adhere to that.

  26. Gerald McCoy has always been this way. GK, as he was known at Southeast High School, befriended my then-freshman and very white daughter, who is all of 5’0″ tall and 110 lbs soaking wet, and he protected her like a big brother throughout their high school years together. Everybody knew that if you messed with her, GK would be on your a** and nobody wanted that. He is simply a decent, honest and thoughtful guy who happens to be a top-5 DT in the NFL.

  27. My guess would have been Ian Beckles too. Ian can’t even sniff McCoy’s jock, so why comment about someone who’s in a league that you could only dream about. Ian Beckles definitely says a lot of things to draw attention. But, a lot of media people are like that, they try to swim upstream to stay relevant. That tactic only lasts so long before people start to figure you out. And Beckles is definitely someone that’s cliched. What a joke.

    Trash talk and intimidation are for scrubs who have average to below average NFL talent.

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