St. Louis could be ramping up efforts to keep Rams


As talk intensifies that one or two franchises from the Rams, Raiders, or Chargers will return to L.A. (yes, all three once played there), the powers-that-be in St. Louis could be trying to ensure that the Rams don’t make the move.

Brian Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported a proposal could soon be coming for an open-air stadium along the St. Louis riverfront between the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge and the Lumiere Place Casino and Hotels.  A retractable roof is possible, but a lidless venue seems to be both cheaper and more politically viable.

Burwell calls it a “serious movement” to build an “impressive” new venue in St. Louis.  But time is of the essence.  Because state and local officials opted not to do what an arbitration panel concluded would be necessary to put the Edward Jones Dome in the top 25 percent of all NFL stadiums, the Rams now have the right to leave after each and every season.

Some think owner Stan Kroenke, who remains silent on pretty much all issues about pretty much everything he owns, already has determined to take the Rams back to L.A., with his recently-purchased acreage in Inglewood becoming the landing spot for the new stadium.

The team’s fans (however many there really are in St. Louis) remain caught in the middle.  Burwell writes that Kroenke was booed at halftime of Monday night’s loss to the 49ers, a game that celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Greatest Show on Turf.

It’s no surprise he was booed.  Kroenke could soon be dropping the curtain on the entire production, and taking it back to the place from which St. Louis lured it, with a new stadium and the promise of major upgrade after 20 years or the ability to exit stage left.

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  1. I go down to st. Louis every year for the Rams and Niners game and the Rams fans are classy fans. Actually a very good time. If L.A. wants a team they should have an expansion team. No fan base deserves to have their team taken away. Keep em in St. Louis!

  2. As a Hawks fan I am also (or was) a Sonics fan. Although the Rams were once in LA the Rams one a SB in St. Louis which to me makes them much more apart of St. Louis (in the SB era) than they would be in La, BY FAR. The NFL has shown its all about money more than ever this year (see looser Commissioner) and with the Rams owner buying land in LA I think its very sad for Rams fans and just like here in Seattle when we lost the Sonics it was to little to late as the local politicians wouldn’t get creative on showing a want to keep the team and thus they went where a city would and the NBA welcomed it. As you all have seen and now we have seen ,when you win a SB and have a good team the town makes money. If you guys were winning the team would stay but win your loosing its easier for them to rob the team from you. Just like it was with the Sonics, the team had lost for a decade and so the fight by us fans wasn’t enough to stop it. However there is a famous guy here in Seattle (Mark Collins) who formed an organization called save our Seahawks. Look into it and contact him, it’s a hell of a story what this guy did and with out him the Hawks would have been in LA in 1998.

  3. How is it the STL fans are taking the blame for this. As a city we paid a King’s Ransom to get this team. We have endured 16 losing seasons out of 20. Yet we continue to see 70-85% capacity at home games. We love football here in STL. If the league allows them to leave I am done with NFL.

  4. Here is a story about what Mark Collins did to save the Seahawks. Perhaps a Rams fan out there could get inspired by this and do the same.

    A lot of fans have been follwing the Seattle Seahawks since day one (1976), never missing out on a single game. I can’t claim to have been a fan that long, but there are plenty of you out there that can. However, how many of you can claim that your undying devotion to the team saved our beloved Seahawks in their darkest hour?

    In 1996, then-owner of the Seahawks, Ken Behring unceremoniously divorced the Seahawks from the Pacific Northwest and tried to set up shop in southern California. Obviously it didn’t take, but what a shock to learn that our beloved Seattle Seahawks might have become the Anaheim Seahawks.

    Lifelong fan Mark Collins started a grassroots group called, “Save Our Seahawks” in late 1995 after he decided that the multiple rumors probably weren’t a coincidence. In an interview with back in 2005, Collins said it all began after a Raiders game in December:

    “The day after the Raiders game in the Kingdome (we kicked their butts by the way) on December 17, 1995. I was watching the 11:00 pm news and once again, there was another rumor that Ken was moving the team to California. I had had enough. I instantly sat down and wrote Behring a letter letting him know that I was forming ‘Save Our Seahawks’ and that I vowed to be his worst nightmare and never let him move the Seahawks out of Seattle. Actually, he was faxed the third draft because my lawyer made me clean up the first two. I also sent copies to all the media in the Seattle area.

    I went to a friend of mine, Dean Olsby, who owned The Little Red Hen restaurant by Greenlake in Seattle and talked him into teaming up with me. We put a donation jar at the bar. Most people thought I was crazy, but some did throw a few dollars in the jar just to shut me up.

    It wasn’t until some six weeks later (February 2, 1996) when Ken made his move and my life changed forever.”

    S.O.S was intended to rally together the fans, gain donations for the cause and gain public attention to stop Behring. This proved difficult as this was a low point in Seahawks history and the group became a full-time volunteer job for Collins. At this time the Seahawks ticket sales were way down and they were fourth place in fan-interest, coming in behind the college Huskies team.

    Hiring a lawyer to be ready for the anticipated announcement, Collins set in motion a lawsuit the day that Behring declared a move of the Seahawks out of Seattle. The Seahawks did spend a week down in California, caught in limbo while the S.O.S movement quickly gained media attention and the NFL stepped in. With a $500,000 fine threat to Behring to bring back the Hawks, the team turned around and returned north.

    There were negotiations and Paul Allen was sought out as a potential new owner to buy the team from Behring. Allen ended up taking on the Seahawks in 1997 after his family convinced him to do it as a fan more than a financial investment. Under the agreement that a new stadium (Qwest) would be built, the Seahawks were home to stay.

    “Save Our Seahawks” finally got their official plaque of recognition for all their hard work in 2009.

    In February of this year, a fellow fan gifted a 40-yard-line Super Bowl ticket to Collins as a gesture of appreciation for his long ago role in helping save our Seahawks, who would not have made it to MetLife Stadium without him.

  5. NFL owners are greediest people on earth, they threaten with relocation if they don’t get the tax payer to pay for the stadiums. NFL owners should get TAXED. We should boycott games until they reduce ticket prices.

  6. Once again, Spanos family will not sell any portion of the Chargers, which rules out the AEG/Farmer’s field option, since AEG wants a cut of the franchise.

    Additionally, no known effort has been made by the Chargers to explore viability in L.A.

    With AEG/Farmer’s out of the question, and no surveys in L.A. conducted by the Chargers to facilitate their own move, there is zero chance that the Chargers are moving, at least not until they explore a site, including all the environmental impact studies and all the other red tape necessary to build a site.

    Whoever moves to Farmer’s field, which is generally speaking, green lit and ready to go, they’ll need to sell some of the team. I assume that rules out the Raiders as well. No clue about Rams/Kroenke, although I can’t think of any reason he’d want to divest in his club.

    Since he has purchased a huge parcel in/near L.A., it’s safe to assume that it will be the Rams moving to L.A.

    Maybe Raiders or Chargers move and share a stadium with the Rams, but that would be really stupid.

    Now, Oakland to San Antonio on the other hand…

  7. It would appear that the only way St Louis fans can rid themselves of Jeff Fisher is to have the franchise move to Los Angeles. So, in the end, it’s probably worth it.

  8. NFL should be charged with racketeering for their continued shake down efforts of taxpayers to subsidize a private business for hundreds of millions of dollars

  9. Just another post of a greedy NFP owner. At least Roger is out of the limelight for the foreseeable future; or until he’s granted his golden parachute release.

    What I’m trying to understand is if this is a stadium issue; or, an attendance issue. The Cards and Blues seem very well supported and the new baseball stadium downtown is a beautiful facility.

    Of course, greed does as greed wants and I’m sick of hearing about these owners. Mark Cuban anyone?

  10. Maybe I’m late in realizing this, but it dawned on me this morning that Jeff Fisher’s successful history with relocating teams may be one of the reasons he was hired.

    For three years in a row (1996-98), he had no home field advantage and managed to procure 8 and 8 seasons all three years. Then the first season in their new Nashville stadium, they went to the Super Bowl and then were 13 and 3 the following season.

    (1996 the Oilers played in an empty Astrodome since the fans knew the team reached a deal with Nashville, 1997 they played in a half-full stadium in Memphis three hours from Nashville, and in 1998 they played in Vanderbilt’s tiny stadium which was never sold out.)

  11. Isn’t Kroenke from Missouri ? I still don’t see this happening. I’ll never forget the day the Colts left Baltimore, I was just a little kid but I remember my family being devastated.

  12. If a team moves to LA, what city will the NFL use as leverage for markets to give in to their demands? London I suppose? Although that’s less believable.

  13. St Louis got the Cardinals from Chicago and lost them to Arizona and then got the Rams.

    The Rams started in Cleveland, went to Los Angeles, and then St Louis.

    Each probably needs some relationship advice.

  14. The league likes to talk about how much money a franchise can make being in L.A. but they don’t like to talk about the hundreds of millions of dollars a team would have to pay as a relocation fee not to mention California being one of the highest tax states in the nation. So how much financial sense does it really make?

  15. Would the Jaguars or Titans be the logical teams to move since they are far less stable than any of the teams under consideration, especially the Jags?

  16. If they move back to the West Coast, they lose that 1 pm Eastern start time that’s been so advantageous for them over the years…

  17. I respect the people of St. Louis, but those who keep trashing Los Angeles as the place that lost football three times keep forgetting that the stadiums were very ugly and way too big and capacity for people to go to. St. Louis has had three attempts at football, minimum. They had the Browns, the Cardinals, and now the Rams. When they have loyalty issues and the Edward Jones Dome has too many San Francisco 49ers fans in their seats why is no one trashing St. Louis?

    The majority of NFL cities are bandwagoning cities and true loyalty does not exist anymore.

    The Rams should play wherever they want to play and feel where they get the best support. However they should do the first and foremost thing before they ruin their future even further, fire Jeff Fisher.

  18. I am torn on this one. I never want to see a fan base lose their team due to a greedy owner but then again I am sick of my team having to go to frickin Missouri to play a divisional game. St. Louis is NOT in the west….maybe require their divisional games to be at 4:00pm Eastern time and they will win my full support…

  19. Don’t worry St. Louis fans, the Jaguars would love that open air stadium riverfront stadium.

  20. So Los Angeles has lost three NFL teams and they still believe it’s a viable location. I know there are football fans there, but are there enough after all of these years of no franchise…which I don’t recall a fuss being made over the Raiders and Rams leaving. Maybe it’s that there are so many transplants there that having some other town’s team is noxious to them. The league should expand there. Let the team grow with the city so that they look at it as their own. Then again, losing would drive the casual fans away like before and it doesn’t look like the Chargers are eager to partner up, Raiders and Rams don’t look appealing either.

  21. primenumber19 says: Oct 15, 2014 9:02 AM

    Move em back to LA. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s insane Missouri has two teams?


    You don’t really understand the geography of Missouri, do you? Or, at the very least, where Kansas City and St. Louis are located within the state. Both are on the state line and situated to have a multi-state fanbase, they aren’t limited to just Missouri (as you implied). If the Cardinals and Royals play in the World Series, are you going to say the same thing?

    So no, no one else thinks it is insane that Missouri has two teams.

  22. St Louie has the biggest bandwagon fans in America. They even had to pre-sell the seats in a stadium that wasn’t built, before the Rams would agree to move there.
    They won a SB then had a losing season and everyone jumped off the bandwagon.
    Couldn’t keep the Cards and now in jeopardy of losing the Rams.
    But LA doesn’t deserve another shot either.

  23. The Jags already have an open-air riverfront stadium called EverBank Field. We are happy with it to.

  24. It appears that Fisher was hired because of his experience/success in moving Oilers team in the 90s. I recall reading that he added a moving bonus to his contract in taking the job w the Rams.

  25. Give LA an expansion team. As well as OKC. Thunder built a huge fan base so why not? 32 to 34? Or since every place seems to want a team so make each division have 5 teams? If need be as much as I don’t like it but an increase in teams may mean an increase the games from 16 to 18 and take away 2 preseason games? That seems alright. There are so many places that could use a team. Just leave London out of it. I’m ok with a team in Toronto.

  26. What do the Arizona Cardinals, Sacramento Kings, Oakland A’s and New Jersey Devils all have in common?

    They all got the hell out of Missouri.


    Don’t forget the Baltimore Orioles – they were the first to leave in 1954.

  27. So you boo the owner during a primetime game and then want to complain that he may move the team? Clearly you can boo him if you want, but please spare the rest of us your crying when he moves them. He’s writing the checks.. it doesn’t mean he gets a free pass, but he certainly is calling the shots.

    You mess with the bull and you are going to get the horns.

  28. The NFL made this mess long ago when they let a couple of teams relocate, then had a chanch to put expansion teams back in those markets and went to others instead. If they really want two teams in LA, build the damn stadium and put two expansion teams in it.

  29. St. Louis may be this country’s best MLB city. However, the fan base has been treated like a stripper at a frat boy keg party.

    First it was the Bidwill family, who moved the Cardinals from Chicago to St. Louis to Phoenix.

    Then it was the Los Angeles Rams franchise, once owned by the Irsay family who traded it to Carroll Rosenbloom, who owned the Baltimore Colts, for the Colts. When Mr. Rosenbloom died, control of the team went to his second wife, Georgia Frontiere, who was a St. Louis native.

    If this sounds kind of like an incestuous soap opera, perhaps it is as the current owner is a successful businessman who married into one of the world’s wealthiest families. How much of his success is due to the cachet of the WalMart connection?

    At the same time, the stadium lease/renovation conundrum seems to have been fumbled by the local politicians.

    Bottom line: the NFL fan base in St. Louis appears to have been held hostage, mostly because those who have owned the teams seem not to have cared much about the fan base.
    If the Rams leave, the football fans in St. Louis will likely have to console themselves by rooting for Mizzou in the SEC, because the NFL would probably put a team in London rather than try it again in St. Louis.

  30. The NFL about greed. They let criminals play as long as they produce, they hold hostage cities to build stadiums at the states expense, and they require strong attendance when the product sucks. The Rams fans have done nothing but support a horrible product for most of their time in St. Louis. What other business can make huge profits when their product or service is no good. If Kroenke moves the team out of St. Louis, everyone in St. Louis should never support the Rams or Walmart ever again! It’s sad and unfortunate this is what the NFL is now all about.

  31. That Monday night game was sad. Prime time against a premiere team, with a special anniversary event and there were lots of empty seats and even more San Francisco fans. That dome has been as sleepy as a church most Sunday’s. St Louis obviously doesn’t want them so take them to LA and garner some energy for a change.

  32. The Bidwills didn’t mistreat St. Louis, St. Louis and the Baseball Cardinals mistreated the Bidwills and the football Cardinals.

    Didn’t build them a stadium, and the baseball Cardinals, whom they were forced to share Busch stadium with took all profits from sales at football games and didn’t share a penny with the football Cardinals.

    the football Cardinals were treated like unwanted tenants, and were robbed of revenue that they generated – and because they left for Arizona, THEY screwed St. Louis??

    Thank the baseball Cardinals for that. And your city government for not building them a stadium of your own. Hard to run an NFL team when you can barely generate enough income.

  33. I normally hate when teams move but I do have to say the Dome in St.Louis probably is the worst venue in all of professional football. It is not even remotely close to an NFL stadium. St.Louis doesn’t need a dome for football and they have plenty of other good venues to host other events. This is one time I agree on a new stadium being needed, but that being said the taxpayers shouldn’t be the ones to have to pay for it. The NFL is a multibillion dollar industry. The teams are owned by billionaires. Let them pay for new stadiums or have more teams go the Green Bay route (Which they never would do in a million years).

  34. As a former fan of the football cardinals and a current fan of the rams,I just don’t want to feel the pain again of having another NFL team leave,as the cardinals did in 1988.I hope state and local leaders make this deal happen and give my city pro football stability.

  35. Too little too lats…the city of st louis could h3 avoided this by acting on it earlier when rams asked. Kroenke is buisness partners with aeg on many other mls soccer is building farmers field.. this a last ditch effort by the city to save face to the fans..kroenke isnt stupid he is a buisness man and hisxrams moving back to LA will net him 100’s of millions of dollars. City of st louis officials dropled the ball.. chargers owner dean spanos has already said he doesnt want to move to LA.

  36. LA sports fans hate STL now after what the Cardinals did to the Dodgers a couple of weeks ago. Just wait till they get the Rams back from us. Woo whoo, they’ll really hate us then! My thoughts are good riddance.

  37. niners816 says:

    I go down to st. Louis every year for the Rams and Niners game and the Rams fans are classy fans. Actually a very good time. If L.A. wants a team they should have an expansion team. No fan base deserves to have their team taken away. Keep em in St. Louis!

    You . . . You do realize that the Rams moved to Saint Louis from Los Angeles, don’t you?

  38. cardsfan773 says:

    How is it the STL fans are taking the blame for this. As a city we paid a King’s Ransom to get this team. We have endured 16 losing seasons out of 20. Yet we continue to see 70-85% capacity at home games. We love football here in STL. If the league allows them to leave I am done with NFL.

    Same reasons we’ve been hearing for 20 years that Southern Californians don’t “deserve” an NFL team, 773

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