Tyron Smith wins a rare Player of the Week for an offensive lineman


Offensive linemen are almost always overlooked when the NFL hands out its Player of the Week awards. But Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith was too good to ignore on Sunday.

The NFL has named Smith the NFC Offensive Player of the Week after a great game against the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday. Smith had a great game individually (a highlight was the block that sprung Dallas’s longest run of the game, a 38-yard scamper by Joseph Randle off the left tackle) and the Cowboys’ offensive line had a great game collectively, as Tony Romo was sacked only once.

Smith is the first lineman to win an Offensive Player of the Week award since Chiefs guard Brian Waters got the award in 2004.

For all the grief Jerry Jones gets as a general manager, it’s worth pointing out that Jones has overseen the building of an excellent offensive line in Dallas, and Smith is the centerpiece. Jones took Smith with the ninth overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, and Jones locked Smith up with an eight-year contract this year. Smith is going to be a big part of the Cowboys’ success for a long time. Maybe even long enough to win another Player of the Week award, which the NFL typically only gives to an offensive lineman about once a decade.

28 responses to “Tyron Smith wins a rare Player of the Week for an offensive lineman

  1. When you stink for as long as the Cowboys have … you tend to pile up high draft choices.

  2. I heartily endorse the picking of an o-lineman for player of the week.

    Next stop: Offensive Lineman MVP

  3. If memory serve me right, I think Brad Benson won this award for shutting down Dexter Manley back when Parcells coached the Giants.

  4. “Stink” is relative. “Average” is a much more accurate description. He’s been a difference maker sealing off the left side more often than not.

  5. eagles92 says:
    Oct 15, 2014 10:27 AM
    Lol damn Ty Hilton must be pissed

    This is NFC player of the week. AFC went to Joe Flacco, obviously.

  6. Always good to see an offensive lineman get recognized for good performance. DeMarco Murray is having a great year, but he isn’t doing it by himself. He has a fantastic line in front of him. Tony Romo is also having a great year, only sacked 10 times so far. The Cowboys line has been providing him with great protection.

  7. Only an idiot would say he didn’t deserve it.

    There are a billion QB’s who threw for 300 plus and 3 TD’s plus…
    Hence, why this fan is becoming disenchanted with the NFL and its flag football like rules.

    Only reason I am so in tuned to every second of Cowboys ball is a) I live across the street from the stadium, and b) I love smash mouth “Bill Parcells football”

    Now, we need to invest all draft picks into our defense next year!

  8. Smith is an excellent player, and any imbecile would have drafted him. Let’s not enshrine JJ quite yet.

  9. Totally agree, we give Jerry crap when he messes up but have to give him credit here.

    The offensive line is looking great, Murray is looking a total all pro behind it and Romo is playing well.

    Somehow that defense is playing far better than last year and as a Raiders fan i’m stunned how good McClain has been looking.

    But a very talented o-line which will be playing together for a fair few years

  10. Always good to see an offensive lineman get the glory for once. Chris Johnson bashed his line for not opening the bus-sized holes during “his” 2000 yard season, and he was righly criticized for his selfishness and lack of awareness.

    Hopefully, Tyron Smith has learned how to say no to his deadbeat greedy family now.

  11. I see people say Dallas was stupid for passing on Watt to get Tyron Smith. At the time Dallas had an old line that was falling apart and a defensive line with Demarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff and an array of defensive players… The need was greater for an O-Lineman and they wouldnt be where they are today had they made that move. Watt is a great defensive player, but he cant help the run game.

  12. Smith is an excellent player and I am a huge Cowboys fan, but there were other lineman (Leary and rookie Zach Martin) who had better games on Sunday. Remember, it was Smith’s man who would have killed Romo on the 3rd and 20 play if Tony had not managed to spin away from the sure sack. Tyron’s great, but Sunday wasn’t his best game.

  13. Smith is a great player, but there’s no way he deserved it over Cam Newton, who put the team on his back, passed for almost 300, rushed for over 100, 3 total TDs, with the Charlotte high school basketball team blocking for him, all while injured and having to deal with Burfict trying to injure people on every other TD. There was no bigger offensive performance in the NFC this week than Cam.

  14. He did draft Demarcus Ware and Tyron Smith. He deserves the credit for those. I remember when everyone was criticizing Jones for taking Ware over Merriman. No need to revisit how that one panned out. Give Jerry the credit he is due.

  15. Ok jerrruh, that’s one. ONE!! I’ll bet he’s puffed up like a little tree frog about this. Yep, I suppose now you’re the best GM of all time.

  16. For those mentioning Smith and Watt, it’s worth pointing out that Dallas and Jerry Jones were set to pick Watt if not Smith…one or the other. So the two players the team had its heart set on were two of the elite players in the draft (and the two best who were not slam-dunk top-of-the-draft guys). Someone did some strong scouting there.

    It’s also worth pointing out that both were seen as mid-first-rounders in the general consensus. So neither one was locked on as a future star.

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