Kelvin Benjamin remains out of practice for Panthers


Wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin is running short on time to get cleared for Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Benjamin is recovering from a concussion suffered against the Bengals last weekend in a game that saw him take a big hit on a play that saw Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict draw a flag for unnecessary roughness and remained out of practice on Thursday. Panthers coach Ron Rivera called the concussion “mild” on Wednesday, but history has shown us that players respond to and recover from concussions at such varying paces that such labels are misleading at the very least.

Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer reports that Benjamin was riding an exercise bike during practice, so he has gotten the green light to start doing some physical activity.

If Benjamin isn’t cleared in time for Sunday, the Panthers will be without their top outside receiving threat and will likely rely more heavily on tight end Greg Olsen when putting the ball in the air. Based on their approach last week and Green Bay’s past difficulties with read-option looks, we will likely also be seeing a lot of Cam Newton as a runner whether or not Benjamin plays.

8 responses to “Kelvin Benjamin remains out of practice for Panthers

  1. Tez didn’t even hit the guy with his helmet. No fine or anything for it and I’m sure league reviewed thoroughly since the Panthers sent video in to the NFL. Obviously wasn’t illegal. Let’s not drag him into this too.

  2. Burfict seems to purposely go high by launching himself at the receiver or runner. He needs to be
    suspended a game or two to get the message.

  3. Burfict’s helmet made no contact with Kelvin’s and Burfict was not fined. This was a case where Burfict’s reputation got him flagged. If you don’t believe me, watch the play for yourself.

  4. This is BS! Burfict never hit him in the head. All you SHEEP fromn NC should watch the tape. Don’t be mad because Tez is more of a man that soft-azzed squad in NC. Buch of wussies, everyone of em!

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