Mayo has surgery to repair torn patellar tendon

After Sunday’s win over the Patriots, all that was known about the knee injury suffered by linebacker Jerod Mayo is that it wasn’t good.  No one beyond the organization knew how not good it was.

According to Tom Curran of CSN New England, Mayo suffered a torn patellar tendon against the Bills.  Per Curran, Mayo had the tendon surgically repaired on Thursday.

It’s the same injury that was suffered later in the day by Giants receiver Victor Cruz — a painful, debilitating detachment of the stuff that connects the kneecap to the shin.

Mayo now faces a lengthy rehab and an uncertain future.  With a cap number that moves past $10 million for 2015, the Patriots may decide to squeeze him to take less after a paid of consecutive seasons that ended in Game Six.  If Mayo resists, he could be traded or cut.

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  1. smart/physical player, defensive leader & by all accounts a great guy who’s loved by his coaches & teammates ..but he’d already lost a step & this is a tough injury to fully recover from ..sadly, his days in a Pats uni are most likely over ..brutal business

  2. It took Ryan Williams 2 years to get healthy, although Whisenhunt forced him to return to play (to try to save Whisenhunt’s job) after a year, even after Williams kept telling Whisenhunt he was still in pain and not right in running and cutting.

  3. You sure love to portray the Patriots as heartless. There is no way the Patriots will cut Mayo he is one of Bill Belichick’s all time favorite players and he will be just 29 next February the guy has 4/5 more solid seasons in him yet assuming he can return from this injury ok.

    Good luck Jerod you will be missed big time by geam and fans alike.

  4. Feel bad for the guy. He has been nothing but the teams top tackler in his stint with the Patriots. Bad luck on two nasty injuries two years in a row. Hope he sticks with the team.

  5. Mayo is an outstanding player, and it’s unfortunate that he’s had 2 season ending injuries in a row. Big hit for him and the Pats. But, lets pump the brakes on the ‘heartless Patriots’, ‘no class’ talk. Mayo has played in 12 out of 32 gms(not counting playoffs) the last 2 yrs and made 13 mil. He ain’t giving that money back, nor should he. The Pats have every right to look at the 10 mil cap hit next yr on a player coming off 2 severe injuries. It’s just good business.

  6. People act as if patriots players who refuse to take a pay cut go on to sign these big deals elsewhere. A few come to mind but All teams do this.

    Everyone loves to compare their normal jobs to the NFL so what would your employer say to you if you took a 200 day absence from work (little more than half a work year) and said ‘I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work with the same skillset as before I left’

    You’d be let go, or work part time etc… Practice squad perhaps

  7. Lol did anyone else see Belichik getting teary eyed (well for BB anyway) at the press conference???

    This dude is one of his disciples, just like Bruschi before him, he wont get cut or traded I can guaranty that much…

  8. Is it just me or are there wayyy more knee injuries in the NFL these days than 10 years ago? Seems like ACL’s are happening constantly. Wonder of the FieldTurf craze is causing it. It’s better than the old astroturf carpet stuff, but it’s not grass and dirt.

  9. Love all the people acting like every other team in the league wouldn’t also be asking a player in this situation to restructure and take a cut. Of course they would.

    No team is likely to pay a guy whose last 2 seasons encompassed only 6 games the 10 mil number the Mayo has.

    He will restructure and remain with the Pats for the next several years.

  10. “Mayo will be back to add to his THREEE Super Bowl rings. Good luck Jerrod!”

    Mayo was drafted in 2008 so no, he has no Super Bowl rings to add to.

  11. I hope people are aware when Belichick cuts players due to their high demand, this frees up cap space to retain other players, right?

    The concept of opportunity costs is lost upon those which fail to understand economics – guess what Belichick majored in?

  12. I am a big football fan but this game is brutal. If you look at the play where Mayo gets hurt, it looks routine. Mayo is in good position to make the tackle and his leg gives out. There was nothing dirty or unusual about it and after a lifetime worth of training and preparation his future is in doubt.

    This happens every week and it sucks.

  13. Here is hoping this guy can make it back again. He’s only 28. He still has some prime of his career left to play. What a shame he hasn’t finished a full season since 2012.

  14. I don’t know why people joke about this stuff. I can only imagine how painful that was,not to mention the career impications. Some guys are never right again and wind up with their walking papers.

  15. I know Mayo’s financial advisers (very sharp guys who have been close to him since he played in Tennessee) and they introduced me to him last year. He is a very bright guy who understands that playing for the Patriots has been mutually beneficial. My gut is that both sides work together, as they have done in the past, on a deal that works for both sides. He is a quality guy in the Logan Mankins mold without Mankins tendency to take business decisions personally.

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