Bryce Brown surprised that the Bills have kept him on the bench


When the Bills traded for running back Bryce Brown in the offseason, it was easy to assume that they had a role for him in mind.

After all, why give up a fourth-round pick for a player who was going to wind up fourth on the depth chart and inactive every week? That’s just what’s happened in Buffalo, though, and Brown has been left surprised to see that the Bills haven’t found a use for him through the first six weeks of the season.

“I expected to play and I expected to play right away. I still expected to play right away after preseason. Me not playing and inactive was a surprise,” Brown said, via the Buffalo News. “It’s been very tough for me to sit on the sideline, watching my teammates going out, and not being able to contribute on game day. At the end of the day, I can only control what I can control. They made a decision and went with who they went with. So that’s what I’ve got to live with. I really try not to worry about it too much.”

With C.J. Spiller’s future in Buffalo uncertain, some have speculated that the Bills were thinking at least a little about 2015 when they acquired Brown from the Eagles. That may be the case, but the sale of the team leaves uncertain who will be making the personnel calls next season and Brown may wind up out of the picture once again.

18 responses to “Bryce Brown surprised that the Bills have kept him on the bench

  1. That’s really a head scratcher. Almost as bad as the Jets paying Vick millions to hold a clip board.

    I suppose that’s better than someone paying Vick to play though.

  2. Giving up a 4th to sit him is stupid.

    He should be playing right now. He is a good back. As long as he takes care of the ball, he is a dynamic player. He is a lot better than 4th on the Bills depth chart.

  3. This coaching staff can’t figure out how to utilize Spiller’s talents, so I don’t have the confidence that they can appropriately showcase Brown. It might be best for his market value if he sits the bench, rather than having him look bad.

  4. Wait, you mean, there’s a talented player on the Bills who is not being properly used, or not used at all, because of the incredibly inept offensive minds of the coaching staff??? Shocking. I’m so sick of this mediocrity.

    Terry, please keep the d in tack and fire Doug and the entire offensive coaching staff. Please remove the last l from the Buffalol Bills.

  5. It’s almost as if he was brought onto the team in case one of the Bills’ two star running backs got hurt. Or, we can just bandwagon on the “Marrone Sucks” message.

  6. Bryce Brown was a very capable compliment to McCoy in Philly and should be a starter in Buffalo. Spiller and Jackson can’t play. All Brown needed was a little help in securing the ball.

  7. The picked up Brown because Spiller and/or Jackdon has been hurt each of the last 4 seasons…

  8. Its time to give Bryce “First Down” Brown his shot before we trade CJ “Just a filler” Spiller for a 2015 draft pick. Its also time to give “Buddy Cant” Hackett a one way bus ticket back to Syracuse.

  9. Brown is as fast as Spiller and maybe stronger. Good 2nd half back when the opposing defense begins to wear out and slow down. Why hasn’t that been tried?

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