For Jets, Harvin trade feels like an Idzik Hail Mary

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At 1-6, it’s likely too late for Jets coach Rex Ryan to save his job.  But it’s not too late for the team to avoid losing so many that owner Woody Johnson decides to get rid of G.M. John Idzik, too.

The out-of-the-blue decision to trade for receiver Percy Harvin feels like an attempt by Idzik to win enough games to avoid getting fired.  And also to sell enough tickets to keep Johnson from getting antsy about the impact to the bottom line.

But what will Harvin really mean to the Jets offense?  A few years ago, having Harvin, Mike Vick, and Chris Johnson would have prompted Vince Young to call it a “Dream Team.”  For now, the Jets season is teetering on the edge of a nightmare.

The challenge for offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will be to figure out how best to use Harvin in both the passing game and the running game.

59 responses to “For Jets, Harvin trade feels like an Idzik Hail Mary

  1. I’d agree … but they didn’t really have to give up much to get him. A “hail Mary” would have been much more than a mid-round conditional.

  2. Well….
    there’s no arguing Harvin’s better than what they’ve got out there now in Greg Salas and David Nelson, and his contract isn’t guaranteed.
    Not like the Jets have been hitting on mid round draft choices as well, seems like a good risk.

  3. The real winner in this trade: The historic Minnesota Vikings.

    We not only destroyed the Seattle PEDhawks in the trade.

    We showed we have the best franchise in the NFL.

    And that should be well known by now.


  4. Never know when the lite goes on for a super talented underachiever.

    See Rolando McClain article below

  5. How come everyone in the world knows Rex is a good coach and Idzik still has a lot to prove,

    But expects Rex to get fired and Idzik to stay?

  6. The Jets have latter-stage Al Davis disease.

    Until Woody Johnson goes, nothing is going to change, no matter who is fired.

  7. You complained the the Jets gave Geno and Rex no weapons. Can’t have it both ways. A pretty good player for a mid rd pick. Not much risk.

  8. Ivory and Johnson already get the carries. What do they think? Is geno going to get him the ball? Yeah right. There is no room for this guy out of the backfield in this offense. He can only line up wide. And now he is basically going to a slightly better version, very slightly, of Christian ponder in geno smith.

  9. Wayy over paid in Seattle. About 12 million a year when Lynch gets less and lynch is the heart and soul of that offense

  10. What is a pipsqueak Minnesota Vikings fan doing on a thread involving two PROFESSIONAL football teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Jets? Come back, Vikings fan, when your team wins an actual championship.

  11. He’s an upgrade and should be a good duel threat with Decker. Unfortunately it’s probably too little too late.. Should have made a move 4 games ago.

    At the very least it will give us Jets fans a glimmer of hope for a game or two before the season is slammed shut half way through.

    Jets this year remind me of a leaky dike where if someone on the offense isn’t screwing up at a critical moment it’s someone on the defense or special teams or one of the coaches.

    Aye carumba….

  12. Rex can still save his job with a 6-10 record. The reason being that the roster has been so devoid of talent that there was no way they could win games. Their secondary is still in shambles, their quarterback has not had a fair chance to develop due to lack of firepower. If Geno can make it work with Harvin and Decker, and if Rex can have the Jets play like they did against Denver and New England, it’s even a possibility they finish 8-8.

  13. I think they Jets are finally getting a decent team now they just need to put Vick in and get a new coach. How could the seahawks not figure out how to use Harvin. I have a feeling the dude has an attitude issue or something because when he is utilized right he is a legit top 10 wr.

  14. Vikes fans sitting on the couch post-season after post-season…next to their team…and they think they won this deal…LOL

  15. #1 – Even if this season is shot, they still need to assess whether Geno Smith is worth keeping.

    Adding Harvin – at barely any risk – allows them to get a better idea of whether Smith can do anything with a better WR on the team

    #2 – The Jets schedule is remarkably easy the rest of the way. Aside from the Patriots they don’t play a team that has a record above .500

    Do I think they’ll rattle off 9 wins? Nope. But hopefully they can win enough with Harvin to get Wrecks Ryan an extension – because that guy is HILARIOUS!

  16. The Trade for a mid-rounder is not the bad part of the deal. His financial deal travels as well. He is owed $8m! Bad enough the Jets are terrible now, but next year Cap trouble will hit them when a WR3 is getting Top 10 money. Good Luck with that!

  17. He didn’t play 8 games last year. 1 regular season game plus the post season. 3 games last year. 5 total receptions last year and 2 kick returns. That’s A LOT of dough and draft picks for basically nothing. I know he returned a kick in the SB but that game was already out of hand.

    I guess you can applaud Seattle. When they know it’s not gonna work they’re not afraid to cut bait and run.

  18. Well, Minnesota would be the winners…if they weren’t more of a development squad destined to continue to feed young players to better teams.

  19. If he didn’t want to practice in Seattle, who thinks he’ll suddenly get the practice gene in NY?

    I’d be surprised if the Jets keep Harvin beyond the remainder of this season. He can’t be coached….obviously.

  20. The Jets are much better than their record shows. If they turn around their season in an open AFC and make it to the playoffs, they could make some noise.

    Or this could turnout to be what the John Hadl trade did to my Packers in the 70s.

  21. You would have thought the Jets would have learned from the Santonio Holmes debacle. No team gives away a talented receiver for nothing. There must be something really wrong with Harvin for the Seahawks to give him up so soon after investing so heavily in him.

  22. jetsfan67 says:
    Oct 17, 2014 6:41 PM
    Rex and idzik going nowhere. Nice pickup. Next year get a stud CB and some online help and we are on our way to the SB. That is all.

    SUPER BOWL???? Oh!!! Thats something the jets usually win in April each year.

    BUT…Don’t you think it’d be nice to 1st win a division one of these decades??? jets have won 2 division titles 45 years…2…Cannot think of any franchise worse over that time span.

  23. This Idzik guy is such a pathetic clown “let’s wait until this terrible roster I put together has lost half the season before I add any NFL caliber players”

    Worst GM meanwhile Rex somehow managed 8 wins last year and people talk about firing Rex lol get that loser “Idzik” out of there to go work as an accountant

  24. This reminds me of the Randy Moss trade to the Vikes with Brett Favre. Randy got a TD (or was it two?), but ultimately was not much of a factor.

    How much impact is Percy going to have this year? Can any wide receiver learn a whole new playbook in time for the next game? And forget his old one?

    Hail Mary indeed.

  25. You would have thought they would have made a move on a quarterback. But then again, the Jets haven’t been the sharpest tack in the drawer since 1968.

  26. After last weeks BRILLIANT, (sarcasm) preformance by Teddy and the rest of that, so called “team” at home, to a division rival why would anybody even claim to be a vikings fan?

  27. As a Patriots fan living in Washington, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    No way the Seahawks make this trade unless Harvin is broken or a locker room cancer. I am very happy to see the Jets paying so much cap space and a draft pick for either of those options. He will NOT solve their problems in time to make them relevant, and will probably create even more problems for them.

    Keep it up, Idzik! Just don’t get Rex fired – I want him to coach the Jets for many years to come.

  28. Good move by the jets but a little too late in the season to make a playoff run. Unless 3 or 4 teams implode, their playoff hopes are slim. The jets are better than what their record indicates but personnel is not doing something right. Harvin and decker could make a good duo and geno has shown he could lead this team.

  29. If Idzik was going for a hail mary, don’t you think he would of tried to get a cornerback. The Jets would probably have a winning record if they weren’t getting torched in the passing game every week.

  30. As a packers fan, got to admit that i love how Pete Carroll runs his team. He’s not about to let any one man screw the foundation they’ve built. Look forward to testing that defense again in the playoffs. Road to the Super bowl in the NFC still goes through the West Division.

  31. Wow, 2 division titles for the J-E-T-S in 45 years? Did not know that.

    Good for Seattle, made a bold move for Harvin, won a SB with him and then dumped his cap hit and bad attitude (locker room fights with Golden Tate and then Doug Baldwin reportedly) on the pathetic J-E-T-S.

    Seattle is a well-run franchise; NY and Minnesota…not so much.

  32. He carries a 41 million dollar contract for a guy,,,that will cost you a 2 or a 3 draft pick…might win you a “Game” or two..but thats not worth ten million a year!! The JETS in a DEATH SPIRAL…plus when he doesnt work out,,,the CAP hit will kill you…

  33. Rex and Idzik should both be gone at the end of the year. They’ve worn out their welcome. Whatever it is they’re trying to do, it isn’t working. Time for a change.

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